I Got A Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike!

I Got A Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike! This video is a quickie (just three minutes) that’s a little different from my usual. This is my new bicycle! My first bike since I was 11 years old, in fact. I had hoped to show off my deft handling of screwdrivers as I put it together, but alas, the instructions on this bicycle were written so poorly we had to call in a pro! (I literally had a friend who used to work in a bike shop helping me and we put it together wrong three times before admitting defeat!) So while this bike is super affordable (around $200) plan on having a pro put it together for you and figure that into your budget – my local shop charged me only $28 to put it together. If you already have a bike sitting in your garage, break it out and use it for some your easier errands! Work that booty while running errands. Bike riders have the very best bums 😉 Here’s the link! http://amzn.to/1R4gPAF I’m still waiting on my helmet to arrive before I do a whole lot of traveling on my new bike. Safety first!

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FTC Disclaimer: All items have been purchased by me with my own money.
“Porch Swing Days – faster” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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violets guinea pig corner says:

I have the same exact one the color is the same and so is the brand

kaycee alabat says:

Do they come with brakes? Mine didn’t have brakes.

Mike wilson says:

ur beatiful….as is ur new ride

Taylor Karpala says:

is that a nel lusso beach cruiser?

Michelle Paniagua says:

was that a 24′ bike or 26′ because he looks like a 26′

Casi Casi says:

is the bike light blue or mint colored?

toyo 250 says:

you are too cute…can I ride with you…lol!!!

Mark Burkett says:

How’d I miss this!

Gramma Jamma says:

Girl, at least you are able to get on one a ride it. If I ever tried to get my fat ass on one, the poor seat would be beggin for mercy! But I might be able to rest muh belleh on the handle bars….that would be a bonus. LOL   Seriously though, I really enjoy your positive/chill attitude. I’m pretty much housebound with a panic disorder that I’m trying so hard to conquer. Your uplifting spirit at least makes me feel good like it just may be possible.

Debi Basile says:

I love the bike! I imagine you will get around faster than the traffic in LA! Cheers!

Jasmine Marie says:

Aw she seems like the sweetest 🙂

Viva Fusions says:

How cool is that love the colours. I love riding a bike and I expect you will get more use out of it than I as I must admit to being a fair weather cyclist and we dont get much fair weather here in the UK, great exercise and great for toning – have fun Monique – Hugs Vivienne xxxx

Kat S. says:

How are you liking your new bike? I’m thinking of getting one. Is it comfy to ride?

Tammy Sheehan says:

I purchased the same exact bike today! Myself, I haven’t biked in a little over 20 yrs. I”m looking forward to hitting the trails next month once it warms up here. 🙂

Jeanna Walton says:

Super cute! Now I want one 🙂

S B says:

So cute and quirky! You are likeable.

Truth 2027 says:

You are so fun and fearless, Monique! Had a blue Schwinn bike like this growing up. I would love to have a bike like this now – and really give my husky the exercise she needs. Don’t want an uncomfortable 10 speed where you ride all hunched over. Enjoy!

Snowbelle Daily says:

This makes me feel so much better! I physically cannot drive due to health issues but this makes me feel like cars are not everything!

graywoulf says:

Loved the video! And loved the pictures of your cats watching you and being curious about the bicycle. I just bought the men’s version of this bike and like you, I have not ridden in years but I am looking forward to “getting back in the saddle”. And I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I think you are gorgeous!!

bby Ari says:

I got that bike in the same color

Larry Bravo says:

Im buying a men’s huffy beach cruiser with charcoal colorway

animalrescuegeek says:

I loved this! Enjoy your new wheels. I got new wheels this week too. 4 wheels. Only it is a walker. But in order to be more active and work through this time in my life this is what my specialist said I need to use. I fall a lot. It was much easier to put together than that bike 🙂 Take care-Sue in Michigan

hannah marie says:

i got this bike in yellow not blue and i love it !

violets guinea pig corner says:

I love mine

Soundafek says:

I recently started riding again after 20 years off a bike, my balance was horrible and i was out of breath after a short very short distance. It’s been a little more than a year now im riding about 10 miles 3-4 days a week. I love it…

Visuals says:

Hi! I love the video and the adorable bike! I just wanted to ask, I’m about 5’5 do you think this bike is good for my size? I found it on amazon, but they don’t give size options. so I just wanted to ask. 🙂

mojokiss says:

You are awesome. i have a huffy beach cruiser and love it. mines old and i spent way more fixing it than i did buying it.

Lis Cain says:

So adorable!!!! I want one now!!!!!

me now says:

Hi, Thanks for the video! I just purchased this bike but I won’t have it for another week so watching you video was nice. I can’t wait till I receive my bike next week!

Anonymous Yes says:

Enjoy! Love the color. Almost got that one


i love this cruisers.they work perfect wite the 2 stroke engine kit.

Nyla& Penelope Crumwell says:

my mom almost got that bike!

Emily :3 says:

I just got a bike from toys r us online and it looks exactly like this

Derek Hefner says:

The crazy part is this bike is total garbage and junk.

LimeKi says:

omg need

Susan Hull says:

I have one, too. Love it! But, I also have a little Fiat 500. Me bad.

Matyme says:

I hope you are enjoying the bike. I got a huffy bike myself a couple of years ago and love every second of it. =)

Vanessa Bell says:

I have that!!!!!!!

Sue Dorsey says:

I have the same bike, bought it at Sams Club (fully assembled). It was a major chore getting it to fit in my car though!

Michael Anderson says:

good choice I rode for years buy a loss of hearing in my left ear messed up my balance after time and a lot of walking i am ready to go but i should get a low top bar woman’s bike so if i feel dizzy i can hop off easier

Peggy Priddy says:

What a super cute cruiser!

Filling the Void Revues says:

Anything bad about this bike? I just bought it at the pawn shop on layaway.

Rinny Pop says:

so jealous, anddddddddddd happy for you… both at the same time, I swear

Mikayla says:

Well you’ve convinced me!

David Solt says:

You’re a very thin person I would consider drinking milk so your bones are safe

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