Kent KX 32 inch bicycle review

The Kent KX 32 inch bicycle.


Hugh Janus says:

Hey, I just bought the Kent Super 32″ Cruiser. Fixed gear and coaster brakes.

Tim Mackey says:

Thanks for the review. I was considering this bike and your video helped me make my decision. I’m 6-2, 270 lbs and just don;t fit on anything in the 26″ to 29″ size I tried at Walmart. My knees bump the handle bars and the wheelbase is too short on those so I feel like I’m on “kiddy bike”. Great video!


“The 26″ really dwarfs the 32”. Huh?
Not in this world.

deezynar says:

I’ve never heard of a 32″ wheel before.  I have seen bikes with 36″ wheels tho.

Mike Urnise says:

Doc, those breaks are a little squeaky!

Hugh Janus says:

Rock and Roll! Enjoy.

Rob HVAC says:

Nice to see you back.

hanky97007 says:

The only thing I’d be worried about is finding tires and tubes. Maybe online. Very cool though having a huge tire/bike.

77brengle says:

Missed your videos…hope more to come..

Jolt Cola Gaming says:

how fast is this bike im deciding ether a 700c schwin hybrid spinfit or a 29 inch variant of your style of bike now wich has good ride lenghth and would that style be great for high speed riding i like to haul some serious ass but the comfortability that bike has is better then a 700c schwin but wich would be fastest for my style?

Teds World says:

i promise you the hubs are the absolute shittiest on those,they will fail

redrum5389 says:

I have the 29 Genesis but I’m going too get me one!!!!! 32 is DA BEST!

John Henry Reaves says:

$209 at Wal Mart, $269 from others. big bike, most cruisers are 29″

hvacman77 says:

Good to see you Dr. Z Nice bike. You have any hvac videos planned


Where did you find it for “just over $200”? And are you still pleased with it?

mja0182 says:

How bout some hvac vids

Andrew Shaffer says:

Where’d you find that particular basket?

CinemaSasquatch says:

I have been interested in this bike because I am 6’6″ and about 300 lbs. I am retired and not in the best of shape. Thank you for the review.
Not sure if you were aware but from what I have been told by my local bike shop, it is not a good idea to shift the derailleur while you are not pedaling. They say that it can stretch the cable because the derailleur can’t actually move the chain from gear to gear.
One question for you. Do you find it easy to get on and off of this bike?
Thank you once again.

Energi2DmaxX says:

Anyone tell you sort of sound and looks like Hickok45 I was waitting for you to pull out a glock and start shooting watermellons LOL

yllekr123 says:

Nice to see you.  I have borrowed a bike, just to see if I like it enough to buy one.  We have some really nice trails.  Thanks for the review.

beach bummin says:

a couple years back, this was the genisis 32. name change for good advertisement, wait till you have to buy a 20 dollar tube or a 50 dollar tire, you will wish you bought the honda civic instead.

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