Magnum Cruiser Video Review – $2.1k Relaxed, Stylish, Powerful, Fast E-Bike The Magnum Cruiser is a handsome, cruiser style electric bike with neatly integrated cables, strong alloy fenders, a clean plastic chain cover, and uniquely designed rear cargo rack, everything matches. Emphasis on comfort for the rider with soft Big Ben balloon tires, an extra-wide saddle with rubber bumpers, high adjustable-angle handlebar, padded grips, and suspension fork. Powerful 500 watt geared motor, 48 volt Lithium-ion battery, and 18 Amp controller can support larger riders and power up hills more easily, 28 mph pedal assist and 20 mph throttle on demand. Heavier build at nearly 60 lbs in part due to the large battery capacity, only one frame size and color choice for now, independent lights and reflective tires improve safety.


Hawsrule Begin says:

Good to see less expensive bikes being reviewed. Would be great to get your reviews on cheaper bikes, for instance the ones you get on eBay from China.

yours truly says:

U crazy for going up those hills buddy

Uncle Sally says:

Bought this as well in September 2017….put over 500 miles on it using throttle only due to medical issues….I literally never pedal the bike….Runs like a champ…No issues at all..…I easily log 25 miles and still show 3-4 bars out of 5 for battery life with moderate 10-15 mph speeds. Thumb throttle is a huge plus and easier to operate than your typical twist throttle….simply lean on it and go…. Been great off road too. I’m 5’10, 145lbs….use mostly on flat florida terrain. I added a Kinekt Bodyfloat suspension seat post…a little pricey ($275.00) but the best investment I’ve made…It’s like riding a caddy now…..Great if your beat up like me! The upright seating position and adjustable on the fly handlebars make for a very comfortable riding experience…So far, all smiles with the Magnum Crusier!

john white says:

Another great video review ! All explained very well.

Geffrey Klein says:

I bought this bike after watching this review. I took my first ride today and I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase. My wife and I had started biking together earlier this year, but she is a much stronger rider than I am. I can keep up with her now and she doesn’t have to stop and wait for me and we can keep going until she gets tired. It arrived almost completely built. I only had to put on the handlebar and pedals. This video was a great primer on all the features, so riding it for the first time I was able to hop on and go. Thanks!

dmnguyen15 says:

Man, I hope they bring the Shimano 8-speed and the Daskit C7 to the Premium Folder. Ugh, Interbike seems so close and so far away!!

bFlattheOriginal says:

This bike is much improved over its predecessor, the CD5, and $400 less, so kudos to Magnum for going in the right direction. The only problem is, the few Magnum dealers in my city are on the other side of town, so the dealer argument is out the window unless one closer to me decides to carry the brand.

Blair Frost says:

Yo Cort you doing anything with ur electric ride review channel vs electric bike review?

Plumetheum says:

Eh? Not as much of a ripoff as other ebikes (Looking at you Faraday with the 3000$ 250 watt bike….) But still a ripoff. You get 500 watts of power for 2100$ And maybe 25 miles of range if you’re economical.. While I built a 1600 watt bike with 45 miles of range.(60V 24.5 ah battery) Its lighter, and like a thousand bucks less. Don’t waste your money on brand name ebikes people! Build your own kick ass DIY bike.

Andrew Hunter says:

Ups hope you didn’t scratch it

Torian Allen says:

Man, you look like you’re having so much fun. This does look like a really good bike though. Honestly man, I’ve already decided on my bike, it was the Specialized you did a while back. I just watch you now for the pure entertainment. Your videos are great.

Phil Eyers says:

That will have the hidden menu based Max speed and Max pedal assist speed overrides.

Chauncey Smith says:

Looks like its a fun ride. I have to put it on the shopping list.

Jessa Phillips says:

2 questions… first is the other bike using the same setup as far as having 20 mph throttle mode and 28 mph pedal assist mode? the other question is did they tell you the range on throttle only mode vs pedal assist?

yours truly says:


Mike Banzhoff says:

So many bikes reviewed, so many choices. Do you compare bikes on your website? E bikes seem great those of us in our 60’s. Looking for something for trails and County roads and maybe less than $2k, with some level of support from the manufacturer. Fenders could be keep us old folks dry. Realistic? 750 watts important?

Funny TV says:

What a cool bike!

Chris Collier says:

So many steep city hills around the capitol

Mr Jhonny says:

8th like

luis fernando says:

Nice review could you tell me how miles does it tim before go empty thamks

Andri Egilsson says:

I wish you’d start doing shorter videos. Sub 5 minute videos.

Alex says:

It’s cool that these smaller companies are allowing different speed settings. The new Juiced bike has all kinds of advanced settings where the user can set the speed of the bike at home. I wish Trek and Haibike would allow that

Daniel S. says:

Awesome entry shot man. Nice video again.

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