My new Schwinn Point Beach cruiser

My new bike a Schwinn Point Beach, as compared to my two other ones, a Roadmaster Mt. Sport SX and a Huffy Santa Fe cruiser.


JetMechMA says:

Beautiful gorgeous bike…..but it doesn’t have the shock absorbing seat-post or forks. You’ve ridden both…..what do you say about that?

TheWaverley66 says:

I too was using a mountain bike for many years & decided to switch to a beach cruiser as I was beginning to suffer back ache, mine is a Alpha Plus Surge (please see my YouTube video) which is a cheap but high quality copy of a Schwinn, like yours I too have horrible cheap looking plastic pedals which I want change for ones with chrome but to be fair the pedals on are respective bikes are proper beach cruiser ones designed so the rider can ride bare foot, I’m having trouble getting the pedals I want as most of the ones I want are 1″ thread & mine are 1/2″ just like the ones Schwinn do on their 60’s style re-issue of the Stingray but I’m not paying the £75 I’ve seen them sell for online. Another thing I need to do to mine is add round handlebars to add to the retro look. Since I made my video I’ve added an Electra classic cruiser rear rack which a site told me not to buy unless you have an Electra cruiser as it wouldn’t fit any other make, but I ignored this & took a risk & fits a treat & looks really nice, The only thing I don’t like about yours is the derailleur gears which I think spoil the retro look, but it’s still a lovely looking bike.

bizzarrogeorge says:

Per wee Herman approved this video.

totallyfrozen says:

That’s a really sweet looking ride, man! I’d love to have that bike. Looks cool as hell! I’ve had racing 10-speeds and mountain bikes too, but ever since my first cruiser I’ll never get another kind of bike. They’re just so comfortable.
The only other thing I’d like to try is a tricycle. But I only see old men riding those so…I dunno.

Derek Hefner says:

All the bikes are junk. Go to a local bike shop.

JxT1957 says:

i wish they still made 5 speed beach cruisers. now they are 7 speeds. i dont need any more than 5 speeds.

JetMechMA says:

Leave the reflector where it is and mount the headlight with the bracket you described? Yes ?

woshua says:

do they have bmx?

Adriel MUtopia says:

2:34 bike, can you remove the rear rack to install a different one? Or can you strap a laptop backpack to the rear rack with bungee cords? Whats the top speed?

Anderson Anderson says:

I LOVE YOUR BIKE!!! Can you please tell me what size the handle bars are?
I ended up buying my husband a Catalina Cruiser because after 12 stores I couldn’t find yours. But I think I would like to modify it to be as close to this beautiful bike as possible. Thanks in advance for the assistance. Any recommendations on front and back lights would also be appreciated.
Happy Riding! (Great video too!)

Luis Aguilar says:


Pierre Louis says:

SWINN is the best bike money can buy.

thegoosebrain says:

Did you have to put it together or was it assembled?

thegoosebrain says:

As you get older you need the big, soft tractor-seat and the swept-back handle bars.

Dave with a fire axe standing on a hill of skulls says:


Typically Hails says:

I got the same bike yesterday for my birthday!!! Super exited to ride it today

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