Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser II Video Review The Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser II offers a throttle-only power system with the most basic components and battery options for a lower price. You can get a 36 volt 10 amp hour battery all the way up to 48 volt 15 amp hour but you miss out on leather saddle and stitched grips, seat post suspension and display panel with pedal assist that the Interceptor offers.


Hal0nic0 says:

Did you plan to  review the cyclotricity Stealth 1000W ?

I think it’s very cheap and it has a great topspeed
I would love to see this bike reviewed on this channel 🙂

Photoshop Easy says:

Are you planning on reviewing the X-Treme Malibu Electric Beach Cruiser anytime soon? I am really interested in learning more about that bike but I can’t find anything online about it other then stock photos from the company. Let me know if you have any plans to review the bike.

On another note: If the bike companies want to get more people riding electric bikes, then they need to make prettier colored bikes for women. The Malibu E Beach Cruiser comes in a pretty pinkish color, which is one of the few that I have seen in a pretty color. Just my opinion on this.

Thanks and I love your e-bike reviews.

Gardener Rob says:

One thing I really wish my electric bike has is an lcd display panel, I have the same thing as this bike has but its got 5 battery indicator lights and underneath is the 5 assist level lights and buttons and the button to turn the headlight and rear light on and off. Its not to bad I guess the 5 battery indicator lights give me a pretty good idea of how full or empty the battery is but yeah I get the same problem this bike gets, work the motor and the indicator lights drop right down as its drawing current from the battery. This bike is nice and simple with a good price range, you know your getting a reliable bike with Pedego, they make some awesome bikes.

MotorheadRedo says:

Was always curious what it was like for you to pedal your Neo Jumper with the motor turned off. I like it when you showed viewers the added rear hub resistance on the Specialized Turbo bicycle. Is it the same way with the Neo Jumper’s rear geared hub? Did you even notice the added resistance? Thanks

Mark Smith says:

The Pedego range is unusual in that it offers several rather laid-back style bicycles, which are unconventional compared to regular road/trail going bikes. In my opinion they offer an exciting alternative, but you do need to try before you buy (as with any bike, of course).

The Step-thru review by ebr here is excellent (as always) but I would like to add that the basic options on the model reviewed are just that. You can opt for the better setup – and with Pedego that means at least the following: different battery options (up to 48V for increased range), saddle with suspension, pedal-assist (a must IMHO), and LCD control unit (another must IMHO). And a nice touch are the leather hand grips.

Another really nice feature on the 2016 Step-thru model we have is that the disk brake pad adjustments (to vary the distance from the brake pads to the disk to prevent rubbing but ensure good braking) are manual – there is little knurled plastic wheel you can turn with your fingers. Nice touch! Pegego also supply a nice little toolkit with allen keys (or allen wrenches if you prefer) and an adjustable spanner.

The Pedego bikes are heavy at the rear because the battery sits over the rear wheel, and the motor is part of the rear-wheel hub. Also, the wheelbase seems slightly longer than a non-cruiser style bike, so the turning circle is greater. Also, cornering takes a bit of getting used to when you have ridden more conventional style bicyles.

We have two electric bikes – one a BH Emotion Nitro and the other a Pedago Step-thru Cruiser (with all the options I listed above). These bikes are very different, but both are fun. I think they are fabulous!

Thank you EBR for another great review. Please keep them coming.

One note – some Pedegos (like the review machine) do not provide pedal assist, including, unfortunately, the beautiful (IMO) Pedago Ford Cruiser. I was very tempted to buy it but this one feature (lack of) stopped me. Make sure you speak to your Pedego dealer and ask lots of questions.

Joseph Foster says:


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