Review and comparison of Schwinn Bicycle VS 3G cruiser Bikes.

Review and comparison of Schwinn Bicycle VS 3G Bikes. Exoman laments buying junk walmart bikes and recommends buying from small local business. Getting a quality bike for two or three times the price is a sound investment.

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Paul Grimm says:

I don’t do China

Gunga Dinn says:

I built custom bikes for more than 20 years. Purchasing a bike from a Big Box store is Russian Roulette.
I can with certainty claim that the wheel aren’t true or that the spokes are properly tensioned. The same goes for the derailleur.
A good bike shop will charge you $50 or so to perform a tune-up to get it running the best that a mass produced bike can be made to operate.

Get a high quality chain lubricant and use it after each trip out. Beach sand will kill a chain and gear set in short order.

Jumpoff A says:

That is why I buy American made! I don’t buy anything over a hundred dollars because I know that I am paying for something that I’m not getting. Back in my day all bikes were universal, also known as a beach cruiser. I enjoy a bike with mud guards, two speeds moving and stop, and a seat that you can acutally sit on when you want to rest. They are out there. You just have to look for them and stay away from the big box stores that purchase only cheap imitations from the Asian market.


Ya my scwinn in 1988 costs $1,200 I think it’s called a “citgo” it’s a all terrain bike but my problem is keeping a innertube in it, so it stays in a storage building, I put 2 innertubes in it 5 yrs ago and they both lasted 4 days, popped at the same time and they came from our local scwinn shop. SAD

Calvin H. says:

exoman, Remember back when we was teenagers, to buy a new Mongoose BMX, you would have to pay a $3 to $500 hundred dollars for one, and now you can get them at Walmart for like $100.. If you want a pretty good mountain/beach type bike from Walmart, get one made by Mongoose.. I bought one from there for $139, and it’s been a good bike..

Thomas Ryan says:

I still have my schwin that I got new in 1962.

Grumpy says:

Exactly right Exoman. Go to the bike store. Usually, even their low-end products are better than you’d find at Wallyworld.

craig merrell says:

3G bikes are brilliant

ricfly52 says:

Thanks, my wife and I are getting back into bikes. I have a older Diamondback, and my wife has a Nishiki. But they both are 18 speed derailures. At my age I dunno want to even think about the up keep, and just shifting anymore. Yep we are gonna get some beach bikes.

Don Jones says:

You buy cheap. You get cheap. But back in the 60’s there wasn’t much around us. It was Pep Boys and automotive parts store and repairs. Or Montgomery wards. I used it to get to school for a while . I can’t ride one now because of my knees. But there are shops where I had to get it repaired till i learned how to somethings. Bikes started at $500.00 10 speeds and higher. Some like the one you have. You never know how long they were in a stock room waiting to be shipped to a store. Last time I rode. I was 40. Be safe .

Richard Grohs says:

Its sad Schwinn used to be made in the USA

Rockett Customs says:

$500 for a coaster? LOL Not all of us are millionaires and can drop that kind of money on a bike, some of us need to eat and pay rent. I got a 2015 Admiral 7-speed for $150, been good to me so far. Also have a ’62 Western Flyer rat bike.

Tim's World says:

I have a collection of old bikes. Well made. I have a newer schwinn riverside and I agree it’s cheaply made. I’ve put several hundred miles on it and you do have to tinker with it. When I get the money I will upgrade. Cheers

Morocco Travel Vlog says:

Great video

Michael Storm says:

Schwinn in Huffy are one in the same Huffy bought out Schwinn years and years ago quite possibly about 30 years ago

Hal Leventhal says:

Hi Exo , great video! I’ve been a professional bike mechanic for 35 years. Give me a “ shout out” if you ever need those cruisers tuned up.

buffalo3232 says:

Anyone know the name of the tune in the first 10 seconds.

Steve Hutchison says:

Still have my schwinn cruiser I bought new in 1978. I think it was $150. Nothing like a Chicago Schwinn!

John Grossbohlin says:

There are two grades of Schwinn these days… One is Schwinn, which is generally sold in big box stores. The other is Schwinn Signature, which is generally sold in bicycle shops. The Signature line is of significantly better construction and finish.

I’ve got a couple vintage Schwinns… a 1963 3 speed Racer and a 1974 5 speed Collegiate Sport. Those Schwinns are used around town frequently and are seldom ridden them more than 10-15 miles at a time. For longer distances, off-road, and long distance touring I have more sophisticated and task specific bikes… but those old Schwinns see the most frequent use.

Rock Wood says:

I would rather spend a few extra bucks for something made anywhere other than China. Everything from China is crap.

Paul Grimm says:

A bicycle really helps your balance

bottledo1 says:

As a cyclist, I highly recommend a Dahon or turn folding bike go to there web site amazing bikes place in the back seat and store under table

Fjskf Fjakc says:

Like that 3g bike , looks old school rat rod with that flat black rear

Frankie Gambino says:

I have two 28 inch Schwinn continentals I bought from a dealer in 1978 ! They only made that size one year ! I’m 6’5’’ 260 so I needed the bigger frame ! I still have both of them and ride all the time !

Quintell Green says:

Can I have the ones you don’t want no more please.

Amer Alabidi says:

First one comment..thanx for video…

David Sherbert says:

Huffy ( Walmart) is too cheap….not even steel, they use aluminum alloy, and always breaks at the forks….Schwinn has been around forever, and has a good reputation, however, they cut corners with cheap metal that breaks too in recent years….a good professional bike shop is the best way to go…you may pay more, but it’s an investment of good years of riding…

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