Urban Sport Cruiser Shootout

A Roadster, Scout, Bobber and Octane roll into a bar…

With names like those a joke is almost imminent. Determining the best urban sport cruiser among these four, though, is serious business – or as serious as can be considering the clowns involved in the process. At least no one here is wearing creepy face paint, baggy polka-dot lounge suits and oversized shoes, we just naturally look funny. Except Troy, he’s a handsome devil.

Read the full shootout here: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/urban-sport-cruiser-shootout


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TVC15 says:

One of your best shootout reviews as a group. Thanks hombres!

evil_muscle muscled says:

Harley watches their people , that’s why that harley looks the way it does .

Manvir Sohal says:

best bike review on youtube

easycase_00 says:

U can buy the scout and modify it after some years when u think it needs an upgrade… And bet me it will be more beautiful then the roadster!

Marnie Larocque says:

wheres the nortons

T Shelton says:

You had me at “fuck you factor”

AlienNinjaPuppy says:

Harley looks very ugly…

John Michael says:

I would buy a Yamaha V max or Ducati diavel over harleys

vacantrider says:

That’s funny the way they describe the guzzi. So what you are saying is, if you had a gf that was ugly, smelled bad, and farted during dinner that would be called character? I don’t think so….that ‘s called next please!

TheProAmateur says:

“I already kicked his ass” lol

Scott Golimowski says:

So you make a video then don’t show the results?? WTF??

Anthony siracuse says:

1. Buy an 883 for $3 Grand.
2. Do a hammer 1275cc kit
3. Fuck everything else up. Including Dyna’s.

Frank & Lisa Travels says:

I think the Indian scout is the best for the buck and I think and riding is better also…

Decadant Dog says:

I’d really like the Harley if the gas tank sat lower, not hunchback like.

gsx1138 says:

I’m so tired of Harley getting a pass with pointless ‘badass’ commentary.

Jd B says:

I wish they made the Yamaha bolt in a 1100cc or higher. I would buy that in a second. I really like the Harley but I have never bought one because almost every time I go group riding it’s always a HD or an Indian that we need to stop on the side of the road for. The risk of mechanical problems is to high.

james hendrix says:

Polaris bikes are obviously better overall bikes. So to compare the two. Points to the Octane for higher performance. Its overall a more sporty kind of feel. The reason i believe that the majority prefer the scout is a few reasons. 1) timeless design while octane will age 2) Indian color options 3) Indian didnt go out of business. Indian even if they had not would likely hold value better.

PUBG Mobile Live streams- GetrektT says:

I really wish HD would come out with more performance oriented bikes, cause they are hands down the best looking cruisers available . If they take like the 48 sportster and put the vrod engine in it would be sick. I do like the VRod look but only if it’s the nightrod

priestof1 says:

Got the harley 1200 custom … love it. Ride it hard in everything from blistering heat to an unfortunate ride in falling wet snow. It’s a tank and absolutely a blast (the harley tire grips well too). It makes you WANT to get back on every single time at times so badly I have done late night rides more times than I can count (full moon and empty streets – odd feeling – lonely feeling and you begin to mentally/emotionally connect with the motorcycle. At least I did, listening to her growl is the only form of “life” around.) . I was originally shopping for a Ducati monster. The harley just landed in my lap. I test drove it and before the ride was over i knew it was mine. I bought it the second I climbed off and am without doubt so glad I did. I am completely in love with my bike. I do not play with the maintenance I let the dealership do it all and in 3 years of daily riding (365 days) I have had not one single problem. The belt guard broke, buddy welded it back together, after that worry free. I’m a Harley guy for life now. Although the tiger and tenere look appealing but I’m sticking with the Harley. My first bike and it’s matched me step for step and has always carried me wherever I wanted to go with absolute certainty, comfort, and I have somehow formed a bond with it. Like you do with a guitar. You can pick up a brand new high end guitar and somehow unjust doesn’t match your mid level 10 year old guitar back home. Same thing, I see high end bikes even sat on a few I will not be able to let mine go. Not sure if it’s the same with all bikes, but I am all Harley now. If I ever do get another Harley I will keep my first love into my grave.

zack dean says:

Should have had a yamaha bolt.

Anthony Sparapani says:

the harley is about visceral feeling and providing direct feedback to the rider. thats why people love them

Andrew Freeman says:

This is what happens when four guys who like performance and speed try to review cruisers. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Just_The_Fax says:

I wish Indian would either use some of the victory style or make a bigger scout style bike. Those huge fenders and covers on their big bikes kill me.

ANTHONY Blake says:

The indian and harley are the only show stoppers here

Ruben Sahakian says:

Its a shame Guzzi could not produce bike even its own heritage Le Man classics instead they produced uncharacteristically ugly bike from Italians.Its ugly no matter where you look specially Tank shape and overall toy like look.Shame you only have to look Le Mans 76-92 era to understand what true Guzzies were.While Honda with CB1100 and Kawasaki with Z900RS paid homage to their glorious past models Guzzi has fallen to BS marketing shitheads.Too bad I really want Guzzi to make a bike worth buying.

Brad Rivera says:

File extensive any mount purpose class struggle reporter circumstance.

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