Velec R48M Video Review – $3.4k Comfortable, Quiet, Mid-Drive Cruiser Ebike with Belt Drive NuVinci The Velec R48M is an efficient, very approachable, city cruiser electric bicycle with upgradeable battery pack and optional secondary rear battery for extended range, delivers advanced pedal assist and twist throttle. Dapu mid-motor is powerful, extremely quiet, and pairs perfectly with the Gates Carbon belt drive and NuVinci continuously variable transmission hub that can be shifted at standstill. Available in two frame sizes and three colors, front and rear lights help you to see and reflective tires help you be seen, plastic fenders are durable and well connected here, rubber mud flap ends and alloy chainring guard are tough. The rear light runs off of two AA batteries vs. being wired in, both lights have to be turned on physically, the spring suspension fork is a bit heavier and doesn’t offer lockout, I loved the suspension post, sprung saddle, mid-rise handlebar with ergonomic grips and adjustable angle stem.


Reymond Navallasca says:

Can you please review the bultaco brinco ebike.


Dapu mid drive motors are making a big move these days. I had a Dapu hub motor on a bike and never knew what company it was until I eventually sold it. They have been around a while and could really give their competitors something to worry about. Thanks for sharing this video here.

matelslug1 says:

dude almost feels like he gona say why the f uck not giving us integrated front and back light man… these stupid cost saving bike makers…

jacob paternostro says:

nice! i’ve been waiting for more powerful 48v mid drive systems to pop up. do you know which other brands are using this setup? thanks

Michael Caffey says:

I have a CNC shop just up the river, it’s always fun to watch your Denver videos.

Lance McGrew says:

I would really like to see an unedited filming of someone fixing a rear and front flat on these ebikes. Outside of course and not in a nice clean shop environment 🙂 Stage the filming somewhere safe but realistic as possible. Also, consider doing some reviews on car racks for hauling ebikes.

Dennis Dowd says:

Very nice looking ebike. I would rather upgrade to a bike with a Bosch motor, because of some features it has. As much as I like this bike and its look, it is just lacking too many features at this price range for me. Though, as I think about it again, it does have the belt drive and the CVT. So, I guess I would have to ride it and see. Surely still on my list. So, I would want to upgrade the battery of course, change out the fork for sure, and maybe get the Titanium instead of the read, just so it is a little less noticeable. It looks really nice when in motion. Thanks for a wonderful review.

Andy Martinez says:

What brand of helmet are you wearing ?

Danny Gayler says:

Next bike I buy will be belt drive and hopefully a Brose motor for the pedal assist , I like the Yamaha , but it is noisey ,and Bosch not much better ( had a test ride of a Giant with a Bosch pedal assist ) , But anyway thanks and yes I do enjoy the reviews !

rik999 says:

One cautionary note- Fallbrook Technologies, the maker of the Nuvinci transmission filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Feb 2018. The restructuring plans were being considered in April 2018. I don’t know the fate of the plan or potential future of the company or its products.

herve fontaine says:

I admire your work ethic! Continued success. I will be getting the special edition super 73 V2 (only 50 made ) let me know if you’d like to review it or collaborate. ( now get some REST!)

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