Vintage Electric Bikes Cruz Video Review The Cruz from Vintage Electric Bikes is a robust, high powered and potentially high-speed cruiser style electric bike styled to resemble the board track racing bikes of the 1920’s, optional Race Mode pin for 30+ mph. built on a custom steel frame that dampens vibration but flexes more than the Tracker model which is built on Aluminum, the longer cruiser bars support a more comfortable upright body position. Gearless direct drive motor is sturdy but also heavy, since there are no moving gears inside it operates extremely quietly and also provides regeneration when activated. Solid year long warranty, lots of upgrades including pedal assist, a rear rack and custom paint, the battery is not removable and the bike is very heavy at ~87 lbs.


Les Hsu says:

Bit too expensive for me. I’m glad I got the RadWagon for $1599.00 instead. Much more practical. Feel free to use my name (Les Hsu) for extra $50 savings if you order from their site.

Tardisius says:

Very cool =)

Liz Seelbach says:

my boyfriend bought it and it continues to break down. Nice bike but wish they can make a reliable bike. Also white tyre is a big no . It looks nice but get dirty in matter of seconds (this is just warning . )

ForbinColossus says:

Is the rear fender long enough to prevent road filthy water from hitting your back? Glowing about style has its place, but is the motor long lived?
Thank you for hinting at the enormously bad two-cycle pollution
caused by junky technology in Asia. Plenty of research for those who care:

smiley37greg says:

Pee Wee Herman deluxe version

Westheads Extractions says:

Awesome bike.

Jesse Kramer says:

As with the tracker, there is a couple of things that really need to be dealt with to somewhat justify the price he is charging here.

First, the cable management really needs to be more elegant, it brings the look of the bike down, especially considering how much effort has gone into the choice of parts and the design of the battery box.

Just look at this:×600-c-center.jpg

Secondly, the breaks should be beefed up. 200mm+ rotors front and back.

I think he should consider integrating some indicators too, maybe as an optional accessory.

And finally, an old school instrument gage could be cool, big analog looking speedometer, volt/current meter as a tachometer and an integrated little LCD/e-ink battery gage. The bike is fast enough to break the speed limit in some areas, and it would be a real shame to put a standard bike computer on it.

Something like this:

Z StHope says:

Gorgeous bike.

David Macdonald says:

I know it’s not the same thing but , look at the yamaha concept bike , the moegi , I think it’s a motorcycle sculpture, so like this a lot , thanks .

David Macdonald says:

kinda not really a e bike more a moped.

Dylan Thabest says:

Anything similar for under 1500$ ?

777 says:

колеса восьмерят.

steeven coogan says:

Where to get in indonesia?


$7000!?!?!? try again.

sloth011 says:

I love your channel!!!

Homey D. Clown says:

How much does it goes for? Also, did they give you this free just for you to review?

clnmyjts says:

now that is one good looking cruse bicycle

Ed says:

nice bikes how much do they cost

smiley37greg says:

Did he mention what kind of range this bike gets? That battery system seems to be purposely oversized “cool” it’s not exactly my style but I can appreciate the build quality

Bryan Martin says:

The American People need fast Ebikes I.E 30-40mph. If the vehicle is safe and purpose built why can’t we operate them on the street? Change the laws or create a new class of vehicle LEV for commuting purposes.

John Moura says:

Vintage Electric makes two awesome bikes!

kan't be says:

Costs way too much money. You can get any off the peg beach cruiser, add a Mid-drive motor kit, and you’ll have a much better bike for a fraction of the cost.

Mark Elford says:

Awesome ebike, looks comfy.

Avi Shulman says:

Check out My 2011 Custom Electra Ghostrider at Painted Pony Films on youtube

Liz Seelbach says:

my boyfriend bought it and it continues to break down. Nice bike but wish they can make a reliable bike. Also white tyre is a big no . It looks nice but get dirty in matter of seconds (this is just warning . )

David Gardner says:

Just a beauty. Well designed.

ceeslee says:

Seat positioning and fitment for these bikes are too low. If you want to pedal to extend the range you can travel, you’d look like a teenager trying to pedal seated on their BMX bike. The look great but at the detriment of how efficient they could be with added rider input. Might as well just delete the cranks and replace them with some motorcycle pegs.

DrZarkloff says:

is it true that white tires don’t last as long as black tires? I hate to just point out the possible weak points but it’s just the way I roll. I like the design of the handle bars. I like to kick back when I’m riding. having to bend over in a tense position gives me a headache.

sdushdiu says:

So many words to say that it is a direct COPY of a circa 1962 Schwinn (et al) cruiser style 26″ frame with a rear fender as introduced circa ~1965 with the Stingray. All for orders of magnitude (aka >10 times!!!) MORE money than a full EBike (scooter) – that outperforms it – costs overseas. Superfluous Western retro decadence at an obscene price.

Monica Schwartz says:

why don’t u call him out on the expensive product? on your other video on the vintage electric bike u said u could use your own fuse, and for an extra 150 for a pin? its greed?! thanks

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