Walmart Genesis 29″ GX7 Beach cruiser pt.1

Bunt bronze in color


VladReallySucks says:

i got this bike and the brake kind of sucks can u make a video of how to make the brake stronger? 


This bike cost 199.00 at the time of purchase

Walker Dembiczak says:

I got this bike today, I got the blue one though. It’s a good bike. The seat could be softer though.

Bobby Orr says:

I am looking for a beach cruiser type bike to take on vacations, but the GX7 with 29″ tires and frame and others like it look like “big” boy bikes. I’m 5’8″ with a 30″inseam. Do you think this bike would be too big for me? Any idea how high the top tube is at above the crank?

chuck wick says:

Nice bike,I seen these at wal mart,surprised me the quality for the money,shimano parts,Aluminum frame,nice wheels too….it doesn’t look cheap like most cruisers.
I like the orange but I’m feeling the blue.

Herman J. Mortimer says:

Had a chrome version BUT I turned it back in. Mine came with a drink/cup holder, a huge front basket and a back short rack. The problems I had with my former bike was the brakes were crap and I had to stop to manually pull them apart from both front and rear tires; The pedaling was difficult. Couldn’t get down the street one block without my front upper leg muscles burning from exhaustion and I’m in good shape since I’m a veteran bike rider; And the gears couldn’t get all the way down to the lowest gear and even so, the gears seemed the same, hard-pedaling speed. AND—when I turned to a sharp right to put my bike up, the aforementioned brakes would lock up again and again, had to manually pull them apart. NOT worth my $179.00 and I’ve gotten my refund.

Maafa 1619 says:

Why are the crank arms so short?

Jason Smith says:

Good-looking bike I have the same color bike from Walmart a few years ago it’s stuck in 5th gear now rusted good beach cruiser on flat ground good speed for that. They have the same bike now Genesis GX 7 for 159 at Walmart 29 in has the cargo holder on the back and the basket on the front. I’m going to get another one.

maddog says:

same as a kent del rio! wow

Mike Holden says:

Thanx 4 Sharing I Bought Exact Same Bike From Local Walmart Store Already Assembled By Employee There !!! After Watching Your Video I Discovered I Was Not Given The Drinking Bottle Rack Only The 2 Screws That Hold It In Place lol !!! Can’t Wait Until They Open 2Marrow So I Can Raise Some Hell !!! I Paid The Exact Same Thing U Did 4 My Bike !!! I Purchased A BONES 3 SARIS Bicycle Rack @ Local Bike Store Sice Walmart’s Were So Cheap Looking !!! This Is The Same Bike Rack Used On Police Cars Has No Rusting Parts, Very Sturdy & Dependable, & Comes With Lifetime Warranty !!! I Also Bought Long Insulated Wire So I Can Lock My Bike Rack 2 My Car, 1 Nice Huge Mirror 4 Left Handle Bar, & A Extra Large Bell !!! I Read The Instruction Booklet That Said U Need 2 Oil & Grease This Monster Bike Every Week So I Need 2 Buy Some White Lithium Grease Since I Already Have Plenty Of WD-40 !!! Both 29″ Tires Hold 40 Lbs. Of Air !!!  I’m Going 2 Buy A Larger Seat Since I’m 6’3″ Tall Weigh 265 Lbs. !!! Need 2 Buy 1 More Lock So I Can Lock The Bike 2 My SARIS Bike Rack Without Fooling With The Other Lock That Secures The Rack 2 The Car !!!

Rodney Landers says:

I like it a lot

Yours Truly says:

Made where? Oh China you say, that’s why it looks like tinfoil crap

Luvin Zuniga says:

Great video great bike I’m getting the same one after I’m done with this comment, thanks for the review.

BUSAtv says:

How much weight can this and the Genesis Astra 29′ cruiser can hold??? I was hoping on buying one at walmart but a little scared of how much weight it can hold

Lucas Hahn says:

got this bike at walmart and i took it back because the water bottle screws were stripped. I got a black schwinn discovry instead

Rudy Franco says:

I got the same bike blue red I personally like yours better try to get the seat bar that has a shock it makes for a better ride I’m 414.lbs and I poot BMX heavy duty brake handles and mongoose petals so my feet are secured and I went with Walmart flash light that removes as a hand held flash light as well a phone career wish I use a garmen GPS or my phone to you tube my music ya change that good neck it’s no good as heavy as I am I got one heavy duty one all together I’ve billet one good bike one thing don’t trust the brakes going down hill the rear cable has broken on me twice enjoy liked your video but ya get your self a bar for the seat that gas an adjustable shock built into it they’re adjustable if it can hold up to me enjoy

Michael Anderson says:

dig that color dog

jose velazquez says:

i just got this bike today its really good … the best ever bike

Lucks .Cruella says:

just got one…. great price ( somebody put it in the wrong spot!!) #SCORE!

McAnus Im wipin it says:

Nice. just got one in silver. floor model. talked manager down to 120.00 some scratches and whatnot. love the styling. Peace

Fishcantswim8 says:

Nice bike…

semo bgy says:

do you know what the chain size?

in shape wit ape fitness says:

got this bike and ride it 20miles a day no problem

David Carter says:

looks the same as a Kent Del Rio cruiser except the color. A nice riding bike too.


I picked one of these up a few weeks ago for 100.00 bucks on Craigslist .Love it . It’s almost solid chrome . I have been riding a 26 inch bike . This one seems a little harder to peddle . Very comfy bike .

David H says:


ford nut says:

ROLLING ON 29S. I just picked one of these up at wally world tonight mine is chrome color frame black fenders I just want it for the same reason you do try to loose few pounds just didn’t want to pay 2/3/400 for a bike at a shop that im not going to do any heavy thrashing on just something to mope around on a little. im getting to old for extreme biking any way lol.

Charles Thomas says:

I have that one a blue one and a Chrome one great bikes excellent for the price

dangerboy1965 says:

Just bought a new used one on OfferUp for $100. Came with factory rear rack and black basket. I have long legs so I added a lay-back seat post (bent backward 2-3 inches) and now it really pedals nice because I’m a little behind the cranks. $13 on eBay, but get the one with a welded brace. Love the bike!

Alexander Engel says: this is my bike.
GX7 all chrome. the rims are different as well.. mines are double wall

citizen-x says:

Do the fatter tires make it harder to pedal on pavement, than a bike with tall thin tires?
I was going to do mostly pavement riding .


Good luck on getting in shape…I’m doing the same thing right now by dieting and riding.  It’s a lot of fun riding a bicycle again.  Been a long time.

Ruben Arias says:

What is the frame size of this bike?

Kip Burbank says:

Do the brakes work well?

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