Yamaha V Star review. The affordable custom-cruiser

I take a spin on a Yamaha V Star, the affordable end of the custom/cruiser bikes.
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Lonesome Whistle says:

Thank you for not wasting time.

Dieter Dietzen says:

Not gonna hate, but Ive seen MANY sportbike riders over the years who like to rap their pipes and gun their engines at lights.

Laura Muller says:

Guys, purpose Does anyone see smarter this video @%

King of DickAround says:

Nick – short bu tgood review of the V-Star 1100 Custom. I own a 04 model, love this bike. Not really a big sports biker, have done 107 mph on mine – really smooth. Love the shaft drive, it is a great affordable cruiser. Thanks for the review – you need to take the bike on a 50 miler – then tell me how comfortable that seat is – looking for a gel seat for this tired old butt of mine.

JCO187 says:

This guy is a moron

joan & peter Vincent says:

OK Nick. It was an empty space. Very good video. Appreciate it

lucas s says:

co to za cipa ???

TommyTwobats says:

Can they put airbags on cruisers?

thm4855 says:

First of all, go and fix your glasses……………

Mark Salter says:

what a douche what’s custom about it because it says custom on the front fender it’s a stock V-Star 1100 o look at me running around the parking lot what a douche

Elia Faraj says:

hmmm.. need money.
i used to have honda shadow 🙂
i miss my bike 🙁

R Costa TV says:

how tall are you ? thanks. Regards.

Richard Darlington says:

I would think almost all bikes are capable of exceeding all speed limits anywhere in the U.S. Low end torque is way more useful than high horsepower.

ipoenx raharjo says:

You call that sweet sound “noisy”? Man, get out of this world!

Mike Volpe says:

I love my V Star I just hope I don’t kill myself on it.

Richard Brooks says:

The Yamaha VStar is without a doubt the best bang for the buck bike on the market

Mantronix10 says:

Lazyboy recliner. I love it.

Intuitive Observations says:

what you call street bikes are sports bikes. You got them confused. What you call custom bikes are street bikes. I have never heard of the phrase custom bikes to refer to a type of motorcycle.

Mr. Savage says:

Do you think i can ride this? I am 5’7″

Dunx says:

they’re not always so loud, also allot of stock cruiser pipes are pathetic. if it bothers you look into quieter pipes or add baffling/packing

el bimbo says:

you talk to much.

Jeff S. says:

Nothing custom about this bike!

0 1011000110 says:

shat the fuck up and rayed

chuknorth says:

Thanks for the vid!

Nomadic Fanatic says:

Thank you for putting the effort to show all the different views and great angles. All your videos are done so much better than others, and I notice all the work you put into editing. Yes, there might be much better reviews of the V Star bike, but your video and editing is 10 times better and that is all I care about in the end. Pleasant travels. 🙂

Adrianna Serna says:

loved your video lol

Joshua Jones says:

You should not leave your bike on while it’s not running for that long!

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