2014 Merida Cyclocross 5 – First Look

My initial [& basic] review of the 2014 Merida Cyclocross 5.
Keep checking back for ride footage and progressive reviews. I am happy to take [reasonable] requests to provide feedback via youtube.
Check out my FB page; Merida Test Rider Commuter Bikes – Paul Fergusson.


Bruno R. says:

Thank you for this review.! How much did you pay for it? I am now hesitating between 4 and 5 but on my budget, 4 mat do the trick.

Jaja Binks says:

Now I think about this model, but one man told that he has big problem with chain (rubs on front derailleur), and better to take cube cross race. What can you tell about it hasn’t you this problem?

Дмитрий Федосов says:

почему такие велосипеды, у тех кто мало знает провелоипеды, есть??? разве нормальный скажет, о вы посмотрите на мой вел – у него задний переклюк ультегра. видео не про ультегру, но про мериду, а от мериды здесь рама, и это главное

greenrolaids says:

This bike is on sale for only $1100 on bikes direct.

xps m1330 says:

which is a model of pedals? thx for answer.

shaft23oz says:

Hi, nice review. I am 177 cm tall, bout 85kg, do you think this size would suit my stats ?   Looks like a nice piece of kit.

Mark Abela says:

Nice review. Thanks for posting, sizing of bike and rider is always useful.


Hey cool video check my channel Iv done a review on the 2015 model Merida cyclocross

Lone Wolf says:

thanks for reply mate, im going for cx5 in the summer but i cannot tell the missus how much it was, great bike and i can put 25mms on for off rd, cheers Dany

Paul Fergusson says:

Sorry mate. Bike is 56cm and I’m 1.80m tall.

Lone Wolf says:

wats faster on tarmac if any difference, a merida speeder t2 or cyclo cross merida ?  im after fast tarmac but off rd. thanks Danny great vid bty you explain prity much everything.

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