2016 Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1 Review – First Look

This is a first look review of the 2016 Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1 cyclocross bike.


kevin dickenson says:

you love your giants dont you clint take it giants are your favorite make

combfilter says:

I doubt you weighed that wheelset, but next time you swap tires you think you can? I am curious of what that wheelset weighs in regards to perhaps the Iron Cross. There is not much info out there about this wheelset. You mentioned it’s done by DT. If that’s the case, I am wondering if this is a 135hub with 12×142 DT endcaps on it? Otherwise, what 12x142mtb hub can you get out there that accepts shimano 11 speed road cassettes. Thanks.

Khoa Lam says:

Hi Clint, is the bike equipped with the wiring already installed to the front shifter should one want to install a front derailleur and run a double. Of course with the understanding that you’d need to install a front D and change cranks or ad a ring. Do you know if this rotor crank will accept a two ring setup? Thanks

JohnReviewer112 says:

love these videos and bikes, really wanted a giant road/cyclo cross bike but don’t have any giant franchise stores so I will be going with specialized for the time being.

Michael Kish says:

I own a Mongoose XZ75. I do off road and on. What brakes good to use for the disc brakes or side brakes. I hope this was not a dump question. Please get back to me when you read this. Great video. I am subscribed to your video’s. Thank You.

bifford14 says:

Great review Clint. How do you like the geometry of the TCX? I’ve heard the BB is higher than those of the crux, Boone, etc. Did you notice a material difference?

Stephen Cunningham says:

Still debating on this frame or a chinese one. Looking forward to your final review.

Steve caughlin says:

I just picked up mine and the brakes are extremely soft. to the point where they just about come back to the bar. The hydro brakes were a big decision for me buying this bike. I talked to the shop where I bought it and they indicated that Shimano (especially Di2) brakes are soft in general. He said he would run some fluid through it and see if there might be some air, but didn’t sound optimistic. Have you experienced the same. Advice?

Flatzout says:

press fit bb ?

Ewen Thompson says:

Thanks Clint. In Australia this bike is $5,199 (Aus$) and the Pro 2 is $3,199. I’m looking at the Pro 2 – do you know if both frames are the same? Is the Di2, wheels, Ultegra going to make $2K worth of difference for me in racing?

Stephanie Hughes says:

Nice bike. Have you also looked at the Focus Mares CX carbon? I like the RAT through bolt system, (makes total sense for Cross) standard on all of Focus bikes and also hydraulic disc. I love the look and the feel.

Dan Morgan says:

Jeez clint, tell us how you really feel about canti brakes ;P
Beautiful bike.

TypeVertigo says:

You mentioned that this has Di2 as well – doesn’t the TCX frame run an external battery instead of the BTR2 internal seatpost battery the BSB9 RDO did? I have a 2014 TCX SLR 2 and it has the Di2 external battery mount screws on the non-drive side chain stay.

I believe the D-shaped seatpost precludes a TCX frame from fitting the BTR2 seatpost battery.

Peter Triantafilou says:

Agree with your comment about Giant – hard to go past Giant’s value for money and besides, Giant just makes great bikes!

thechosendude says:

(Unless I missed it) – Did you happen to weigh it?

Frameset looks good. I prefer Shimano cranks too, but the Rotor cranks have decent reviews.

juanjeremy2012 says:


heli-manny says:

Hey Clint can you make a video on what should be taken on a ride for example trail or cross country and tools, emergency/first aid, snacks, water excetera. Thanks

Dustin N says:


Stephen Cunningham says:

can’t wait for your next review on this bike

Jeron Drew says:

I just purchased this bike.  So far I love it.  Did you get all the frame plugs for the holes that would route the front derailleur cables through the down tube and up between the chain stays?

Jonas Godwin says:

Where do you get the money for all these bikes!!!!

mikelo303 says:

Like always. Great review!

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