2018 Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1 Review – First Look

This video is a first look review of the all-new 2018 Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1 cyclocross/gravel bike.


Mojalistic says:

like that music =)

lawor8 says:

Going from electronic to mechanical shifting? Most people would never do that because they have gotten used to the speed of electronic shifting. What is your experience?

Rekkitanko says:

Hey Clint, how tall are you and what size is this bike? I am 6’2″ not sure whether I should get size l or xl.

Edward Wang says:

Beautiful bike! Will you be getting the 2018 Trance Advanced?

James S says:

do you have a video on how to make the chainstay protector?

Rob Pfennig says:

Nice ride!

Ryan Docena says:

Really Nice CX bike man! I just bought my first CX bike by All City (Macho King) pretty stoked to ride that as my gravel bike as well. I am really interested on learning cyclocross and this is a good start.

glenny oc says:

I have ultegra on my main road bike and run microshift on my xc and backup road bike. I have to say Microshift sti shifters are somewhere betweem SRAM and Shinmano in the sense that the brake lever remains fixed and you change with two shift levers. I do prefer the two lever system.

Andrew Doody says:

Face plate is upside down

They Live We Sleep says:

I wish some gravel bikes come with 46-30 with 11-36 cassette

fast cyclst says:

nice cracka thunder

ooDirtyMickoo says:

every clint video starts with “just bought the new…”

David Raquel says:

the rims are indeed carbon fiber

Dan Morgan says:

I’m not a fan of double tap sram road shifters but I know someone with a 2017 TCX SLR that uses Rival 1x and he seems to like it fine. I’m just so used to shimano.

Nicoya says:

Recycled inner tube for a chainstay protector? Shameful! You should clearly be using recycled bar tape instead.

Joe Thomas says:

Should have gotten the 2017 model!!

amadeusb4 says:

Took this Shimano lifer about 3 weeks to get used to SRAM. The shifter wasn’t so much a problem as getting the leg muscles to learn where in the pedal stroke to let up for the shift. I found this to be a bit different and did some chain grinding during the transition. Now, I prefer the SRAM system as it feels more ergonomic and the brake levers are fixed and never slip out of my reach when needed. Incidentally, I believe the lever reach is adjustable. I’ve been seeing some gripes online about SRAM’s 1x system wearing chains early and dropping gears during back pedal. Enjoy the new ride.

Gigantyczna Broda says:

Dude, damn good bike!

Luke GJ Potter says:

At 2:20, you can click it in further, three clicks, to dump two gears.

Boris C says:

Ha, ahead of you one year using SRAM. MY TCX advanced 17′ has SRAM Rival, that’s my first SRAM group set too. they are good.

keyjimmy1 says:

Sram is just better nowadays. Going back to shimano after using sram is a downgrade.

Aden aio says:

Why do you pronouce sram like “Shraam”? lol, or maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be said.

urfoolingmyleeg says:

Hey Clint. Thanks for sharing. You mind making a video on a quick how-to with installing the chainstay protector?

Steve Parsons says:

I’ve just picked up a Whyte Gisburn with Sram 1X11 (10-42 cassette X 38T Chainring) and Sram Force brakes and I have to say I think its great 🙂

bob chew says:

very sharp! I’ll be very interested to hear how it goes with the move from Di2 to Force 1.

Benedick Adorio says:

Hey clint
Just an advise

Did you check where the rear brake caliper was installed? Just try to check the whole part it if it didn’t have chipped surface. I have mine wherein the carbon surface chipped and then it was covered it by the paint, but really looks like they tried to patch it. Its a small chipped part just near the edge of one of wholes where you put screws for the caliper. I checked it with Giant LBS, still intact and functionality wise still good. Apperance wise, yeah I’m bothered a bit but didn’t crack a bit until now.

Just want to let you know. I can share the pics for reference.

B Dragon says:

Sweet Ride! I have that Sram Force One group on my 2015 Redline Conquest Pro. My understanding is that the drivetrain is a hybrid- road shifters with a mountain bike derailleur, not exactly a road groupset. I haven’t had any problem with dropped chains or chainslap even without any kind of chain guide. It all works very well for CX racing.

Swink says:

The tcx bikes appear to be the best value cx bikes these days if you want carbon fiber. To get a Sram Force build on Cannondale, for instance, the cost is quite a bit higher.

TechPimp says:

Why does it show on Giant website that this comes with Schwalbe X-ONE Evolution, Tubeless Easy, 700×33, tires and you have 700×40?

Gary G says:

When the cross season kicks up, what tools do you pack for the races?


bjk220 says:

Can you fit a 40c tire in the rear? How’s the clearance?

YouWantSomePepper says:

I should be picking mine up today. Going to set it up more for gravel and road riding for the remainder of the summer with a 48t ring and a 10-42 cassette I think, then some fat road or gravel tires. No information online really about those wheels…… was trying to decide to get some Stans Avions or not, but then the shop told me they think they are carbon. The giant website only has info on the older versions of the CXR-1 wheels.

Coaljet says:

What’s the purpose of the chain stay protector? What is the nature of the worst-case scenario that the chain stay protector is meant to protect against?

J Borg says:



TD Bikes says:

giants are great but why dont you ride, try something else ??

latuman says:

I’ve tried both and I think SRAM’s shifting is better.

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