29er MTB vs CycloCross, on and off road

Off Road Cycling the best Way to Travel to Work and arrive Happy
All equipment and bikes sourced from the best cycling company on the web https://www.cyclestore.co.uk/

A short video of a morning ride into work
Music From TeknoAxe with permissions

The MTB is a Giant Trance x1 29er and the cx bike is a charge filter apex, cameras used are go pro hero3 black and original go pro.


Shazer says:

what is the better bike here?

Jon Beech says:

Booo cx all the way

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

hardtail 29er would suit very well for this 

DogsLife says:

We’re on the border on Staffordshire and Cheshire, just on the edge of the Peak District, great location for riding. The Cx bike’s a charge filter cx

George Clowes says:

Wow. I literally live round the corner of the first scene.

DogsLife says:

Horse for courses, cx bike wins on the road and tracks but when the going gets rough the mtb rolls away and the cx bike has no chance

Radioactive CAT says:

Так кто кого в конце-то концов вздрючил?

BrainSeepsOut says:

Recently found out the hard way that an MTB is a pain if you want to get somewhere fast and it’s not a forest trail… MTBs could use a 4th gear on the front, for high speed riding.

Steve Bingham says:

Great video, enjoyed watching

Kevin. says:

I find the song¡¡ /watch?v=3EvrahIhqGM

ronaldo77782 says:
alejoenhispania says:

This is your daily commute?…I am depressed. Mine is a boring bike path and I got exited the other day when they fixed a sidewalk.

MuppetAlex1 says:

That looks fun.  My commute has more road on it otherwise I would take the mtb.  Both good riders, both good bikes.  CX probably takes it on the road, but the mbt looks more stable and compfy for the off road.  Riders choice I suppose.


DogsLife says:

Sorry I can’t remember the track name, it came from TechnoAxe’s awesome channel, i have put a link in the video description

lewy950 says:

Great video. Looks like you blokes have a fun time on the way to work.

Cedric Dekemele says:

mtb is beter u can go on and offroad the other bike is nor recomended for off

yesternova says:

Could you mapping your home to office, Please.

Felipe Luiz Dickmann says:

On short distance may be no difference, but what about 40 miles ride?

jeannotx says:

semi-slick tyres on this MTB?

Jon Beech says:

Bit bumpy mind, the cx front wheel footage is when it got rattled off.

Adventures with Lofty says:

I beat the average MTB on rooty single with the Cyclocross bike… But depends who your riding with others kick my ass… So it depends on your road to trail % ATMO

nhanlm0601 says:

your cyclox seat is set quiet high, about 2 cm down should be perfect

Yumashell says:

wow. awesome commute. where do you guys live, and what do you do? I’m moving!

Ed Francis says:

Whats the music?

Pooha Lemming says:

why cyclocross rider is very timid off road… that is very basic off road he should be powering away from the mountain. Or is his fitness close to a walrus. I find aggressive riding with cyclocross is the only way to go otherwise mud and roots will make a timid rider fall.

DogsLife says:

We didn’t use any stabilisers the gopro cameras are attached to the handlebars using normal mounts. The mtb is a full suspension (giant Trance X) and uses the better hero3 black camera so the footage is both of a better quality and more stable than that filmed from the cx bike

DogsLife says:

Maybe so on a wide track but you wouldn’t get a car through some of the local singletrack trails as the trees would get in the way.
On the commute to work it actually works out faster by bike on days when the traffic is heavy also much less stressful and way more fun

HM H. says:

Cool video. Just curious did you use a stabilizer on the video to get that picture quality, and if so which one? All my bike shots come out jerky.

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