Beginners Guide – What Are Cyclocross Bikes. CX Bike Features Explained.

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paatonratsumies says:

Still waiting for the “airless” tires test.

Hardi Erstu says:

So then, what to you think of those weird handlebars with extreme drop flare, like Salsa Woodchipper example, or Ritchey VentureMax also looks strange… Seems that more expensive gravel and also some cyclocross bikes are now equipped with.. Not as extreme as these, but still. I t seems 12 degree of drops flare is pretty common. For many brands. Does it really benefit, or it’s just a fashion thing.. ?

Mega Jaxx says:

for casual mountanbiker its just a road bike with some bigger tires…

Ste Bor says:

How is the Frame Size from the Merida compared to other CX Bikes?
I tried a 56cm Focus Mares and it fitted good at 1,80m and 87cm Step length..
Should i choose the 54cm or the 56 cm Merida?

The TROLL says:

Yes cyclecross bikes is a funny choice of bike to be ridden in those offroad cyclecross races, not sure if they are really the best suited machines for that job.

glenny oc says:

It’s all the rage cx and gravel but it’s been so popular for 40 years in Western Europe. I think cyclo cross is a great sport. If you can only afford the one bike it’s a toss up between a cx bike or a 29er for a go anywhere bike.

OugaBoogaShockwave says:

stick MTB handle bars On & it’s good to go.

Kaliburation says:

Light offroad endurance trekking road bike. Trying my very best to squeeze it in one short sentence.

Kaliburation says:

Now we need a video on the differences between CX and gravel bikes

levta says:

Slate, the only cx bike worth getting, nuff said.

Edgar Studillo says:

what if you put a suspension fork and flat bars and give it a try? just for fun haha

More RawMeat says:


dejanSLO84 says:

just bought a ridley x-ride with HDB, think the specs are pretty similar to the merida in the video.
I have two questions.

Do you set your seat a bit lower than on a road bike?
Do you have any issues with the headset getting lose, if riding on hard terrain?

Wojtek Zarzycki says:

Nice video Danny! ☺

littlegoobie says:

YOu didn’t mention the best feature on your cx bike which is that wicked kickstand.

..and that is the weirdest forest ive ever seen. all the trees are the same size and age, no low branches, everything shoots straight up parallel, and there’s no shrub undergrowth,

Patrick Arredon says:

Sickbiker sounds silly. Otherwise great channel

cebuanostud says:

so what’s a good entry level cyclocross bike here in the states?

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