Buying Cyclocross Bike Instead Of Road And Mountain Bike? In Depth Buyer’s Guide With SickBiker.

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Md Alamin says:

which bike is better Giant or Merida for cyclocross.

Po Zr says:

Wow! Cannondale has quite a bend in the seat tube? When I built my Litespeed Ultimate I put in a cassette of 11-25 and up front 52/36. All I can say is I’m out of shape (dying in hilly Seattle). Should have gone 12-28 or compact up front. I feel like an out of shape old man (52 yo). Riding my Litespeed, people pass me constantly. Ugh, embarrassing! I’m just a point A-to-B kind of rider.

Scooby says:

What do you think of the 2016 Cannondale Caadx 105?


*I just purchased the CAAD10 is there a website that sells discounted clothing?*

Rysiek Klej says:

Hej, na wstępie podziękuje za wiedzę jaką przekazujesz, właśnie kupuje caadx na tiagrze i chciałem się poradzić odnośnie upgrade kół co byś polecił w miarę taniego a dobrego, czy warto zakładać oponę 25mm do takiego roweru jeśli chodzi o jazdę po asfalcie? pozdro

Anchal Rathie says:

Whats your views on Giant Anyroad bike?
I’ve been thinking of getting between the best of road and mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes seems the best option.

Goh moh teng says:

Thanks , very informative. Going to get a cyclocross soon

Godwin Tan says:

What is the weight and speed difference between a cyclocross and road bike?

Martin Hulik says:

i was used to MTB for years but i bought Merida CX 300 (alu fork) recently and I’m so much happy with that choice. Now commuting to work (70km one way) and other longer trips are possible (in reasonable time) and the bike is durable and versatile. i love it.

Kyle Buttler says:

I liked that video it explains too much thing about cyclocross. Even if anyone who knows a little bit English can easily understand that.

Luv .KoreanDrama says:

i bought road bike expecting it’s tire to not get puncture easily but dissapointed when it punctured just by little bits of broken glasses so i often buy inner tube if it’s pucnture(cause patching kit is rare in our area for road bike). are the tires in cyclo-cross bike durable? you said 35mm is in the cyclo right? what maximum mm tire can fit in their? i don’t mind selling my current bike and buy new one

Anirudh Lohia says:

hi, how did your cross race go? how are you liking merida cyclocross 500 after 7-8 months? you wish you had gone for something else?

Matthew Imposter says:

There is nothing here which resembles a proper mountain bike.

Stop trying to compare apples with oranges when you ride an apple and don’t even know what an orange is.

DamikanGWT says:

kom dla statystyk

Daniel Mika says:

Thanks for the detailed comparison, very useful. I am considering the Cannondale Caad12 vs Caadx as my first road bike. I live in Switzerland and would prefer the versatility of the Caadx for dirt paths and tracks, forest tracks and so on (also the better option for commuting, longer tours).

I saw your critique of the Cannondale Slate and I have to say I agree to some extent, but mainly because I already have a hardtail MTB, so suspension is not my priority, I am not aiming to have a one bike fits all, rather an alternative that is better on the road.

Sergio Tomasso says:

Only now this came to my mind. Pure road bikes like that CAAD 10 are the fastest.
But which is the second fastest? Endurance or cyclocross? I mean on a regular road and both with the same slick tires.

Allan Richter says:

Hi Danny! Im about to build my first hybrid bike using a 29er frame w/ a solid fork, Im going to use road bike cranks and shifters (Shimano 105) as well. I will replace the handle bars with a drop bar and sti shifters too. Do you advise against this or is it a plausible idea? (I will use it for daily commute against rough roads)

Po Zr says:

Discarding looks, can’t you just play around with stem length/height angle?

Silent Mike says:

so u bought the cx bike a frame size smaller? I am confused! im considering buying a Giant Revolt im 1.80cm i rode a Friends TCR frame size M/L and it felt a bit to big for me! My question is should i choose size M or even smaller because the top tube lenght isnt that mutch diffrent compared between M/L and L… Need help please

allgoo19 says:

I call it, “High performance commuter”.
People buy this kind of bicycles don’t race, same as people buy mountain bike and never go to mountain road.
Fast enough, so you won’t get beaten by other road bike so easily and you can still keep up with other mountain bikes on the dirt trail…..if you try.
Sure, you can use mountain bikes for that purpose but some people still are fond of drop handle bar which gives more position option for long rides.

Mohammed YASSINE says:

What a detailed and clear explantation. I was just wondering if I can use a cx bike for mountain hiking ? I’m not that professional MTB guy who will dare to use any bike in aggressive terrains but I just want to use it wherever I can while hiking

Dominik Mališ says:

Hey, I woul like to ask you guys if is a good idea to buy a cyclocross bike and change the tires to road bike tires. You know when I will go on longer trip on road I think the road tires are better because they are thinner and also I will be faster. And then when I will be riding some gravel I wil just switch them back to cyclocross tires. OR Should I rather buy a road bike and when some gravel comes up I will change the road tires to a cyclocross?

Al Duarte says:

Need for further advise should replace bike or upgrade something else? Got a Cannondale Super X Sram Rival set up for my Winter road rides; Continentals GP 4 Seasons size 700-28 Specialized Roming saddle ect. Problems: after 15-20 miles or windy days bike gets twitchy easely loosing control on moderate tired hands? expected to last 40-50 miles without issues (Century/Gran Fondo/Endurance training)

Dipankar Sanyal says:

Hi! i use a Giant TCX cyclocross. recently i changed the wheels to Mavic Ksyrium elite with 25c road bike tyres and the bike runs like a breeze on city roads. my question is if I put 28 or 32 c cyclo cross wheels and do a bit of offroading will it affect the wheels?

Robinators says:

got new Focus Mares AX 1.0 disc for 1080 EUR. deal of the year! Sram Apex, hydraulic brakes, using it for commute.

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