Can You Ride Cyclocross On A Road Bike? Road Bike Vs Cyclocross Bike

Can you ride cyclocross on a road bike? We thought we should try, using the Canyon Endurace – one of the new breed of endurance/gravel road bikes.

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We recently did a video on the differences between a cyclocross bike and a road bike. And, as many more road bikes become gravel bikes or endurance road bikes with disc brakes, we thought, and many of you down in the comments did too, that we should see if a road bike could handle cyclocross.

We got a set of narrow-ish cyclocross tyres to suit the slightly tighter clearances of our Canyon Endurace frameset, but the rest of the bike remained the same; no change in gearing (Shimano Dura Ace 52 x 36 chainrings with an 11-28 cassette), no change in position on the bike and no change in pedals, either.

You’ve seen the differences between a cyclocross bike and a road bike in the workshop, now find out what they are out in the fields.

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Canyon Endurace road bike:
The Maxxis Tyres that fit Si’s ‘cross bike:

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Henrys Johnson says:

Yes purdown bristollll. Won my race there 😉

dirrydog says:

This video was no good

Ilija Ugurov says:

Regarding the question at the end: Can you ride a road bike off road, the real question is: Did you enjoyed the ride?

Ilya Postnikov says:

These inserts with music are just awful

Bernd Kiltz says:

Dear GCN (or Endurace Owners), as the canyon chat does not have a clue… what maximum width tires could you fit on that endurace?

Macaw Factory says:

I shuttered when he said these ones. Because I always get corrected when I say that.

victor sabbithi says:

Hi! Question any reviews on Hasa Road bikes???

one opinion says:

why wouldnt you just use your MTB if u wana ride off road man ?

Kilroy was here says:

But can you ride a cyclocross bike on the road?

roilev says:

You can offroad in Ferrari, but why? Why not use a MTB but suffer with a road/CX bike instead?

cactipus says:

I want a way to commute to my house and through my neighborhood,but I want to ride on trails. which bike is the bet for road biking and a little offroading?

PusdienlaikaŠovs says:

Who else thought the dubstep was irl?

koukimonzta says:

ive put cyclo tires on my hybrid and its all good !

Goodman 4525 says:

I’d like to see the Aeroad with knobblys on

lotxa nol says:

go tubeless, use mtb shoes and pedals and then do this again

Tomáš Rus says:

What’s up with the music Lasty? Feeling young again?

Frank A. Trevis says:

it’s time to review the cannondale slate

Life4Watching says:

anyone can help to get the first music? cant find it on yt 😀

Stephen Tuthill says:

I mainly ride a Carrera road bike; and on my commute have them option between a shorter distance with a short hard packed trail, or a longer route on tarmac. with a bit more care my Carrera with narrow tyres can take on the trail very well.

Rafael Grooscors Useche says:

Hola! what tyres did you used for that video?

Ellis Frank says:

But can you ride a road bike… on mountain bike trails :O

Tyles Brain says:

Be aware that riding a road bike off road or a trail bike on a downhill course could void your warranty.

Kyria The Eletronic Witch says:

changing to triple crank set and MTB Cassette + “RD” turn this in a awsome CX bike.

dieseliulian says:

The combo-shot of slomo Si and normal-speed Si in the same frame is brilliant. Proper editing right there!

Matt D says:

The only question this video has me asking- How long did the white fizik road shoes last?

Zachary Lambert says:

I ride a Specialized Crux with a 50/34 by 11/32 setup as a gravel grinder and road bike. On road I swap in a set of Zipp 202 disc wheels. No issues whatsoever, including high speed sweeping corners. Would love your opinion.

Matthew Jenkinson says:

Cyclocross started as guys riding their road bikes in the muck in the road racing off season (winter), did it not?

Ryan Burican says:

I built up a road bike from an old mountain bike frame, albeit a single speed with horizontal dropouts.  I live in Wisconsin half way between the Trek headquarters in Waterloo and the Kettle Moraine mountain bike trails near Palmyra.  In its original form, the Bianchi B.U.S.S. was a mountain goat, but after the transformation the bike only likes the road.  I’ve tried many times to ride it off road, but the big gear 53-18 just doesn’t work for that.  I guess if I had a flip flop hub or a bike with gears, then it would work.

Endo Alley says:

I never really understood the draw to cyclocross.

Scott A. Snyder says:

you CAN ride CX on a BMX bike… doesn’t mean it’ll work as well lol CX and road biking is pretty boring to me anyway though. no offense to those who enjoy it.

Broke Cyclist says:

that’s it… no more need for cyclocross bikes

Alan Taylor Farnes says:

It looked like you had plenty of clearance to put 35mm tyres on. Do you think this frame would have fit 35mm tyres?

Global Mountain Bike Network says:

Si, I think we need to take you out again, those ‘drifts’ don’t quite cut GMBN standards! Get that leg out in front and lean it over… 😉

Jv Araneta says:

hello, gcn! can you tell me what app a=you are using to join two videos seamlessly? (3.08)
thank you and merry xmas!

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