Cannondale CAADX cyclocross testing

This is a quick test run of the Cannondale CAADX cyclocross bike. The bike is very fast, fun and offers playful driving experience! I love it…enjoy! The bike is also pretty good on trail riding, not only for road. Perfect choice for commuter…


Tuan Anh Nguyen says:

What are the fenders you are having there?

Laura Hoskins says:

Thanks for that I was going to go for the synapse and spotted this looks real nice I went and ordered it yesterday cant wait for it to come keep up the good work

MajorSongwriter says:

I love your video. Inspiring!

bazilCyclist says:

Can’t stop watching this video!

Stalscu says:

I was convinced i wanted a synapse, but you made me doubt again.

I always had a mtb, but getting older and its getting tough. Roadbike than, but this….. I can do road fast and shortcut trough the woods, beaches, dutch dunes, gravel… Dont have to check my route. I can just jump on and ride where ever i would like to.

Less flat tyres too i think.


Gonne check the caadx in my local bikestore.

One question. If you want to ride high mountains, ventous, duez etc, is that possible like with a synapse, or will it be a hell to reach the top? (If you want to do this as a one timer)

Or maybe you can change tyres dpfor just that occasion?

Thanks for this video, i enjoyed it! Have a good one!


Cool video man! 

Just wondering, how fast can you go on the bike? I can’t really see the speedometer clearly.

MrAlexanderHwang says:

Can you do a review on this please? Thanx

Haymkarran S bhalla says:

lovely video. You seem to be a professional rider! please do a review of your bike and explain the fenders and rack mounts as well.

Andréas Remis says:

Did you notice if the white paint wears out? I wish they made one all black. 

Feiz Glencross says:

I’ve just bought a cyclo x bike being heavy thought it would be stronger and good for fitness training, great bike 🙂

Beekeeper Simes says:

is this the 2013 caadx sora? I am waiting on delivery on this bike. looking forward to it

Dennis Wolcott says:

Nice ride–very inspiring. I’ve been riding my 30 pound Cannondale mtn bike on the road for a couple of years and have been considering switching to a road or probably, a cyclocross bike. Your video has helped me to decide on cyclocross, because I’m not always on super smooth pavement, and am sometimes on dirt and gravel trails. Quick question–do you find the fenders to be a big benefit, and do you find a downside to having them? Thanks for your video.

Austin Sandi-Edwards says:

why do you ride on the pavement, you do know its illegal right?

Ross Ford says:

I’m really confused as to whether to get a bike with suspension, a hybrid or a cyclocross? can anyone give me any suggestions or recommendations please?

james forbes says:

What app are you using for the map and speed in the corner?

Hugo Cain says:

I have that bike and wow it is faster than my mtn bike

aden thomas says:

A very frisky alternative to the otherwise mundane commute to work or school. enjoy!!

Lazy Sunday010 says:

how do you keep the cam stabilised, i have purchased a action cam harnas only its moving and going left and right because my legs are going up and down???

Richard Quinn says:

What’s with all the spitting?

Rich Fleeson says:

Did you happen to test the felt v85 ?

Andréas Remis says:

I’m seriously considering buying a CAAD X sora as my entry level road/commuter bike.  I won’t have to worry about flats as much right? Oh, and how about wear and tear on the body? Is this a “comfort” bike?

blah13371337 says:

Good video up until the spit at the end.. pretty rank!

cyclesmoking says:

You were flying dude! I’m thinking of getting the same bike. Is that the 105 model?

Joseph Dowski says:

Wow! Really nice video. Looked like you were flying. What bike and what fenders?

4thwonder says:

What did you use to record this video?

solutionsagent says:

you make some nice videos jcool721! they are not dizzying like other go pro videos, are you using some kind of stabilizer? Is that the 2014 version bike? It’s nice! 🙂 Wondering if I should go carbon without disc breaks or caadx with disc breaks… hmm. 🙂

Jcool721 says:

I’m gaining more driving experience on the bike, I have over 400 km in the Sigma computer. The bike is not easy to drive as it seems. For me it’s too easy to overdrive because it’s so fun! I usually drive “out off the breath” situation. The bike is very fast but it’s not as easy to keep in the top speed because of the head wind. I also like to accelerate very fast, I can’t do the same with my 29er MTB. Still going strong… breaks and gears are working perfectly!

alfredo sanchez gutierrez says:

Nice bike , upgrades??

gixxerboy555 says:

Has anyone ever tried to follow you? lol

Haymkarran S bhalla says:

does your legs touch the front fender while pedaling?

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