Cannondale CAADX Shimano Tiagra better that CAAD X 105? Cyclocross bikes

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Hardi Erstu says:

If I were to do cyclocross(which I don’t), I could be fine without that 11t sprocket if I could have some more easier gear instead. There the smallest chain ring in front is 36 and biggest in rear is28 for both bikes. That’s too hard. I would have to walk the bike most of time.. But well that’s just me, I’m much weaker than most of riders. ^_^

denzui iuzned says:

hi shai please help me
which is the best bike for cyclocross I’m
1. merida cyclocross 500
2. giant tcx
3. caadx
all with shimano 105 GS

I need your opinion thanks

Jade Villaflores says:

Thank you, your inputs helps me a lot. cheers

Al Duarte says:

Yes Sir 10 speed = less trouble, my Ultegra gruppo works flawless, may upgrade to Dura ace 10 sps brifters and front mech to make it shift tops! Cheers!

velo1337 says:

are there mounts for fender on the canondale caadx 105 2017 model?

podfunk says:

I recently changed from the old Tiagra 4600 to the new Tiagra 4700 groupset. Huge upgrade from Shimano. The new Tiagra is basically now a ten-speed 105 and seems identical in every way aside from one less gear. I recommend getting the medium cage rear derailleur and the 11-34 cassette for ease of hill climbing. The big jumps are all at the top end of the cassette while the bottom half has the same two-teeth jumps for smooth riding at speed. The ratios are – 34-30-26-23-21-19-17-15-13-11.

Istvan Zelei says:

Hi guys! Hi ShaiBike! Cube Attain SL Disc(105) or Cube Attain Race Disc (Tiagra). Which one you choose? Not only the groupset difference, check the whole bike components. Thanks!

Romm Aviste says:

Thank You for the video

Thiago da Matta says:

Hi! thanks for the review.
I’m deciding these two bikes and your review was really helpfull.
I’m thinking about the tiagra one and thinking about changing the brakes for a hydraulic as well.
what’s your opinion on the hydraulics?
Thank you

Alexander Monteverde says:

i have a 2015 caadx sram rival, bought it last november and bought it for half off. it was brand new. amazing bike, I paid 1200.



Kivayan says:

I have Caadx 105 2016. I am very happy with it. You must have been unlucky with 105 shifting performance; To be honest I am delighted with it- after 1500km still as precise as out of box.

biscuitsalive says:

I love my canny caadx 105. Like it more and more as time goes by.
U can see several videos featuring it on my channel if u like. 🙂

Mozz says:

Hey Cannondany!
I’ve got the 2016 CAADX Tiagra and I pretty much went through the same thought process as you comparing the 105 Vs Tiagra. I was always planning on putting a narrow wide single chainring on mine so it really didn’t make sense to me to spend the extra on the 105 when I was going to take off the front derailleur and change the rear cassette to a 10 speed 11-32. Only issue is the Tiagra rear mech wont run on a 32t cassette sprocket as the top jockey wheel clashes as there is not enough B tension adjustment. Shame, think im going to look at getting a SRAM Shifter set up in the future so i can go for a wider range cassette.
Tiagra’s shift performance is pretty good, not quite as crisp as 10 speed 105 but really nothing to complain about.
Another decider was that the 105 CAADX has the same paint job as my 2011 CAADX, and i think the Tiagra’s paint job look so much better, it has a real nice metal flake in the black that you cant see on camera.
Also mine came with Sammy Slicks which is not as described on the spec list, they are a steel wire type though.
Check out my channel, I’ve got a few videos with me riding it.

Liviu Voicu says:

Hello @cannondany
Thank you for the info you share via youtube!!!

Please advice me regarding buying a new bike.
I have in my mind two models:
1. Cannondale CAADX 105 2016
2. Cannondale CAAD12 Disc 105 2016

I know that these two models are different bikes, one only for road (speed) and second kind of road and “offroad”
I would like to buy the CAADX 105 2016 but this model doesnt have hydraulic breaks :-(((((

Can you please tell me your opinion?

emoclew Barbz says:

Hi Cannondany. How’s the 105 performing for you now? Has it improved? Or did it get worse?
You mentioned you’re having trouble with the shifting of your 105 on your bike? Is it because of a factor in your setup or will we experience the same on the new 105 for all the bikes? Maybe it just needs a break in? Thanks for your response.

Andrew Triggs says:

What “strong carbon” seatpost would you recommend?

Boris Gromov says:

so you did’t tell what’s better Cannondale CAADX tiagra/105 or merida cyclo cross 300 / 500 ?? 🙂

Thomas Girard says:

Thanks for sharing your view! WHAT ABOUT THE 2017 MODEL? did you had a chance to compare?

Al Duarte says:

Seems like new Tiagra = an improved old 105? Better crankset., what other components are better in the new Tiagra?

Wesley Manning says:

If it was me I’d go with the 105. 10 speed will soon be phased out therefore upgrade/replacement in the future could be an issue, with very limited selections in terms of derailleurs, chainrings, cassettes etc. meaning a full groupset upgrade is the only upgrade path available. Also the 105 bike has improved hubs, tyres, stem and handlebars. These upgrades together with the 105 groupset upgrade far outweigh the price savings between the two bikes, in my opinion. I have used 10 speed Tiagra and 11 speed ultegra ( not 105 ) and in my opinion the 11 speed setup works best, especially when putting down the power during sprints and hard efforts. tiagra has missed a few shifts under these conditions in the past.

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