Commuting on a cyclocross bike

I started commuting on a cyclocross bike to work and these are some impressions.


melonheadboy72 says:

Very enjoyable video….trying to choose the right cx at the mo,switching from mtb B-)

新川貴洋 says:

I want cyclos

drLazyEvil says:

Can cyclocross be faster than a hybrid?

btw. what camera did you record it with?

Velofil says:

What are you talking about?
Where do you think I made a mistake?
Maybe you have failed to notice that this is switzerland, we drive on the right side of the road…??

RBastien says:

Great/funny video, thanks for sharing.

G.E. Pierce Sr. says:

I love the cruise part I am never in a hurry..Benny Hill was a cyclist too, Outstanding!!!

Ateru Arts says:

welche Bereifung fährst du im Winter? spikes?

Kenz300 x says:

bicycles are emission free travel………. Climate Change is real…… we need to deal with the cause (fossil fuels)
Save money…..get healthy…….. bike for travel and fun,…………..

Dimitri Kereselidze says:

The only problem, it’s in France, we can’t buy a tricross, Specialized not send it. I can find one in England.

MuppetAlex1 says:

Looks viable.  You forgot to mention the decent all weather stopping power of disc brakes, combined with fatter tyres  All of the speed of a road bike, but with the versatility of an mtb.

That said, I have mtbs and went for a road bike for my commute.  I figured that if the weather is that bad I would just break out the hardtail.


StormLaker1975 says:

Benny Hill speed, haha:-)

wish hound says:

Cool! What bike did you ride?

Omar Tan says:

Faster then e-bikes makes it really funny. Well done, haha!

Felis sylvestris says:

XC mtb is much better than CX.

jatoxa says:

Great video! I’m getting a cross bike!

. says:

If a motorist breaks a rule does that give you a bad impression of all the motorists in the world? Who fucking cares, it’s up to you how to you choose to ride your bicycle.

Юрий Гроссман says:

great video. very positive. have good rides!

Rob King says:

Perhaps you can give Velofil the time signatures where these infringements occur?

Marc Gervais says:

I have enjoyed recreational riding and commuting my whole life. I have owned all kinds of bicycles, road, mountain, hybrid and even cruisers. However, I never have owned a cyclocross bike. It seems they would be the ideal do everything bicycle. So for someone who commutes during the week and likes to do some light trail riding or day touring on the week ends, perhaps the cyclocross would be the ideal do everything bicycle?

Littlemorespaceplz says:

Nice bike! I want to get a drop bar disc cyclo-cross bike 🙁 quite pricey at the moment though.

Higgins2001 says:

I commute on a Tricross – they have all the mounting points for fenders and a rack, makes life very easy

richbrutus says:

This tells me absolutely nothing about the bike.

Dimitri Kereselidze says:

OK, thanks you so much. I have three ideas of bikes (Specialized Tricross, Genesis Croix de Fer and Kona Jake), and hope if it’s possible to find them in France (cyclocross is not a typicall bike in our country).

Then, thank you again for your answer. 😛

Dimitri Kereselidze says:

Sorry if my English is very, I have just a question, what is your bike? I ask because I want to use a cyclocross for everiday (work, travel, …) and in every weather (rain, snow and sun, ^^)

thanks for answer

A french man

Velofil says:

Salut Dimitri
I ride a custom built Cyclocross Bike with disc brakes. It’s really fast on- and offroad and very light. (You can’t ride a downhill race 🙂 Just search the web for cyclocross disc bikes…

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