Cyclocross and Adventure Bikes are not the Same. (This Video has terrible Audio. New one soon.)

This video is about bicycles. YouTube keeps ruining the quality.

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Zues Shamarn says:

So what’s the difference between adventure bike and touring bike?

Derrick S says:

if you had a mic I’d stick around to watch the rest of the video

Charlie Bennici says:

To prove you don’t need 5 bikes for different riding. I have a 1970’s Ross Enhancer I think. A lot of the letter is worn off. It 5 speeds, and 40×50 front chainrings. It runs 27 x 1.25 tires by Kenda. I’ve done 2 races with 3000+ft of climbing. I’ve ridden in the snow, off road, trails and still handles like a dream. It’s great on road, off road, snow, gravel, whatever; it does great!

hogdog567 says:

Great video and I agree with almost everything you said but you have something the wrong way around. Less rake means more trail. More rake means less trail.

1971hammydemuck says:

proper answer thanks

4d's says:

Great job.

Kris Douglas says:

Hi from bonnie Scotland. Great video thank you. I’m having an absolute nightmare deciding on bikes and this helped a lot. I am new to cycling and I can only buy one good bike, I would like to train to do sportives and endurance cycling but I would also like to be able to do a little bikepacking, which could involve rougher roads getting to slightly less accessible places. Do I go for an endurance bike that can take bigger wheels to go on rougher roads (?) or is a gravel bike good enough for long road cycles and sportives etc on road as well as some off-road ? You see my conundrum lol. Please help before my head implodes haha.

pbassred says:

dude! I couldn’t watch the whole thing. loose the music.

Jpegwun says:

I’m looking for a cheap-er cross or gravel grinder around $1,000, max $1,500
I’ve narrowed it down to
I’ll be mainly paved roads/paved rail trails and gravel paths, and the added grassy and rocky paths I find along the way that I feel like exploring. I’d love to have the option to take the bike to a mountainous path though!
I used to have a cannondale synapse carbon endurance bike and loved the comfort of the geometry and snappiness, so idk if i’d like the more aggressive style of a cross, but can’t that be fixed by raising the stem/lowering the seat?

Niner RLT 9.1 star tiagra
Jamis Renegade expat
Specialized Diverge elite DSW
Trek Crossrip 1
Raleigh Willard 1
Giant Anyroad 2
Specialized Crux E5
Felt F65x
Giant TCX SLR 2

I want this to be a 1 bike to do it all because I can’t fit more than 1 bike in my living situation.
And i’m told to try to get a bike with clearance for 40mm tires.
What do you think would be the best option based on what I’ll use it for?
Thanks 🙂

Aldo Arredondo says:

could you use an adventure bike for road? I have a Soma Wolverine and would like to use it for road biking with a group but idk if I would look silly doing it.

Texas Boyz says:

Great video!  I ride a long stretch of HWY(20 miles) and go through some rough roads. I’ve never ridden a CX bike but im not sure if I should get one over a road bike. I’m a beginner when it comes to cycling and I ride a Schwinn 700c Prelude Road Bike. I want to get something that will be worth dropping the money for my long rides every day to work.

TheGreen Cyborg says:

that was the best explanation of cx and gravel Ive heard thus far. keep up the good work.

Paul Butler says:

really helpfull thanks

Josiah Woods says:

To be fair The Fuji tread is built on the same frame as Fuji cross. From what I hear anyways. I haven’t compared the geometry charts yet.

MaxaBax says:

I tend to disagree on the “… not a really long mile killer” statement. Cyclocross bike (if well fit) is a great long distance bike, it just depends on what type of rider you are and how aggressive is your riding style. Otherwise really nice video on the geometry differences!

DosWheelsBetter says:

You look like a douche

Leo Castro says:

I’m a mountain biker thats looking for a trainer bike, Something that I can take off road and do stupid stuff on [ I mean I am a mountain biker] And finally I want to do the pan mass challenge. For those of you who don’t know it’s a road race for cancer. So basically a do it all bike.[ I wouldn’t replace my mountain bike] Any suggestions?

Johann Bach says:

Do you ever get your face jewelry caught in the bike chain?

aidnmx says:

Good explanation, that helped me deciding. However the music was way too loud and disturbing. Keep it up!

Umberto Masoero says:

Good video! What do you think about somebody who also wants to ride trails, single track, most possibly even some rough stuff? I’d guess a cross bike would be better because of the higher bb, but a slacker geometry and longer wheelbase of an adventure bike would probably help in steep and sketchy descents…I mean, I’m kinda puzzled about that as you see lol…keep up the great content, cheers from Italy.

TitaniumSurf says:

Hi. Thanks for posting these interesting videos. Can I just comment that I found the music kind of too intrusive during the times when you were talking? So I don’t object to the music….. just needs to be more quiet and in the background when you’re getting on with the chat. BTW – totally agree with you about frustrating new BCD standards being added to the already-enough standards that existed previously. Anyway, thanks again.

Jason Patrie says:

Not to muddy the waters more. But knowing both of these bikes (I ride a F3x personally as a do-all rig), there is a big limitation in the V (and VR) series bikes and that is tire clearance. Although they can handle dirt roads great and light gravel, they really fall short on the gravel roads of the mid-west. 36-40mm+ tires are standard and this bike just can’t handle rubber that big. Most folks around here are running CX bikes for gravel riding (and racing) as they can accommodate much wider tires for the deeper, rougher, gravel. Of course some manufacturers now have dedicated “gravel” bikes with the relaxed geometry and huge tire clearance, but now we are really getting nuanced in bike design and uses. But great vid.

Alexander Shevyakov says:

Hi, what would you say about TREK CROSSRIP 3 – adventure or too much CX? Thanks!.

Phoenix 07 says:

I have the V85 too. I ride a 56cm. Would you mind telling me how tall you are? At right at 6″ the 56cm is “supposed” to fit me, but I am thinking it is just a tad big. Just wanted to compare to your set up.

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