Cyclocross vs Gravel Bike Discussion

This is a followup video to “Cyclocross vs Gravel Grinder Bikes”. This one is more of a discussion that covers the topic of whether it’s justifiable for someone to own both types of bikes. This video should also help you pick between a cyclocross or gravel bike.


neirboca says:

What about a cyclocross for commuting, vs say an endurance road bike. Giant TCX advanced pro 2 and giant defy advanced 2?

Carlo Huisman says:

Hi Clint, hope you are well. What do you think of the new Giant 2017 gravel and cyclocross bikes? Im looking into buying their new gravel bike and would like your opinion.

Cheers and have a good weekend!

o iTz Harvey xD says:


Al Bert says:

Now that you have ridden the RLT, RLT Steel, and the BSB. What are your thoughts? I have been riding the RLT, but considering trying the RLT Steel, BSB or even the new RLT 9 RDO. I want something I can flick and go off road and on road at fast speeds. I have little time to do long rides. Any thoughts? 🙂 Thanks!

rich says:

great video. short story is try before you buy. ride each of the bikes in conditions you like and then make your personal choice. components are important, especially the hydralic brakes.

Stephane says:

Hi, Thanks for the great video. I also gave up road and only have one cx bike and looking at replacing it with a gravel or monster bike (to fit 40 and 45c) as I use my cx bike to also race cross country MTB as there is limited cx race here in Australia 🙂 My question is: if you did a 1h cx race what will be the difference in distance covered between the cx and the gravel bike? I’ll do the test myself but I do not have a gravel bile 🙂 Ps: i am definitely not the fastest racer but still ride in the top grade in my club race and would like to remain competitive. Thanks in advance if you have time to reply.

Daniel Isler says:

I’m looking at the Norco Search c. 105. Carbon frame, shimano 105 groupset, but it’s under it’s own category, separate from cross bikes. Thoughts?

rich says:

great video. my personal view. it really depends what you are looking. if you need the all rounder go the gravel grinder. invest in a second wheel set and swap them e.g. road 28mm tires in summer and 35 triple compound nobbies. consider borrowing a cyclocross bike ride through the mud and you will find if out just how hard cyclocross is. i have owned a cyclocross and loved it but clint is right when you will feel it in the back because of the short wheelbase. i have the ridley x-trial (from Belgium) and will never sell it. if any company knows how to build the perfect cyclocross and trail bike is ridley. the perfect hybrid.

rich says:

bought a ridley x-trail. is amazing. keep in mind ridley is from the land of cyclocross, Belgium. they have produced the awesome x-trail. if you want such a bike go for the x-trail. i have mixed this bike with a road setup, 28mm and switched to 35mm. best bike of my life and i have ever owned. in the past i owned a mtb fully, cyclocross and then sold them and bought the x-trail. best decision i ever made.

Mikey G says:

Clint I really liked this video. I’d like to ask an interesting question which may be content for a new video. if you combined these two bike types into one , how would you do it ?

angel segnini says:

What u think about the GT Grade Carbon, looks like the perfect blend between endurance, gravel cyclocross bike

Scott Wilson says:

hi do you have any thoughts on the 2016 cannondale slate force?? seems like the perfect bike comeing from mtb

Dan Morgan says:

I just got a Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 and I may put a bigger tire on it to try to do a little dirt road riding on it. Since it has disc brakes I think 30mm should be doable. Mostly will be on pavement though. Good discussion.

marc guimond says:

thanks for your videos, I am a mountain biker that like my big chainring and cant find a bike with one anymore.I am looking to get a giant anyroad comax as I have plenty of gravel cyclepath around and want comfort and speed for another bike in my stable .wkat are your thaught about that bike???

Max Wieland says:

I’m about to buy the Niner BSB, I’m looking for a bike for a lot of physical training, gravel and cyclocross types of roads. But I’m also interested of travelling with my bike, I was wondering if it was possible and a good idea to handle, equipped the BSB with bags and all the stuff for a few days ride ? Thanks !

kevin dickenson says:

Hi clint why dont you just get a decent hardtail mountain bike, like you said just jump on and go.

monzadh says:

man, is this video about you or the bikes??

3Daddicted says:

Thank you for sharing another great, honest, video. If you ride 70% of the time on road and 30% on trail would you still go with 40c? I’m concerned 40c might be too sluggish on the road (like when I ride my mountain bike on the road – I can’t stand the drag feeling) but at the same time I’m concerned something thinner might not work so well on a trail. Trails where I live tend to be on the rocky side and with my 35c hybrid tires it’s a bit and pebbles fly in every direction and it gives me a headache from all the shaking. I’ve been searching a while for an alternative, single bike, solution and it seems like a gravel bike would be the best for me but not sure about tire size.

Mikey G says:

And what happened to your BSb nine ? I didn’t quite understand why you went away from that bike just because the battery died.

Jim C says:

Very helpful video. All of the gravel geeks are settling on 40 c as the best tire size. I wish there was some mention of 650 wheels running 40c. Some critics/industry people are suggesting 40c on a 700c wheel make for too big of a wheel overall. Curious if Clint has an opinion here.

Canadian Dude says:

Isn’t it like the difference between traditional road bikes and endurance road bikes? Eg. Cervelo R series vs C series.

jaasun71 says:

I’m about to give up road biking , the Florida drivers are idiots. Where are the gravel
Roads ??

Gregory Welch says:

Clint, where are some good local gravel rides? I live in your area. Are you heading out of town?

Sergei Popov says:

Clint, please explain if i can ride cross-country rides with cyclocross bike. technically.

RBastien says:

Great stuff Clint, thanks for sharing. I don’t remember seing a discussion on why you sold your road bike in favour of another. I’m considering doing the same but just because I don’t use mine that often.

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