Cyclocross vs Gravel Grinder Bikes

This video compares cyclocross and gravel grinder bikes to help you decide which one would be best for you and your type of riding.


todd lacey says:

what did you do to your drive side chain stays?

pjrangstrom says:

Rule #24 Speeds and distances shall be referred to and measured in kilometers.


What frame size are these two bikes ? I am 5′ 8″ wondering what frame size is best

Martin Pena says:

Very helpful! Just sold my Allez…looking at the Diverge and Crux. Any suggestions for fun off road rides in NE FL?

Antonis Kapnoulas says:

Hi. I m on the market for a new bike and I like the idea of gravel bike or cross. I have a road bike but we want to put some gravel in the rides. think something like 100 km rides with 30 km of gravel in them.
So I was thinking something like the tcx advanced sx or even a steel bike like the new upcoming richey outback. have you got any suggestions or tips? thanks!

Funky Munky says:


Luis Mendia says:

I want to buy a bike for use in places where you usually ride a MTB bike, but i don’t want a MTB bike, what type of bike do you recommend? cyclocross or gavel bike? thanks!!!!

Glen Booker says:

great video 😉

Tiran Keshishyan says:

any input on the 2017 gianttcx advanced sx?

stevenfirst says:

Thanks for all the info!

Petr Hanák says:

Fully agree with the advice given. I went for TCX SLR1 2015 which has aluminium frame and carbon seatpost & fork. With Schwalbe S-One Tubeless the bike is a treat to ride & quite fast. Now Giant makes the SLR 1 with a 1×11 and that’s a deal breaker for a me.

Mark Connelly says:

Nice thorough reviews. You can also use a touring bike with wide tire clearance for gravel and non technical courses.
I found that on some gravel roads, rocks can get kicked up and hit the down tube more. You can cover the bottom of the down tube with tape of your choice. Also I attach a cycling bag from rockbarcycling that covers the the bottom section of the down tube to store extra supplies, but also help with protecting the down tube a bit.

Cycling Punk Hero says:

Gravel grinding is what they used to call road racing.

Eliseo Lusian says:

niner or canyon elite ? which is better ?

Robert Goodnoe says:

Awesome video. Well done.

stubbk3 says:

still need a bike for my 9mile commute on cycle paths was set on the ally tcx then giant bring out the fathom 27.5 hard tail .. decisions decisions

Richard Stewart says:

Zdenek Stybar raced and won in UCI road and stage race events on his ‘cross frame with a road setup: Larger crankset and upper-end road wheelsets. Better quality ‘cross bikes typically have more capability and multi-functionality. Things to consider if you cannot get both styles of “cicli.”

mb2006 says:

Thank you.

kogamiyata69 says:

I think this video was made to convince his wife he needed a new bike, I get it. I do it all the time.In reality they are the same bike. ITs the engine that matters, not the bike.

Carl Gammon says:

Long time watcher, first time commentor- I am a bike shop service manager/salesperson. I like your videos, as you seem to make sense of dense geometry topics, bike comparisons, etc. But often I feel as though the audience is following along with your discoveries and nitpicking (I mean this in a good way) in real time. For instance, you have one video about how CX and Gravel road bikes are different bikes and another on why you can just live with one. For folks who actually ride, like you and I, these subtleties make sense.

For the regular folks who come into bike shops, they watch so much internet noise/marketing, that they are already emotionally invested in a bike type before walking in the door. This makes our jobs all the more difficult. E.G. We sell Giant/Spesh, but way more Spesh on the floor. Most will not admit they will ride 70/30 road/gravel percentage, and ask where all the TCXs/Crux are. You see my point? People are not realistic about what riding they are going to do 99% of the time. They watch all kinds of stuff, and think they can be that, myself included. I’ve watched so much gravel stuff, I was convinced I might like it vs. Road/MTB that I have done for approx 20 yrs. The other day I went gravel riding and was only happy once we got back on the road.

So maybe if you could further champion talking to your LBS people who know the local terrain, know what bike is best, and can get you on a test ride/demo we could help compliment each other (internet gurus/LBS). You know getting on the bike is worth 10 hrs watching YouTube, so could you please remind viewers of this? Thanks, Clint. Will continue to follow your videos. Keep up the good work.

Jason Peckman says:

Great video! I bought a 2012 Cannondale CAADX 5 for commuting because at the time CX bikes were recommended for commuting. The most important thing to remember is test ride everything. The best bike made is what fits your purposes.

Charlie Devine says:

Thank you for this video. Before I watched it, I thought gravel grinder and cyclocross were the same thing.

Jpegwun says:

But does it reaaally make a difference? You told me a gravel grinder would be my best bet, but others suggest just getting a cross bike for 1 bike to do it all.
I’m coming from a cannondale endurance carbon synapse. And i really liked the comfortable geometry..and snappiness.

chris anderson says:

what do u use to wrap around your chain stays?

Floris Moens says:

Even though I already own a gravelgrinder, I still watched the whole video. Very informative, well explained and it confirms I have made the right choice!

GrowUnderPowerlines says:

is the jamis renegade considered a gravel grinder?

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