Difference Between a Cyclocross and Gravel Bike (in 4 minutes )

In this video I will explain the main differences between a cyclocross race bike and a gravel bike in less than four minutes.



Кто понимает Английский язык….что в итоге лучше ЦК или Грэвел он говорит?))

Alex Godbout-Simard says:

Great vid! Would an aluminium gravel frame lose it’s comfort edge versus a slacker carbon CX bikes like a Cannondale SuperX?

anonymous says:

Thanks Mr Janno Gibbs 🙂

Ivan Kristić says:

Hey Clint. Can you link where to buy that Gravel Bike? Thank you

allgoo19 says:

Gravel bike wins, at least to me.

They Live We See says:

so CX is more like pure crit racing machine on asphalt and gravel bike is more like endurance/sportive road bike??

Greg Stoller says:

What gears do you ride on your cyclocross bike? I’m changing over to a single front gear on the crank and would like some help. I purchased a 11-41 rear 11 speed cassette. Looking for advice on the front chain ring?

Tomi Saaranen says:

Can you do More videos related to mountain biking?

Chrl Mlln says:

Great comparision as always coming from you Clint! Thanks a lot!

Hans Power says:

That is as on point and concise as you can get! Very nicely done!

calvinjones says:

Hi Clint, good to see you experimenting with video formats. That was a great video for someone wanting a quick explanation, very informative but brief. I always watch your long form videos and wouldn’t wish to loose them but sometimes I feel they could be edited a bit more to condense the content a little i.e 15 rather than 20 minutes. Anyway, thanks for the videos and keep experimenting 🙂

Jim Mansi says:

Clint, excellent comparison, short & to the point! At 55 comfort is most important to me so my next bike purchase will be a gravel bike to join my Trek Stache 9 & Fuji Carbon road bike in my garage. Loved the comparison vids. Good job!

Only The Bold Project says:

Great Clip!! I truly got some good info. out of it. Now, here’s one idea for you. Can you have a Hardtail Mountain Bike for everything???? Maybe a How can I have 1 bike to do all things cycling???? Trails, (XC & Flowy Enduro) Gravel, Cyclocross and maybe even Touring.. That would be a great video for everyone to get something out of. Great stuff once again!!

John M Brown says:

Thanks for clarifying that in the time you did. So no difference in B.B. height between the two?

Julio David Vega says:

Not all brands provide a gravel and CX bike. For example in Scott the gravel and CX bikes have the same geometry. Im thinking that most brands provide CX bikes but not all have a gravel bike. Why is that?

Rixter says:

Wow that was a great comparison in 4 minutes! I learned a lot

azmi kassim says:

What’s the difference between gravel bike and cross country bike? I have a feeling that all these different format of bicycles benefits manufacturers more than actually helps users. wider tyre in gravel bike means more comfort? heck, cross country bike has even bigger tyres and suspensions.for extra comfort.

lcc83 says:

lets say you have 3 bikes, spesh roubaix & tarmac, canndale rush xc bike…….lets say u made a promise not to buy a new bike for a while (start of 2016)……………lets say that while has now past and in april there is around $1000 bonus plus a small savings…..what would u go for? lets say u don’t mind new or used and love to build up frameset…..the mtb u have is nearly 10 ans 26″ plus u have not ridden 29 0r 27.5 ……..says u have spare groups for road 105 and rival to make to chioce harder

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