First Look at Canyon’s new entry level cyclocross racer

This is the brand new Inflite AL SLX 6.0 Race, which follows the launch of the carbon fibre Inflite a year ago with an aluminium frame, SRAM Apex groupset and £1,299 price, making it a really good choice for anyone starting out in cyclocross.

David Arthur, who dabbles in cyclocross, will be putting it through its paces over the coming weeks but before he gets this lovely new bike all grubby, here’s a detailed run through of the key features.


Alex Poulston says:

You can get the carbon planet x with sram Rival 1× for the same price though

Piotr Ś says:

David what is Your height and inseam? How size M fits You? Thanks for info.

tadaka8 says:

hi! is the hot mint paint finish a matte or glossy one?

Steve Savage says:

What are your views on the smaller wheels that come with smaller sizes?

Thijs van den Broek says:

How much tire clearance does it have if it can fit 40mm i buy one

Tom Holden says:

the sram disc brakes put me off

Mark Hall says:

This looks great, Dave. It seems to do everything the carbon model does, at a slight weight penalty; but still a very reasonable weight and price. I’m wondering whether it is worth the extra £500 for carbon and Rival for a weekend warrior (I commute weekdays on a much cheaper bike)? And would it suit 1-2 hour rides on the UK’s beat up country backroads that feel, at times, unstable on an endurance road bike?

Hun Kim says:

Still wondering my ideal size for this Canyon Inflite AL model. I’m 173cm in height and according to Canyon, my size is Small (172-178 cm). However, the head tube length (119 mm), crank length (170 mm), etc. are shorter than my size 54 road bike (head tube length 143 mm, crank length 172.5 mm). Can I order Inflite size M or is it too large for my height? The kinked toptube appears to make the standover height quite high as well. Can anyone help me find the right size? I also watched another YouTube video in which this bike in small size during a CX race in UK, but the small-sized Inflite looks quite “pygmy” compared to other CX bikes. BTW, thanks for the great review, David Arthur.

Alex Amparo says:

will take a month to be in usa

lton says:

My focus cayo carbon frame bike with upgraded fsa carbon crankset, sram force groupset still weighs 8.8kg (size small). Canyon has done well with keeping the weight down on this bike

Jason Bye says:

Based on my experiences racing my local CX events in NZ, the average hairy legged 40yr old weekend warrior goes faster on a XC Mtb than on a CX bike. The suspension and better grip seem to offset the added weight. The fast boys definitely go faster on a CX bike but Mr Average doesnt appear to. Maybe the courses here are a bit bumpier.

Stephanie Hughes says:

Love the smoothness of the bike, color, I admit I am also an avid Bianchi owner. I would select this bike or the Focus Mares AX AL. I prefer an AL for a gravel or CX bike. The notch near the seat looks a bit weird, I presume that is for carrying bike on your shoulder for CX races. I see the necessity. I like the one X drive.

Brian Gallegos says:

Finally a video about this model, I think it is very interested in the price / components ratio. Do you happen to know what is the maximum width of the tire that can be mounted?, thanks!!

chazphot says:

I can’t find any specification on the DT Swiss C1850 wheelset, are they specifically made for Canyon?

belgravedave says:

Need some advice please, am moving to Marrakesh for work this winter and plan on taking advantage of the Atlas Mountains and cycling around them most weekends. Really like the Inflite and was wondering how it would stack up against the Grail (which I find fugly) for 3 to 4 hour rides on the rough roads. Love the video by the way, very informative.

Wayne Softy P says:

What the!!!! A bent top tube, this is so they can make less sizes for people. If it was just straight and the seat tube longer it makes the bike size fit less people due to less seat post exposed. They try to sell us some new idea……… hmmmm, it is about cost of manufacturing.

A. Random says:

8.86kg?? Crikey

adriboff1 says:

I must say, I enjoy your videos David! The softer kink looks much better imo than previous models. Are the disc brakes cable actuated or hydraulic? I’m guessing cable for that price. just heard hydraulic disc brakes! Sorry for asking a question which you already answered in the vid!

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