Gravel Bike or Cyclocross Bike

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Rene BT says:

Great video man. Thanks for the info

Snydlywhiplash says:

Another great video! And what a wonderful shirt! Gotta love the Misfits..

ZBarwin says:

The majority of people at gravel races around Toronto / Northern Ontario seem to be on cross bikes, we have a lot of tight twisty ATV trails that get thrown into the mix.

Gary G says:

In a future video, could you compare the feaures of a gravel bike to a touring bike?

J B says:

Great review

As you say Tyre width on CX bikes is only limited by the rules so CX bikes usually can go quite a bit wider

saleem waheed says:

Best explanation of the two different bikes that I have seen.

Alex Davis says:

I’ve become addicted to my Sequoia Elite in the past 4 months of ownership. It loves adventures anywhere on any roads. I’ve been meaning to thank you for your review of that bike… Thanks!

cehlers41 says:

Good summation. But I think your bit about tire clearance is a little misleading. Generally speaking a gravel bike will have way more space for bigger tires than a cx bike. That Willard can fit 45s, there’s no way the Felt (or any true cx bike) can.

Rene BT says:

Can you compare an xc bike with these two?

Ricardiohead says:

I still want both. The right number of bikes to have is x+1 with x being equal to the number of bikes you currently own.

Jarret Gosbee says:

Gearing can be a lot different on the bikes too. I find CX bikes have a smaller range with a higher low end gear because if you’re in a super easy gear you should probably just be running. My CX bike came with a 46/36 and 11-25. Gravel bikes are all about mega range for steep and sustained climbs and adventure riding. It’s not uncommon to see an 11-34 cassette with 50/34 up front. I changed the gearing on my CX bikes to 46/34 and 11-34. The plan is to run it 1x in the big ring for CX races but I still have a mega range of 34/34 for the steep gravel climbs

The Gefster says:

Also,  I would say if you want less toe overlap and a less racy position with a bigger tire choose a gravel bike… In general of course~

russian idol says:

Misfits cool band

ratoneJR says:

marketing BS…all in the name of new sales.

Hilmar Thor Bjarnason says:

Just wondering here … any chance of you getting your hands on a GT gravel bike and offering some comments?

Patrick Edwards says:

Good advice /summation. Keep up the good work I bought a caadx and used it for the dirty reiver and regular commuting and towing children in trailers and tagalongs – and it’s fine. It comes with rack and mudguard mounts. I come from 26 years of purely road riding.

jon robert says:

I love that spreadsheet! I use it all the time

Warrick Mosen says:

Dude… this is a great video.. thanks. super informative.

Paganiproductions says:

Their plenty of cyclocross bikes in action when it’s fall/winter here in the Netherlands also on offroad touring rides by some cycling club

Mark Skinner says:

gravel = marketing bull

Hilmar Thor Bjarnason says:

Good video … you answered a lot of questions.

Yannick Banville says:

wow this is the answer to the quesiton I’ve been wondering for the past year.I totally am for the new “gravel bike” trend. I think it is good for people who are up for off road adventure but who love the road at the same time.

Umberto Masoero says:

Missed these videos man! Not that you you stopped making them, I’ve just been caught up with things and couldn’t really keep up. Good thing is I have a lot of vids to get up to speed with now
This said I used my Diverge on everything for a while now, and I’m growing more and more out of the low BB thing. Yeah it’s cool on the road but for the type of trails I do I often hit the pedals and cornering can get dull at times, and if one really wants to bump up tyre size and go crazy on technical stuff (as much as that’s possible with a roadish bike) the low BB becomes even more than a problem IMHO. Besides that, the sloping tubes aren’t always the best, when you get stupid on your gravel bikes shouldering can happen: at the end of the day it’s a “feature” that simply undermines your ability to race cross.
I find myself more and more thinking that for at least my use a good gravel bike is basically a cross bike with tons of clearance and more gear range. I think that the Giant TCX SX is the closest thing to that right now: not overly sloping, still good for racing, but with bags of clearance and a wide range cassette. Not sure how I’d like the shorter and flipped stem but it wouldn’t take much to swap it anyway…

John Rodgers says:

Cross bike = slalom ski. Gravel = GS ski.

TheNerdyCanadian says:

My gravel bike (Giant Anyroad 1) is basically a CX bike with a road groupset and fender/rack mounts

Plant Fuelled says:

Great vid.
I much prefer cross bikes as I have years on MTBs and prefer the higher BB.

Jeremey Bot says:

Hey bud- nice video but please learn to use manual focus! It’s so distracting

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