Have I Changed My Opinion On Cyclocross Bikes? 2019 Merida Mission CX 600 Review.

The bike in test: https://szajbajk.com/2EtprGK


Kung Lao says:

I don’t even understand what these cx and gravel bikes are good for? Just use mtbs or road bikes?

Rak Rakovica says:

We want full race video. Don’ be shaming.

Space Cowboy says:

I’d be all over SRAM if they only used mineral oil in their breaks instead of DOT fluid. That just has too many downsides to be worth concidering.

street N' Dirt fighters says:

Nice bike greets from a gravel rider (beginner)

James Thompson says:

Sick Biker I’m with you. It seems one could use a mountain bike for most of that race. However when you have to carry the bike the mountain bike that would be a disadvantage.

Jéňa Skrbek says:

I’d love to try cyclocross, but most of the cyclocross races nearby (meaning in the whole Czech Republic) are ToiToi Cups, so UCI C1 or C2, so I can’t race them without a CX bike, which is a bit too expensive for me (I’m used to ride quite good MTBs and road bikes, so I don’t want to buy the very cheapest CX bike from something like eBay). Now there’s appeard a hobby CX race in Prague which takes place on 23rd December and it’s possible to compete there on MTBs too, so maybe I’ll try it and make a decision to spend or not to spend the money for a CX bike after that. Gravel would be at least nowdays really waste of money for me.

Ben Huygh says:

I still ask myself why cyclocross exists, but you have to come to belgium and experience a big event to create more understanding

Виталий Мошин says:

Hello! Will you upload race on YouTube?

glenny oc says:

I love MTB but.if I could do.cyclo cross I think I’d.get hooked. You have to be fit.and skilled because if fast sprints. You.can.do gravel.with cyclo if you.swap the crankset around between 1x & 2x..some gravel.bikes have very similar angles to cyclo cross bikes. Depends a lot on the brands. The fork rake and head angle is different and bb height but some.brands are more similar than.others. depending on rider skill you can do cycling a gravel bike if the top tube is flat.

Erik Tabor says:

I bought an entry level cycle cross bike with 2 x 10 gearing. I threw 32m street tires on and use it on the street. I’m a larger rider and the weight doesn’t bother me, and the frame stiffness is a real plus. It’s almost a bridge to a real road bike, but I’ll at least know what I like and dislike when ready to buy a road bike.

Nic Dorman says:

Could you make a video comparing a CX/GX bike with and without a dropper post? Interested in what the difference would be.

Thijs van den Broek says:

Do you have tips how to make thé shifting working good because it sucks on my merida

Thijs van den Broek says:

My sram Apex just isn’t smooth after a few rides with thé same Merida bike after a few mud rides. How can i make it smooth aigain? Can you help me out

Aleksey Lebedev says:

As for me you’re absolutely right about «so called» gravel bikes – nowadays they’re just more comfortable for commuting.

Pedro Lopez says:

You have to get down from the bike in the middle of the race? This sport seems very stupid.

TheProjectX3 says:

It is a pretty bad move from Merida I think, I have CX600 and it is between Mission and Silex, does both. Now Mission is only for racing and Silex is too sloppy for CX 🙁


My only drop bar bike is a steel cyclocross with 2×11. I do not race cyclocross, it’s for road riding or gravel depending on what wheelset I use

shredfreak83 says:

utlegra beats sram by a landslide imho. The new rx can handle an 11-38 & even a 11-40 casette with ease. And for those of us who want to spare a few cents the wolf tooth chainrings fits on tiagra aswell. DI2 is where it gets very interesting in terms of setup though.

Joni English says:

what size tire ?

Всякие байки says:

I have Silex. Fast, comfortable, can fit many cages, light and versatile. I don’t race cx and prefer MTB for such courses too

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