How Does a Cyclocross Bike do as a Gravel Bike?

In this video I talk about how a cyclocross bike rides using it as a gravel bike.


Dustin Thewind says:

You mentioned your shop swapped the 140mm front rotor for a 160. Just curious how they relocated the caliper to accommodate the larger dia. rotor? I have a 2016 Adv Pro 2 I’d like to do the same with.
Thanks for any advice and, keep up the great videos!

June Llantada says:

30 to 33mph on gravel road. Damn….. on a road bike you must kill it.

charlie says:

Love your videos

Matt Cecile says:

What kind of differences would I notice going from 33s to 40s on my Norco Threshold C? Riding a mix of gravel and road.

Wesley Wuyts says:

Always thought a gravel bike=cx bike?

I am correct that cx is a little bit closer to road and gravel to mtb ?

So road< —>mtb you’d have road-cx-gravel-mtb. Right?

Thanks for the vid!

Coaljet says:

Have you or has anyone had the chance to review Marin’s 2017 Nicasio with the 8-speed Claris setup? They also make a single-speed but I find the former option more interesting. Chromoly frame and fork on it, by the way.

Sam Sanders says:

Clint, Do you ever road ride or it just not your thing

mikieson says:

far too many different bikes out there for all the different events..most bikes can be used for multiple purposes and you would never know the difference..People just like to spend money and have people tell them what the need..Smart move Clint..

André Vianna says:

Do you wax your chain ?

kendogz161 says:

Nice channel. How was the Stages PM install? I was thinking about picking one up.

Jonathan Vogel says:

I run 30T chainring and 11-28T casstte … I just roll downhill 🙂

JogBird says:

does the 1x provide enough range for gravel

Darren Morley says:

Hey Clint just ordered this in the Pro 2 advanced and a set of Panaracer Gravelking 43s. I am hoping this will be a good combination for off road gravel riding. Great channel. Many thanks.

Kawaspresso says:

Do you think the TCX can do road racing ? I do 4/5 granfondo races every year and I want a bike to do all with one bike, from CX racing to road endurance racing.

Ed Lopez says:

Great explanation. Very sensible. I go gravel grinding on my CX bike for quick entertaining jaunts. And use a Salsa Vaya Steel for multi-day escapades. I used to think very differently about steel, not anymore. Thanks for the explanation.

Elijah Langston says:

Hey Clint, do you have any insight on the Trek Boone 7? How would you compare it to the TCX? Im trying to decide between the two

scott wilson says:

I have the sram force 10-42 cassette highly recommend that if you hit the steeper climbs

pbanthonyv says:

Didn’t know there was a difference. Why so many different types of bikes?

petayV8 says:

The Tough Road GX looks cool

Arturo Fuentes says:

I have a question.GIANT IS HAVING A DEMO NEAR ME and I would like to try one of the bikes.Could you explain how it works to me since you already did one. My concern is if I damage the bike would I be charged for it?

ilikewasabe says:

Would changing the wheel and tyre to a 650b plush.. Could it make for a excellent gravel bike? For peeps that has long steep gravel descent’s? Could anyone recomend the max 650b tyre that can fit this bike? Im just aiming to finish a race with max confort for now

Markus Paulini says:

regarding the different surfaces occuring in a cx event, i don’t see the necessity to even ask if a cx bike can handle gravel roads – of course it can!

Andrzej Sawicki says:

I recently bought a TCX SLR 2 for mostly road with some offroad riding. It feels like my old hardtail, except it goes faster, and hurts my arms on gnarly parts. After swapping the tires for Schwalbe G-One, it got noticeably better at soaking up small bumps. It’s now perfect for longer rides.

Vegan878 says:

Hey Clint, see if you can get your hand on a giant TOUGHROAD SLR GX 0 50mm tire clearance i’m thinking you could maybe even get a xc MTB tire on there.
Here is a link: let me know what you think! Thank you!!

Chris says:

This video reads as “listen to me justify my decision on selling my gravel bike and trying to not miss it”.

AmundsenKalmah says:

If I want a commuter bike that I can take on the trails/fire roads on weekends is a gravel or CX bike better?

RBastien says:

QUESTION: Why not just get a cross bike and do gravel…period.

Jason Divock says:

Any thoughts on the TCX SX trim? It comes stock with 40mm tires, a 42 cassette, and wider handlebars making it Giant’s gravely cyclocross bike.

Steven Pedder says:

I ride a Specialized Crux to link up the dirt roads around here in addition to some easy single track.  I’ve even put on 28 mm road tires and did road rides with it.  Very versatile machine, but I’m lazy and don’t want to swap tires all the time, so I have a dedicated road bike as well.  The gravel bike vs cx bike difference is a bit too nuanced for me.

C T says:

This video is so spot on! I live in Orlando. I race road primarily. Bought a Crux on swap meet and now I’m setting it up to ride gravel. I’m not planning on racing cx. Just wanna do long mixed terrain gravel rides. I put a single ring Absolute Black 42 on the front. 11-32 on rear. I’m trying to find the perfect ratio. I see this bike as an alternate training bike also. I’m thinking of putting a 44 on the front and a 1042 on the rear. But for starters may just put an 1136 on the rear and see how that goes. I see you have a 40 on the front with a 36 on the rear. Seems to work well for you. Do you take it on the road for a group ride ever? I imagine you can keep up quite well but you spin out on a slight downhill in the Gainesville area. Also do you use the carbon stages? Sorry for the long post.

Kenny Fetsurka says:

Really the only difference is MAYBE more tire clearance on a “gravel”bike, is the crankset. Cross bike will be more 46/36 whereas the gravel bike would be the 50/34 compact cranks.

Corvin Ast says:

Great video, i all ways love your content.

Doug Antelman says:

One key difference: I typically use a shorter stem on my CX bike. The longer stem is better for a gravel bike as you want more of a road position. But for CX you need a shorter stem to make tight hairpin turns. I like riding my CX bike on trails with rocks roots and logs so I will take the higher bottom bracket

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