How Good Are Cyclocross Bikes?

My other bikes think they’re too much of a good thing 😉


Rolando Vera says:

I’m primarily an mtb’er but I had a high end carbon road bike that I sold for an aluminum cx Bike. I put some slicker tires and now I have fully capable road bike/cx Bike that can handle any road surface. I too am a former racer (now hobbyist) and for me I gained more versatility than I lost in speed by getting a cx Bike. Works for me.

tea_rex87 says:

what do you bring with you in your backpack when you`re out on the road, on short and longer trips?

Garfie1d73 says:

I have been riding a gravel bike for 3 years now and won’t look back. You can have so much fun with the wider tires, the different gear ratios and the very comfortable geometry. And I definitely love my SPD pedals. Let the roadies laugh and spit – they are just jealous!

manik3006 says:

Recently bought one. Absolutely satisfied with it. Hitting up the siwss roads and trails the same way as you apparently are 😉

th3d3wd3r says:

You sir, are an absolute machine!
Although, you’d have to be able to do 60mph to keep up with my ebike 😉 hahaa

LifeReels says:

100th like as I’m convinced totally to get one. Very good comparison. I will soon sell my MTB for this.

Reginald Scot says:

It should be how good are metal bikes, because I seem to remember you are a fan of titanium and steel bikes?

What size tyres do you use?

fabi says:

It’s great that I still grow. That means, when my 18″ hardtail is too small for me, I can get a CX. 😉

Travis Dreyer says:

Do you have any thoughts on the focus mares as a gravel bike that is used for road as well?

searchoverload8 says:

They’re just slightly heavier roadies with slightly relaxed geometry and wider tire clearances, cyclists tend to make much out of very little

Bilook Le Cycliste says:

CX POWAAAAAA !!!! (Loved this video, as usual)

Charlie Warlie says:

just bought a CX, i hope to have the same experience.


I ride a steel CX bike. I love it

Anime Guy 白大 says:

I want road bike soo bad but i dont have money to buy it 🙁

Gunks Hunter says:

I have two road bikes, a mountain bike and a CX bike. If I could only keep one it would definitely be the CX. Love your videos and your beautiful country! Keep it up.

Plain C-raz says:

I got a CX bike because of your vids @velofil lol. The part you say cx tyres roll so good. I was thinking of switching my 35mm racing ralph to a panaracer gravelking 32mm to nake myself faster. Will that be a good or bad idea?

Onypop says:

You seem to be in good shape. That must count for something.

Hadegel says:

2:22 ikr

Ali Al-Turki says:

One of the best videos I’ve seen about this topic!

Wansbeck Bikecam says:

which cx bike do you have? I want one!

aman saad says:

I watched Peter Sagan’s chill ride pace before, I think you can ride with his pack. Your pace is awesome.
And yeah, I love my CX too. Awesome bike. I changed it to a sleeker tyres, Specialized Roubaix 28c. What a blast!

SanskritFritz says:

the keyword being “I don’t race *anymore*” 😀

Kobbetop says:

I recently went from e-bike to a ”regular” bike because I noticed I’m in good enough shape to ride it. It’s faster, lighter and I get more workout on my commute. I have something they market as ”hybrid” bike with straight handle bars and narrow tires. CX would be more comfortable and maybe I switch to that some day, looks very good all-arounder in the video. Passing the lorry was my favorite part of the video 😉

alexander babichev says:

You are fast. It is not about your bike, it is about you 🙂

Arya Bima Putra says:

Going above 35 km/h is definitely like a moped

Vintaged Velo says:

Please like and subscribe to my channel 🙂

BreakAway Rider says:

I love my cyclocross bike. I use it for road racing even!

Hadegel says:

What model
What tires

ravindra kumar says:

love to your video… you set up my mind to buy a cx bike

Денис Александрович says:

yeah, cool vid brooo

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