How To Ride Cyclocross – An Introduction For Road Riders | Matt Does Cyclo-Cross Ep. 1

Cyclocross is great fun and Tom and Simon love riding CX, so we thought we’d show Matt how to ride ‘cross and enter him into a race!
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To get Matt off to a flying start we ran through the changes that you need to make from your normal road riding position and bike set up to get him ready for cyclocross. This includes looking at bar and stem adjustments, tyre pressures and saddle height.

We also run through basic cyclocross technique to make sure that Matt will be able to keep his bike moving as fast as possible downhill, on the flat and whilst climbing.

The Lower 48 – Long Time Coming:

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Richard's World says:

The video editor is insane! I mean awesome.

Jeremy Sweeten says:

There is a ghost at 5:13! How appropriate for a Happy Halloween.

Reginald Santos says:

I closed my eyes and I thought it was Gordon Ramsay talking.

Shane Wiley says:

GCN seems to like top 10 lists, and so here is my top ten want to see in the future:

1. Flat bars vs. Drop bars: As a daily San Francisco commuter that has discussed this topic among other riders I can tell you some feel safer in traffic with flat bars, and others feel like drop bars make their commute soooo much easier that you may as well just get used to it. I would love to see a video that addresses some of the comfort issues one may have with traffic in general, but also one that talks about bike fit for commuting.

But dont stop there! No. Might my cyclocross-ish frame benefit from flat bars in certain situations? Why don’t you take a look at the benefits of each, and discuss some ways in which each style may compromise to suit specific needs.

I really just want to see you guys race the mountain bike “boys” again…that’s why it’s my #1

2. Long Ride Safety: This is one that I really can’t believe hasn’t been done yet. What do I bring and how to train for a 50 mile ride was discussed, but what I am talking about is the logistics of going on longer rides more and more often. How can people be smart about the way they plan their rout in case of emergencies? Should they have multiple backup plans?

I grew up runnin cross country. I have not always been the wisest about letting people know where I was running when I ran 80 miles a week, and I know many of us do the same bicycling. What can we do to be smart about our overall safety on a 50+ mile ride? GPS? Phone apps? breadcrums?

3. Top ten “Hacks/Bodges”: of the month? Year? All time?

I don’t know, but some sort of re-visit scenario may be fun as well. What are those same people coming up with these days?

4. What retro styles do you guys and the pro peleton miss? Obviously many things get better with the next version, but sometimes we have to face it…the original was just plain better. Other times we may have it in our mind that certain aspects of our sport were better, and we’re just getting old and nostalgic. Some aspects were just better for teem moral, sportmanship, and some things may have been better only for the fans, OR only for the riders.

Next video: What are the things that we can also look back at and say “Good Riddance”?

5. Ways to win cool stuff from bike companies, race teams, and from GCN. Ya know, like bikes and waterbottles n stuff.

Cheers guys.

Bainzee says:

I have a Specialized Sirrus pro 08′ and enjoy riding on the road. I am now considering a new bike and I’ve always said that my next bike should be a road bike although I am very concerned about the dreadful conditions of our british roads. Last week someone suggested I consider the the Tricross bikes. I should like to know peoples opinions of these bikes when being used mainly for road use… or should I just go for the normal road bike and hope our roads improve??

Isaac R says:

Atm I’m doing cyclo cross on my mtb with cx tyres on it I have done two races both were enjoyable but it was hard on an mtb I’m getting a cx bike now though hopefully a big improvement

Freakschwimmer says:

Hey GCN, big fan here.
But could you please (!) in addition to imperial Units of pressure include bar (or atmospheres) as well, thanks a lot !

Tom Thomas says:

you look like NFL players in that gay ass gear, nothing against the gays even though they are gays, fuck the uniform.

mob1235 says:

For road, fine gravel and relatively flat forest roads this kind of bike looks perfekt. but to be honest: for mainly forest riding i still would prefer a mountainbike. this cx bikes look to shaky and uncomfortable when you have roots, stones, mud grooves and rough gravel. i always would think i will destroy my wheels if i go over roots and i get punches from the handlebar

Klwir Qldf says:

I just don’t understand why these bikes still have road bike handlebars.

Tom Thomas says:

Wear some fucking surf shorts, fuck the trendy bicycle tights, gay, and wear no shirt, i guess go with the helmet, i prefer blue jeans and i could beat these fuckers in a race i bet.

Jason Beck says:

i love Lasty running in the field behind Matt and Sy.

jimnyfuchs says:

People of GCN! Please team up with several CX bikes and compete with the gentlemen of GMBN on XC bikes. This would help me with the struggling decision of which one to acquire.

Love your show, keep on!

yosef Habib Hafiz says:

3:48 Epic editing!
..adobe premiere?

Hazar Emre Tez says:

Where was this video taken? I’d like to ride there!

Robert Flagg says:

Looking at the trials i would think a nice 29er hardtail XC bike with 2 inch tubeless tires would be much faster. You gain 3kg in bike weight but you could grip up the hills, grip in the corners and fly down the hills(due to faster braking).

Goriaas says:

25 psi for racing?????? On 40mm tyres or what? that sounds super soft and slow

Cannulae says:

Thanks so much for this cyclocross series lads. I’m investing in a cyclocross bike so I can do more than just ride on the road. This series will help me a great deal. 🙂

Tom Holden says:

Riding road bikes with bigger tires off road in mud and sand just shows what a nerdy sport cycling is. So iI you are NERDY BY NATURE and you want to do some sports try cycling

James McArthur says:

is a specialized diverge a1 a good road bike but also for cross

lcater9555 says:

I’m thinking about getting a GT Grade Sorra for casual cross and gravel riding. Is there anything better for that around the $800 range?

Kerttu Järvenpää says:


Don O says:

0:49 ha ha Lasty!!

NATHAN says:

I can’t watch this vid. Whyyyy?

M. Ray says:

At roughly the 3:00 minute mark my LSD kicked in as a tiny rider rode directly at the camera in extreme slow motion while the two dudes discussed technique. Very clever for a visual display of technique but it’s really, really disconcerting for some reason…lol. Nice video, guys! 🙂

George Cheung says:

I don’t have money or space to buy 2 bikes. As cyclocross bikes are soooo expensive, are there ways to convert a road bike to a cyclocross bike?

n b says:

nice effect with the biker in the background moving in slow

Travis Risley says:

I love how Lasty is just running in the background at about 50 seconds in…

Edson Ochoa says:

I use a CX for commuting, how many PSI is “best” ? 🙂 Mostly riding on the road.

Ed Unce says:

0:51 stolen bike!

labicicura says:

The split screen effect is awesome.

erikvcarlson says:

Please do more CX this year!

zcfootball03 da boss says:


Cory N says:

I’ve been riding a aluminum cyclocross bike for over a year now, I’m happy with it but think it could be lighter… would a titanium frame save me a good amount of weight?

abattlescar says:

Here’s something better, buy a god damn mountain bike and stop wasting your money on cycloshit.

Despot Cvetanovic says:

Dude…Just buy a bloody MTB…..

robinheil says:

If you only ever ride on the road, I encourage you to turn off down a dirt path or gravel road. You’ll find beautiful places and fun, challenging riding. You’d be amazed at what a road bike can ride over.

AllwissKastello says:

I really appreciate and love your videos! But, gentlemen, all countries are metric (exept just a few square ones). Please mention also the values in units all people do understand, e.g. bar or Pascal (Newton / squaremeter). Thanx a lot and keep on!

MrChangCJ says:

“the last four decades” hahaha

keith bick says:

W is  the head  set  sticking  out ?   I you   fall   off  you will  hurt yourself   on that  bulbous   head set ….

Jared Beins says:

Man, it’s nearly 2 years? Wow…

If this is your first time watching, here is where all the log crash references came from. xD

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