How To Set Up Your Cyclo-Cross Bike

‘Cross bike setup is a bit different to setting up your road bike. Here are a few tips to get you started.
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With its technical nature, it pays to have a well set up cyclo cross bike. By this, we’re mainly talking about tyres and your position.

You’ll need to change your position a little bit from your road bike.

Tyre pressures are much lower than a road bike – Simon explains all in the video.

Gearing is different too – shoot for a 46 outer ring and a cassette that’s around 11-28.

We’d recommend playing around with the release tension on your pedals. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, so again, get out on your bike with an allen key and play around to find out what works for you.

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Tak Hoshino says:

What is the bike called and what year is it from??

Glory Cycles says:

Included this in our 2014-15 must watch cyclocross playlist

James Swadling says:

Deep section carbons they go through mud better

Jpegwun says:

Are the stock tires on the TCX SLR 2 2017 clinchers or tubular?

SnowCYYCling says:

40 PSI? Most clincher seems to have a 55 psi minimum…

CCTVelo says:

Do you guys have an opinion re carbon vs aluminium rims for disc wheels?
It seems to me that most of the downsides are lost along with the braking surface, the only possible gripe being impact resistance, but then some say otherwise…
I’m building up a ‘gravel bike’ / ‘super commuter’ frame for all year road/path use and I’m not sure which sort of rims to be looking at, I’ll be getting hand builts.

Tassie Londoner says:

“If you are in unseasonably warm conditions …or if you actually live somewhere nice” Classic comment. UK weather certainly is unique.

helicart says:

39:28 for lowest gear? might be ok for a whippet, but the rest of us will need at least 34:32 if doing serious territory. 

morfuk says:

Good old Challenger Clinchers you can run at 18psi easy! Extremely useful

Eric John says:

I don’t see the point of being hunched over with drop handle bars when max speed isn’t an issue in rough terrain? Os it just so you have the option to go on road?

lotxa nol says:


Mauricio Portilla Ospina says:

What’s the bike brand/model?

Martin Bartoň says:

Hi guys! Another great video “THUMBS UP”. I also liked the “presenters bikes” videos. Can you make another of these, but with the CX bikes? And can you tell us your (presenters) opinion about aluminium vs. carbon frames in CX bikes? (for normal persons of course, not the PRO riders….) . Thanks!

Olivia Fawcett says:

Ahaha I finished a cyclocross national recently with 15PSI! But I am 14… And a girl so I don’t weight too much!

Sixx says:

What’s the difference between a road bike and a cyclocross bike? Can I just pop in bigger and knobbier tires on my road bike and call it a cyclocross bike? I’m kinda new to bikes and I live in an area where it’s 40% dirt/mud and 60% asphalt on every 7km trip. I currently ride it with a hardtail mountain bike but I feel slower on the roads. I was hoping to get more speed and buy a road bike, now this CX bikes are getting me confused.

Any tips on which should I get? Should I change my MTB tires to smaller knobs for road speed or get a road bike with knobbier tires or buy CX?

pys says:

what is the bike name/brand on the video?

Ethan Cooper says:

This might sound like a stupid question but could you buy a road bike with discs and large clearance and just change wheels and tyres at the start of each season road or cross meaning you could use the bike all year round. Obviously you would change saddle height if necessary.

fernandesilyt says:

Is the frame of a crossbike the same of a roadbike? I can’t spend to much on a bicycle, so I’m thinking in buying this roadbike (that has disc breaks) and just add a wider tire.

Martin Hansen says:

When do you Guys make a video How To Setup your Track bike? 🙂

Clifford Wessel says:

great info!

Glenn Lippens says:

Can you also make a video of how to set your gps onto your bike because I don’t know what to do putting it in my back or placing it on my steer what is the best way please help me !!!

Karel says:

Nice vid there mate! Just what really is the difference of a cyclocross and a road bike?

YourNickIsTaken says:

Can these bike handle 110-120kg riders?

침군 says:

how much is this bike cost ??

Edoardo Palmieri says:

Thanks for the great video!
I just bought my first cyclocross bike (Pinnacle Arkose Two). Being 183cm tall with an 87cm leg inseam I was suggested by the shop to go with a size Large. To my surprise this comes with a top tube length of 54cm! Much shorter than the 58-60cm I am used to riding.
I can set the bike up to roughly the right saddle and handlebar position, but the seatpost is almost all the way out and the farm feels a tad small overall…I am wondering if I should move up to an XL size which has a 58cm top tube length…

What would you suggest?

Pepe the Meme says:

What if I don’t have a road bike

Declan Bowler says:

I thought the tyre pressure was interesting. I’d expected a mention of “bottoming out” the tyres if pressure is too low. Im a 65kg rider using 32mm clinchers. I’ve not had any problems running at about 20-25psi. Area or course specific maybe?

tom2b99 says:

Is there any chance you could make a video on tire tread choice please?

nathan Vallez says:

is that the boone 9?

Christoph Kober says:

… +Global Cycling Network How large should the seat to handlebar drop be in cm for a “normal” rider 😉 ? Can you give me any recommendation, please?

pspboy7 says:

Well, got to move my bottle cage….

NickoFG says:

For more GCN cyclocross videos… click on me! 😀 😀 I watched that ender 1241456308763 times

Archie Stewart says:

i ride a 58 road but only a 54 cross bike just like the smaller feeling bike under me when the surface is slippy

Symon Magnus says:

Looks like the Boone 9. Im not sure about Di2 in cyclocross conditions though. Mud, water and electronics don’t mix.

Luke Gibbs says:

Possible to get a gcn bottle?

Thijs van den Broek says:

how Long is he and what size bike i neef to buy iam 1.80

Titouan B says:

lemme have a laugh… I run 20 psi on clinchers XD

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