I rode my Cyclocross Bike on a 2018 Canada Cup XCO MTB Course

My Bike Parts FAQ’s (Affiliate Links):

My Daily Tire: http://azon.ly/1sNt
My Favourite Tire: http://azon.ly/MlU7
The Tire I Want: http://www.bgcycles.com/new-page/
Muddy CX Clincher Tire: http://azon.ly/ZlL8
Muddy CX Tubular Tire: http://bit.ly/2p0Joxo
All Condition CX Tubular Tire: http://azon.ly/JpDc
Tricross Handle Bars: http://azon.ly/st9T
My Favourite Bar Tape: http://azon.ly/yVoo

My Camera Gear:

SLR Camera: http://azon.ly/Ooct
Small Camera: http://azon.ly/xHI6
Gorilla Pod: http://azon.ly/IIrN
Laptop: http://azon.ly/5VnM
Edited On: iMovie

My Riding Gear:

Casual SPD Shoes: http://azon.ly/yL1c
Mountain Shoes: http://azon.ly/1VVD
Sunglasses: http://azon.ly/LQ2d
Gloves: http://azon.ly/UJ5b
Helmet: http://azon.ly/RPpd
Kit Stuff: https://www.cadencecollection.com

Build Your Own Wheels:

The Bicycle Wheel (Book): http://azon.ly/IwXC
Truing Stand: http://azon.ly/mIK1
Spoke Wrenches: http://azon.ly/xBVU
Dishing Tool: http://azon.ly/zCRV

Music By: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads


Will Patch says:

Fan of the cannondale lefty system or think it looks weird?

GlowstickSasquatch says:

You so could have hit that jump breaux!

Andrew Smith says:

Where is this ?

Haywood Jablome says:

Nice trail/race vdeo. The end pool jump= lotsa fun!!

superpoint43 says:

Just curious, is it distracting for a racer to enter into a turn and find some dude lurking behind a tree with a camera? (6:04) LOL. Great video man, keep ’em coming.

Tom Bell says:

Enjoying the vlogs, especially the XCO content. Not enough of that! If you need any training tips, I’ve got you covered! 🙂

Bob Majew says:

I love your video and the woods. I’m pretty sure if I threw some fat Nobbies on my gravel cruncher I would love it. Where I live it’s a little arid, but if I want Pacific Northwest forests they’re available but I have to go by train. There’s a fabulous parks one less than a mile but it’s just an old landfill that’s kind of a gravel race track. And a forested park 8 miles from here that has about 50 miles of various technical paths to ride on, Casa de Campo Madrid itself is a pretty good-sized Park many trails are more like deer trails, narrow, and often you find fine sand from the Sahara. At leaves your bicycle white which is fine because my bicycle is white.

andyboy198577777 says:

Where is this? Great vid btw!

Dave Zoller says:

I thought you said the course was technical??

CD mountain biker says:

That’s nothing! If anything it’s easy!

Owen Preece says:

great video you should do a bike shop tour video

Adventures with Lofty says:

Subbed dude!

JoinMyRide says:

I got to get out more on my drop bar bike.. It’s fun on the trails.. Nice channel btw!

Umberto Masoero says:

Rad footage as always man! I’ve seen you riding a CX bike with cantis for countless times now and having only ridden disc and caliper brakes I really wonder how cantis compare to more recent mechanical and hydro disc stuff. I recently found a Focus Mares that has cantis and I can grab it for pennies but I’m not really sure whether I should pull the trigger or not. The plan would be doing my first CX racing season on it and maybe sparing my Diverge some scuffs.

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