Jeremy Powers’ Focus Mares CX Cyclocross Bike

In our first CX pro bike of the season, we check out the setup of the 4-time US National champion.

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The full bike specs are below, but, as always, check out the video, let us know your thoughts in the comments and like and share!

Frame and forks: Focus Mares CX
Wheels: Zipp 202 Firecrest
Tyres: FMB Aspire Tubular, 33mm
Handlebars: Zipp
Stem: Zipp Speed SL, 110mm
Seatpost: Zipp Speed SL
Saddle: Fizik Aliante VS
Shifters: SRAM Red eTap
Brakes: SRAM Red HRD
Front Mech: SRAM Red eTap
Rear Mech: SRAM Red eTap
Chainset: SRAM Red
Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy
Chainring size: 46/36
Cassette: SRAM 11spd, 11-26

Bike weight: 7.6kg
Saddle height: 73cm
Reach: 53cm
Stem length: 110mm
Crank length: 172.5mm
Tyre width: 33mm

Finishing touches:
The elite prototype tubs are pretty nice! SRAM Red eTap blips. No cables.

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myles taylor says:

Simon, i saw your strava stats and your next ride will be your 400th ride

Arison Knapp says:

hey GCN I really enjoy all your classic to new comparison videos. Id love to watch a video on the comparison of aerodynamics between classic steel lugged racing bikes to the pro tour bikes today.

Caleb Christian says:

I saw you guys record this video.. Well Done!! thanks for coming to vegas

Manav SK says:

#torqueback is safe to buy bikes from online stores?

Daryl Liggins says:

2x and 202’s interesting. I thought the trend was 1x and 303’s

Graham Cuddy says:

how does that cost ? technology eh

ARK INHK says:

Love this channel. Keep up the great work. Been using your training videos as well. Awesome. That 60 min session is a real gut buster. Kudos.
Regards, Adrian.

jim dandy says:

I think that frame chain protector is a GREAT idea, it shows they care about their customers saving their frames if the chain falls off, its also on Focus Raven mountain bikes too, they seen like a great company

bilwit says:

weighs 400g less than my road bike >___<

Mark Smith says:

It was great to meet you and Neil at Crossvegas. Thank you for taking a picture with me too!!! Love the channel!!!

Gordon Moat says:

Would make a great road machine.

Herbert Wingfield says:

All the stats but never a price…

Tadhgh Eldridge says:


Aryan Adibmehr says:


Jacob Ellis says:

Thanks for the insight into some of those fit measurements!

Davis Cook says:


Garrubrations says:

GCN do I see brake tracks on the rims at 1:49? Why would this be on the rims of a disc-brake setup?

Miku9999 says:

When you’re so early you actually see the guys who are 1st.

ZeroSeriesMMX says:

Was this the first or second time Lloydy featured a cross bike?

That J-Pow! detail, though. 😀 Charming.

Conor Verbruggen says:

This is a cross bike and the cassette is gleaming! I just cycle on dry roads, wipe my chain/chainrings/cassette after every ride and it’s still pretty grubby. Please do a video on how to clean (specifically) your cassette! Preferably with a pro mechanic!

parkour death run. says:

I love guys at gcn you are the best thank you!:)

myles taylor says:

Make it count!

LisaPet says:

Nice bike and the chain guard is the right addition.
But changing bikes because one gets dirty is cheating. After all, they claim their bikes can run in the mud.

George Davies says:

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone with more knowledge than me (most of you) could help me out. I’m looking to buy a carbon road bike and I have 2 in mind. They are both the same price, with one having ultegra components and the other 105. The one with 105 is 500g lighter, though. Is the weight difference worth it or is having better componentry worth the weight penalty? Cheers!

Ian O'Neil says:

Aspire racing is his team’s name, not the name of the tires

_iNv1d1a_ says:


Medium Rick says:

Wasn’t JPow singing the praise of the 1X just a few months ago in another GCN vid??

Pratalax says:

Miss those pinkish-red fmb tubs though, thought they looked pretty spesh!

Matthew Williams says:

No 1x anymore?

Jensen Määäm says:

Jeremy, let’s swap bikes. I’ll give you my Mares CX and you give me yours. Mine is red & orange, by the way…

Leek says:

Please make some videos on presenter cyclocross bikes. I’d love to see Si and Tom talk about their CX machines and reserve equipment.

Also, more CX in general please!

liberal gentleman says:


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