Katie Compton’s Customised Trek Boone Cyclocross Bike

Ever heard of a perfect pro bike? You have now… Nerd out with the details on cyclocross legend Katie Compton’s Trek Boone/

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We filmed Katie Comptons Trek Boone pro cyclocross bike following the cancellation of the Koksijde cyclo cross world cup. And, we’re glad that we did. Each one of Compton’s bikes takes two days to build and the level of attention to detail is just incredible. Honestly, it has to be seen to be believed.

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Frame and forks: Trek Boone Cyclocross, in “Miami Porsche Blue”
Wheels: Knight Composites
Tyres: Clement MXP 33mm Tubular (Grifo-style tread, but with more grip in on the sides)
Handlebars: Bontrager
Stem: Bontrager
Saddle: Bontrager Montrose
Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Mechanical + Sprint Shifters
Brakes: Shimano Ice Tech Disc Rotors 140mm front and rear
Front Mech: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
Rear Mech: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
Chainset: Shimano Dura Ace with Wick Werks chainrings
Pedals: Shimano XT pedals
Chainring size: 34/44
Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 11-28

Finishing touches:
No Zip Ties Allowed: Disc brake hoses are attached with fishing wire that is super glued.
Any part of the bike where water can get in has been sealed up using silicone sealant
Handlebar tape wrapped right to the middle of the bars
All bearings replaced with hybrid ceramic bearings
Bondex on the shifters to improve their grip and add edges – ideal for when you’re wearing thick gloves in cold weather
Drilled titanium bike weights!

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Benjamin Pedersen – Flashing Lights

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elrat1234 says:

This video feels half-baked.

beeble2003 says:

“This is definitely one of the most interesting professional cyclocross bikes.” But we thought you’d rather spend a couple of seconds looking at a birdshit-encrusted drainpipe.

Owen Beddis says:

The bobble movement on Lasty’s hat is hypnotic

Ron Heiden says:

Lastly…you’re awesome!

ChrizPDuck says:

@1:24 I reckon it’s actually a 12-28T….

Pannonian Fit says:

can you guys at GCN explore the subject of ideal wheels size for road bikes, I feel like we argue over every part of the bike in terms of most optimal size shape and weight but the question of ideal wheel size for road bike is left unanswered, for example would the increase or decrease of wheels benefit more than current standard

FabianV says:

If rider X and rider Y ride up a mountain at the exact same W/KG, but rider X is 20kg Heavier than rider Y, will rider x and rider y then go up the mountain at the same speed? Or how much does this depend of the gradient, etc.? #torqueback

Alvaro Palma says:

The brake bolts are drilled for safety wire to go in, not just for weight. (by the way love this channel !!!)

Tan Chuan Fu says:

Tom you missed out on the chain! clearly the frame had the kmc decal and the chain had missing link. kinda disappointed you didn’t cover the weight, reach and tire width after inflation.

Robb Chastain says:

Nice presentation, Tom, and I recall your decision not to wrap the bars of your Trek in colorful tape, but if Katie can do it, maybe time to give it a go?.

Gabriel Constantin says:

The white shrink wrap on the cables isn’t ideal, really.

Jacks Jamz says:

such a lush bike

Fraser Burch says:

Why do her shifters look melted at 0:56 also in this picture they look melted http://www.cxmagazine.com/katie-compton-trek-boone-2016-world-cups-di2-knight

배성준 says:

a lot of talking about weight loss but no actual measuring… little bit of disappointment

dugfriendly says:

KfC!!! Of course her hubbie is her mechanic (Mark Legg) and she was a track racer before cyclocross. (edit – to explain some of Lasty’s observations)

Mrlrlrlwlrlwrl Rlwlmwlrmlrlwrl says:

Looks homo. Oh wait, it’s cx.

Bris Focus says:

if this is a woman’s bike shouldn’t the top frame bar be lower??
oh….and it still needs pedalling!

sirhanlec says:

neat details, but the saddle clamp screw is a bit rusty. I’d go for stainless steel or titanium…

TheDarkInstall says:

A predictable load of bollocks spouted about ceramic bearings.

Stéphane Jefe Müller says:

Lasty, that was not the best report. Do it better next time!

Jarrod Wilder says:

One of my favorites!

Steve Lee says:

Lasty, you keep nervously looking out of shot like you’re about to get robbed, rough area?

Andrew Bryant says:

Jesus, what are those gnarly boots you’re wearing, Mr. Last?! Those are cooler than the Boone!

David Torr says:

Why does Tom seem to find it really difficult to keep his eyes on the camera. He looks like he’s looking for an escape route all the time. “Right lad’s, I’m off” or “Ooh look, a cat.” Action Tom with his eagle eyes.

Joe A says:

like to see the bike that Katie won on in Connecticut

Matt Dion says:

Fun fact: Clement’s tires are named after airport codes. MXP happens to be for Milan, Italy.

Jive Turkey says:


Nick Bucciarelli says:

0:15 what the…

Matt Dion says:

I have a pair of Clement x’plor USHs that I throw on my winter bike when the roads get gunky. They’re pretty badass.

Douglas Black says:

Thanks lasty, cool bike.
You look like a shifty wee bike thief with that hat and darting-eyes combination though.

Michael Hare says:

Loved this look see, just one niggle. I’d bet the farm @MrKatieCompton, Mare Legg has a serious hand in this setup. Might want to mention that…

Jack Whitehouse says:

A lot of distractions behind the camera was there Lasty?

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