My first Cyclocross bike! (Cannondale CAADX 105)

Just a quick lunchtime ride to the coast on my new bike, only ever had mountain bikes before, so it will take some getting used to.
I went for a Cannonade CAADX 105.
Seems good so far.


david on says:

Great video mate, just one question regarding the bike, I am at the point where I’m about to pull the trigger on the Cannondale, so I want to know, are you happy with the bike and was it worth the investment?

Scooby says:

Awesome Bike! I’m picking mine up tomorrow 😀

Madcatdave says:

thank you for the vidoe. I’ll be picking up my canandale this week 🙂

Samir Meziab says:

Nice video, I’m saving up for this bike. Looks like a nice ride too, whats your Strava?

MogwaiInjustice says:

Thinking of buying this bike, curious what you think of the handling, speed, and how it handles dirt/mud etc.

Gökhan TÜRKBEYLER says:

I am planning to buy this bike in April. Can I ask you the total weight of it?

David Atkinson says:

I really likey your bikey, but what’s your favourite biscuit?

Christian Alcaraz says:

Nice vid!

Velofil says:

That’s the spirit!

Matt Cline says:

Nice video and great elevation for a shower ride! Ride on! Cheers dude

Camtography says:

Hello, might I ask, what song is playing in the video?

jay bauck says:

Music is Scarlet Fire–Otis McDonald

Madcatdave says:

thank you for the vidoe. I’ll be picking up my canandale this week 🙂

Pat Martel says:

I own a CAADX Ultegra disc since last year . It’s a wonderful bike!
You will simply love it ! Enjoy your rides !

1888mag says:

Bought mine last month best bike I’ve owned by a mile so much fun……

VandalCatt says:

How do you get your GoPro to last so long? Backup battery? What res was this originally in?

BeanerGuy says:

I got exact it.. But bro.. Wave at your fellow cyclists!

Joe E says:

Nice! Just bought one today. My first proper bike.

Joe Harrison says:

So, having had the bike for just over a year what’s you verdict, Bisuitalive? I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment. My mountain bike was stolen, which I’m planning to replace. I quite like the idea of cyclocross (esp.CAADX), but can’t seem to make a final decision. The cyclocross seems pretty versalite; any prompting? Great vid – goes some to helping me make a decision!

QuixoticQuaver says:

Awesome! I hope you can answer a few questions…

I currently ride a crappy hybrid bike and I’m looking to get this.

I mostly ride canal tow paths that very between smooth tarmac and pot hole madness like the road you are on at 0:36.

Compared to the mountain bike, how does this bike compare (comfort and performance wise) on that bumpy road at 0:36 as well as a standard well maintained road?

I think I followed you on Strava, thanks!

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