Niner RLT9 Steel Review

This video reviews the Niner RLT9 Steel gravel bike.


Botjummber says:

scheiße 🙂

Cable75 says:

nice review Clint. any chance you could do an update video on your Trance Advanced? i’m thinking about getting one in May and would like to know if there is anymore information on it now you’ve had it a while.

farzid mostafa says:

I am 5.4 which frame size should I go for?

mike jones says:

creative build there clint. did you consider going for a steel fork? I guess your main reason for the carbon fork is it is better damping than steel?

rene Churchill says:

on the back is also more force,thats why rear swim s more like front,70 percent vs 30 i think

Letzrockitrite says:

I’m not a total “weight weenie” but I was curious as to the difference between the steel and aluminum frames… thanks Clint… information is power and thanks for bulking me up !!

Alfie Beaty says:

perhaps the brakes on the di2 pull to close to the bar because they just need a bleed?

Dan Morgan says:

Very interesting bike. Kind of a mix of classic and modern. I’m looking at getting a Giant Defy with hydraulic disc brakes for my first road bike. Not sure it would be ideal for dirt roads but pretty sure it would take a 28 or maybe even a 32c. Good review as usual.

Jim Jr44 says:

I am really impressed by your explanations. I’m looking for a GG and I’m not sure you should not get a commission if I get a niner!

Michael Perez says:

Clint, great review.

How would you compare this bike with the new 2017 Super X? I want a complaint ride but I would also like a bike that’s quick when doing group ride. The new Super X has a slacker geo and can also now fit 40c tires. – Thanks Mike

Muusie says:

How much does this bike weigh Clint? Thanks!

Momčilo Martinović says:

Great review, as always!

ilikewasabe says:

ive been jealous of this bike since you uploaded the alloy version 🙂

Doge Doug says:

like 2

calinutzzz says:

How heavy it is in this configuration? I just checked, and in Europe you get the frame+fork for around 1899 Euros (~2100 $) which is not quite cheap, unfortunately. Thanks!

Leon Isr says:

Got my Niner Rlt Steel!
Great bike, very happy. Thank you very much for your very thorough reviews and help choosing the right Niner.

Roman Jeremy says:

mudguards for touring can be useful, any recommendation ?

Gabe Hamilton says:

like 3

in side out says:

good reviews

Jay Tee says:

Good review. One thing I would note is about the bottom bracket drop which has a great effect on the stability of a bike as well. This bike has a 70mm drop, closer to a road bike drop than a CX bike drop of ~60mm. More BB drop makes a slower steering bike, but a more stable descender for long sweeping turns. The tall BB drop will allow the bike to flop different directions quickly, which is good for fast short turns. More BB drop also means slightly longer chain stays, which is added flex or comfort on a steel bike. That fork is over stiff because it’s meant to handle the touring equipment and the unnecessary 1.5 bottom headtube race. The tapered head tube and the increased stiffness takes away from the feel of steel in my opinion. I think a better option, though not an equivalent (due to lack of rack mounts and higher bb) would be the Ritchey SwissCross disc.

Collin Clark says:

Great review! Is this a bike you would do the tour divide on or the Race Across Texas 1000? My LBS carry the RLT and am look in for something that I can use to train and bikecamping.

nathanwv222 says:

will this size fit someone 5-10? It has the same Top tube length as my 54cm Cannondale evo.

Charlie W says:

Great bike and review. RLT – Road Less Traveled. A cool feature is that you can mount extra bottle cages on the front fork. Your videos have been very informative, thanks.

theboss878878 says:

Hey Clint, you forgot to mention one of the bike’s most important specs…. which beer cap are you running? Great review thanks for sharing.

What is your cyclocross race bike again? Also how many bikes do you currently have in your fleet?

S. Groeneveld says:

To cover the holes in the front fork use silicone, cheap and it holds water. Same with other holes on the bike you want to cover up.

Diana Theriault says:

Next year, I’m looking for a gravel bike and I’m really towards the RLT9 4 Star Steel. I’m going to test ride it soon. I have a question for you. What are the weight differences between a Titanium to the RLT9 to a Surly Disc Trucker? Or are they all comparable in weight?

Off2IndiaNow says:

Hi Clint…Thank you for all the info! I have some questions and want to share a little background and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
1. I already have a road bike (Cannondale Super Six EVO/Hi Mod) & mnt bike (Niner Air RDO) so I am looking for a fun, comfortable bike that I can use on road and dirt/gravel roads…..based on three of your videos it seems like Niner RLT Steel 4 star build may be it.
2. First question….in your video you said the 4 star build came with Stan’s Wheels…it looks like that is not the case any longer and they now offer Niner CX carbon on 4 star build and Stan’s on 3 star build….What do you think about the Niner CX carbon (although Niner does not advertise it I believe these wheels can be set up tubeless) vs Stan’s?
3. What do you think of the Moots Route RTL, Route or Route 45 bike?
4. Titanium vs steel….Thoughts?
5. Lastly, if it matters I am 45 years old and 175-180 lbs.


Beautiful bike. I would want a XT chainset & FD for the hills.

Rafael Romero says:

Hey Clint,
Would you recommend this bike for commuting? I got rid of my road bike a while back and I have been commuting on my Intense Carbine SL but it’s a little too slow, I was thinking about getting this one or the SIR9 (with fast tires); my commute is 8.5miles (one way)


VeganRoma says:

Thinking to get this or the new Specialized Sequoia ..

Jacob Gibson says:

Great Review! Thanks!

Daniel L says:

Have you had a chance to try the Giant Revolt?

They Live We Sleep says:

can you please review new sora r3000 when it will be available, you have the best reviews, only for products I can’t afford

Rampampulin says:

Great review as always. One of the best cycling channels out there for sure

Choon Kheng Koma Lau says:

there is no boss to attach the top part of rear rack, right?

Al Duarte says:

Niece looking steel bike! I wonder if this frame is a good winter training bike on road winter tires of course (28’s) for the Mid Atlantic States, 30s 40s degrees or even some snow/ice? Hate my Cannondale Super X (Cantis) for fast winter training, just handling is too temperamental and can not cope with moderate to strong cross winds nor slow speeds without requiering a lot of feathering the handlebars! Thanks I’ll wait for Your response if You have tested under such conditions on the road.

Greg H. says:

Good review. This might be my next bike. Kind of debating between the steel RLT and a Jamis Renegade. I love steel frames so the Niner might have an edge. Also good to know that the steel RLT frame is compatible with Di2.

Ben I says:

Hey Clint, first off, love your videos and all the content! You’re definitely one of my favorite bike channels on Youtube.

Thinking about upgrading the stock wheels (DT Swiss R24 Splines) on my gravel grinder and I’m looking at the Grails, among others. Are you still really happy with the Stan’s Grail wheelset? Any problems with them at all? Thanks!

Matt cappelli says:

I ride a 63 cm I cant get some bikes because they are to small

KillerLoucko says:


Chi Eng Chow says:

how do u like your S-one tyres on road? does it roll as well as touring/all season style tyres?

Leon Isr says:

Clint hello.
I’ve noticed that the ride is quiet harsh. This is probably due to a tire pressure.

How do you choose the tires pressure when you have to ride equal amount of tarmac and off road.
For off road one suppose to go with a lower pressure but for tarmac with a higher one. How to choose the “universal” pressure. What do you do in such a case?

In particular, I’m using a Clements Strada Lgg 120TPI 32C. My weight is 194lb/88kg.
As a starting point Clements tech support suggested using between 75-85 psi for tarmac and about 55psi for off road. Should I go with something like 65psi?

Thank you very much.

JohnReviewer112 says:

I would go tubeless but since im studying engineering, murphy’s law is stuck into my head so i will go with tubes as it is easier to fix a punctured tube on the road than it is to fix a tubeless.

Peter Vasquez says:

Can you do a review about Giant’s Talon 1 29er 2016?
Thanks! 🙂

3Daddicted says:

Really nice bike, thanks for the review.

Jesse Cole says:

Great review! Do you know if the frame has some sort of internal coating to prevent rust?

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