Reid CX – First Look ($500 Cyclocross/Gravel Bike)

In this video I will be showing you a overview or first impression on the Reid CX (Gravel or Cyclocross Bike) from Reid Cycles I will make a comprehensive review after more kilometers.. 🙂

For a discount on Reid Bicycles checkout this link and type in the offer code “FREE50”


Any Questions on the Setup let me know in the comments!

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ismael ramirez says:

Thanks for your real world review.

Willian. Direction says:

Thanks for the video stop by on warm showers if you are in south Aussie near Clare.

P P says:

looks great!

Bush- Radler Katalonien says:

Well done! Grat Bikepacking. Looking forward to se tours from you…

Ben small says:

You’ve never heard of alexrims? How?

McCrae Conlin says:

can’t imagine being dependent on my bike w/o a battery charging front hub and Rohloff rear hub. But then again you could buy 3 Reid bikes for those additional costs.

TheOneGoodRoad says:

For a $50 discount on Reid Bicycles use the offer code “FREE50” 😀

Jeppe Kristensen says:

New subscriber here. How did you mount the bottlecages to the fork?

Zeben84 says:

Really nice bike for the price, can’t get any better honestly !

Sam Willers says:

Don’t get me wrong, this bike is a bike set up and dedicated for CX… if you’re planning on bike touring then you should of got the Ried Granite. Much better suited for your purposes. Lower gear range, 40c tyres, wider bars, more relaxed geometry and better brakes. Great vid though!

ismael ramirez says:

How did you mount the bottles on the fork?

andy zootie says:

great value, the reid shops really promote getting everyone out there pedalling around, hope you are enjoying your travels

Dan Jones says:

Reid Granite 2.0, first month popped spoke on back wheel, less than 500k, wheel went out of true. Piece of shit. I barely trust it commuting… this is one of those bikes that look like they have it all but they don’t have shit. And yet it’s made to look like a gravel bike, they even say is a good commuter. Yeah, for someone with a 4wd who wants to have a “commuter” sit in their garage for occasional use…. this is your bicycle. But not for actual commuters. This thing will make you late to work and cost you more on ubers than if you went all out and went with a vivente world randonneur

It’s completely amazing to me you have this loaded with bags.

Grant Bratrud says:

Lot’s of gear that would be necessary for your trans-continental ride! (I notice you don’t pack a hatchet. Hatchets can be quite handy, at least in North America.)
I have found that most bicycles if they are not too heavy or unreliable will be good for as long as you seek to ride them comfortably on the day. If you have a credit card, and some shorts and a T-shirt, plus, maybe, some flip-flops or something, and plan your stops for motels with swimming pools…. Use an app for your smartphone so you won’t pay too much for your lodging. meals, of course, depend on your “religion”. {Check out the wonderful technology of Theravadan Bhuddhism. Live, thrive, reduce suffering.)

Alex Randall says:

Cranks are cheap but fine, you mean the bottom bracket…sure its bottom spec. Avids work well when adjusted properly. Thanks for the vid!

Fredrick Nietzsche says:

good job on real world bike use.

when you can, a larger rotor up front will make a positive difference.

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