Review: Ren Cycles Ivan (Titanium Cyclocross / Fast Adventure Bike!)

Love videos like this? Become a microfunder of the channel! In this video, we review another bike from Ren Cycles, the Ivan. The Ivan is the ROWDY COUSIN to the Waypoint with fast acceleration and quick handling!

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Actual Omega says:

Niche. Fugly.

InDaDarkF says:

Do you have any idea how the gravelking roll on the normal road?
I live in the area where 50/50 road/gravel. Just considering one tire that could use on the mixed road.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Jake Marple says:

Thanks for the Gravel king sk review. I’ve been looking for a good review on this tire. I think I’m gonna pick up some 700×35’s for my Vaya.

Eric Hoffman says:

love it

ilikewasabe says:

those disc brakes though! gotta get them some of those trp brakes

Ryan Docena says:

Big fan of your channel! Keep it up guys!

SCRcat6 says:

Great review and I love your channel. Looking at that Ultegra crank with the Wolftooth 1x setup, it appears the sprocket is attached on the inside, no suprise, but there are covers over the front sprocket bolts. Anybody know where to get those?

Mark C says:

Hi Rus, I’m really interested in the 1x systems for touring. Simplicity is the primary reason. Sram has that 10×50 cog set. So the range is there, but is the difference between cogs adequate or too wide? Inquiring minds want to know!

Maverick Goose says:

Somehow your reviews are all thumbs up for everything you check out. If you only review stuff that you really dig yourself that would not be a clean review would it? I’m just being a critic and really like the channel and you really love bikes and it shows. But I would like a more critical review now and then. And what I would also like to know are the retail prices on the the viewed product.

Alex Caulley says:

You guys provide some of the best bike content on youtube. Thanks !!

Wai Sing Lee says:

Would a wider handlebar lessen that feeling of “squirrelyness”? Second, this is the stock build from Ren, correct? What size is it? Thanks! Love your videos and been following you guys since the blog. Edit: The only other review I can find on this bike (Radavist) echoes what you said about how this bike really wants to be ridden hard and fast.

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