Si’s Trek Crockett 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross Bike

The Three Peaks Challenge is the hardest cyclocross event in the world, so what bike do you choose for it? Take a look at Simon’s choice, the Trek Crockett, here!

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Frame and forks: Trek Crockett
Wheels: Zipp 303 Firecrest
Handlebars: Bontrager
Stem: Fizik Cyrano
Seatpost: Fizik Cyrano
Saddle: Fizik Arione R1
Shifters: Sram Force HRD
Brakes: Sram Force HRD
Rear Mech: Sram Force Wifli Clutch
Chainset: Sram Red
Pedals: Shimano XT
Chainring size: 4OT
Powermeter: Quarq
Cassette: 10-42T

Bar width: 44cm
Tyre width: 35mm

Finishing touches: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, GoPro, Survival Bag, Camelbak bottle, Elite Carbon bottle cage (now lost in the Yorkshire Dales!)

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Music: Electronica 3 – Magnus Ringblom

Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto /

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Gabe Hart says:

Why always zipp wheels? Just curious why not ENVE? Have you ever thought about coming to Ogden, Utah to visit ENVE’s new facility? If you do let me know I could show you guys some great riding in USA. Cheers keep up the great work!

Jose Arce says:

beautiful bike , Si! I like how it seems that you prefer the Crockett over the Boone… do you? and if so, why…

Space Cowboy says:

What happened to his old Crockett? The black one with the rainbow colours – seems that the geometry didn’t change so why get a new one?

David Graff says:

Where did your right side Bar End plug go? Not safe.

Gareth Ogden says:

Is there a reason you didn’t mention the brand of 35mm tyres you went for???

Josh ua says:

freaking love it

John Mac says:

do the dimples still work when they are covered in mud?

chris scott says:

Celeste sux!! Nice bike otherwise.

wickrider says:

Nice bike, looks like a hell of a race! What’s a survival bag?

Patrik Niklasson says:

how about tubs for this kind of race?

Gordon Small says:

Great review. I really fancy this bike. Do you guys think I could use this bike as my daily commute bike considering the 40 t chain ring? My journey into work each day is predominantly road. Many thanks.

Chris says:

Ain’t that a gravel bike, hm Simon? Wink wink.

Tiny Adventures By Bike says:

What is the actual tire clearance? 40mm?

Johanna Mörtberg says:

There can be only one bike brand when it comes to celeste colour… but as Bianchi green, mint green or whatever Trek calls it, is a very trendy colour nowadays, it’s understandable that they use it. But it feels like Trek are sneaking in on Bianchi territory.

Jean-Claude Schmitz says:

Is this taped Inner tube a Hack or Bodge? Bodge!

Marty Whyte says:

What did it weigh?
I’m thinking of buying a AL crocket or Carbon Boone.

bugboy152000 says:

#GCN math shows us that Black is > and is not = to celeste. It’s science. Hard to argue with science.

Dominic Strawberry says:

it’s not Celeste colour, its Miami Green D: you can find that out on Trek webstie, you’re welcome D:

Martin Leib says:

Great bike but what the hell is up with your hoods Si??

Don Hooper says:

Great bike. What is the brand of the computer / GoPro mount?

Paul Tomblin says:

How do you keep you GoPro recording for 3.5 hours? External battery, or did you stop and swap. Also, you should look at the new GoPro Hero 7 Black – the image stabilization is amazing.

Andrew Bedford says:

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire!

Dave Haygarth says:

Thanks for posting Simon. After 20 finishes in the ‘Peaks I never tire of the enthusiasm it brings out in people and how much attention to detail we all can pay.

The choices? Well… your vast and enviable experience of cycling in general and a great, in-depth knowledge of cyclo-cross and of course, bikes comes across into this. Whilst I would disagree with a only few choices, below, I understand why he you made them. It’s worth getting off my chest…. I’m the 3 Peaks ‘cross unofficial blogger after all.

1. 40×42 bottom gear. Whilst I myself also use that gear, I use it because I prefer running. For someone who prefers to ride, and with Si’s 10 sprocket on the rear, thanks to the XD Cassette, a 38 tooth front ring would give him a more enjoyable Penyghent. Okay. Marginally more enjoyable. Note: THink 38 front ring sounds small for a 1x set up? Two teeth? I’m being fussy. But … a 38 x 10 at a cadence of 90 RPM on a ‘cross bike with 35mm tyres would carry you at just over 27mph. Plenty on those roads, even for the top ten riders. And 100 RPM is over 30mph.

2. 45mm deep rims. I’ve seen people literally blown to the ground on top of Simon Fell (where, ironically, it seems Simon didn’t actually fall). And the same on Penyghent. Even with pushing bikes as opposed to having them on your shoulders, the winds are nasty big up there. If you don’t fall, it can be even hard to push. Add to that the fairly short road sections, and the fact that it’s normally best to consolidate on those in a small group, the advantage of plush deep rims eggs away. But yes, they look nice. And yes, I’ll have them if you want to get rid of them Si.

3. Taped survival bag: Just do it very well. Whilst I’ve never seen someone booted off the race for finishing without one, I HAVE seen them on the course sometimes where they have fallen off bikes. You could well be a DNF without it if they organisers felt shirty. Imagine the pain of that!?!

Gordon Moat says:

Slightly amazed at the amount of dirt encrusted onto that bike. Will there be a famous Si Richards wash-up video later?

Martin says:

Enjoyed the video and the bike is beautiful.

Ben Standen says:

Can’t wait to build up a Crockett as an all-round CX/gravel type bike with my spare Shimano hydros, Wolftooth 1x and the new RX rear mech, come on payday!

Si, how would you choose to set up the stranglehold dropouts (fore/aft) for a bike intended for mostly short CX rides, but also some longer bikepacking/gravel type rides?

Steven Bird says:

To be honest I’ve never given a fig about frame colours. If the bike works perfectly for me that’s all I want.

thebelly925 says:

Measurements? Weight? Freehub?

pmcollett says:

Anyway that you can share the size of frame you opted for with us?

Patrick Carroll says:

Awesome bike. The colors, however, look like they came out of an elderly lady’s candy dish.

John Senior says:

Hi Si
What tyres did you use? I went tubeless this year – much more compliant than the Land Cruisers I used on my previous attempt..

Dennis 4523 says:

Si going back to his favorite race

Timotei of Bollow says:

Don’t you find the steerer bolts on the cyrano stems catch your knees? This is the only stem I’ve had this problem with.

Windband1 says:

What tools did you carry Si? Also, please see my comment under your race vid on GCN. I would love to know about how you handled your nutrition and hydration. Cheers!

Kevin Mills says:

Celeste’ is amazing!

Love your bike!

Mike Mc says:

Simon’s bike looks soooooo much better in Celeste , if I get a crokett in the near future that’s the only colour to get in fact in makes me want to get a crokett

Matthew Nguyen says:

The race looks like pure pain – what do you feel was the pleasure/reward of completion?

Rosenlaui Switzerland says:

Love the colour.. does it have mud guard mounts if you used it as a winter trainer?

James Rosca says:

Whatsoever the widgets tire possible_

Kevin Colt says:

yes yes this isnt an advertisement video at all
nah, everything is just because you fucking cycle a lot etc..

The dust and grass in that bike chain etc is just normal, obviously youve just been riding it (not for the video purpose ofc, just naturally) .

Id like to see you in a real race, non stop filming, no editing, nowadays! Just to get a picture you know..

Mihir G says:

I’m planning to build a similar bike. What bottom bracket did you use to fit the force crankset on the Crockett?

Jeff Harper says:

2 things: fingersXcross, and I think Trek’s take on the celeste green variation is called Miami Green.

Mark Thomson says:

Celeste, way cool colour… but Bianchi wear it best… 🙂

Thomas Mancinelli says:

Hello ! What is the limit tyre clearance for this frame ? I know Trek officially clame 33c but would 38-40c G One type tyres fit ? Thanks !

Uppercottage2 says:

The graphics on the right hand lever/changer are weird, it makes it look like it’s got a huge chunk of metal bolted to it?!…..40/42 ?, is there a name for that?…..i.e. chain ring smaller than largest on the block?, cool bike, great event.

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