The joy of riding a cyclocross bike

Part of the joy of riding a cyclocross is the freedom that comes from knowing that it was designed for the worst of conditions. Mud, bone-dry dust, rocks, roots and washboards are all within the intended riding conditions for these bikes. Add the rugged yet highly refined characteristics of a titanium bicycle frame and the freedom to ride anything without guilt makes it a truly beautiful bike.


Jaremy Sorter says:

Nice bike! I only have 1 bike as well.  A Moots Psychlo X RSL and I absolutely love it for trail rides, road rides, grass, gravel, or whatever else I can throw at it

Erik Norman Stetter says:

What’s the second song?

MathCubes says:

What size of tire would you recommend?

Ara Fare says:

I am getting my CX in 2 days, so excited after seeing this video. Thank you for the motivation. 😀

3Daddicted says:

Super nice bike….wish I could afford one……’s 2,000 Euro just for the frame! 🙁

sebxx says:

superb video!
makes me wonder: what a MTB XC can do that this CX couldn’t?

Emin Çınar says:

Thanks for this amazing video immediately ı want to buy 🙂

Ace Verhel says:

Thats it. road bike on roads, mountain bike on off road and maybe on cemented roads too but cyclocross with road bike handle bars with mountain bike stats! all terrain! Im gonna buy you!! Fun video!! TY

Dean Prosser says:

Lovely bike and lovely area you’re a lucky man.  CX bikes are the most versatile and I love um’ 🙂
Brilliant vid’

Nigel Fennell says:

Great vid but I think you held back a bit. You should be able to take on much rougher terrain. I had a problem with punctures but once i went tubeless there was no stopping me.

Karel van der Velden says:

Funny how the cx bike met the citroen 2cv. (deux chevaux)
The 2cv was/is famous for its off-road capabilities.
(Buying a Cube Cross Race soon)

Garfie1d73 says:

Da freut sich wohl jemand wie Schnitzel 🙂 Es sei Dir gegönnt. Rad sieht richtig super aus! Viel Spaß damit. In der richtigen Gegend für die artgerechte Bewegung wohnst Du ja!

Digitalkiller says:

Brand and model?

Kenny Gonzales says:

Love It!!! beautiful bike!! I don’t even own a road bike these days, why bother right? I do own three cyclocross bikes.One geared carbon Ciocc, and two steel singlespeeds.
I tell people it’s like a road bike on steroids!! and Why let the fun fade when the road turns to dirt?

Lewis Weekly says:

thats one beautiful bike. Is it a custom build? I’ve never seen a titanium CX before.

Reginald Scot says:

Go home mountain bike, you’re useless now!

What a fun video. 🙂

Marc M says:

Nice video! I enjoyed it 😀

Dian Charlo Valentine says:

Nice video! What bike did you use in the video? model I mean. I am thinking to get genesis Croix de Fer (steel)

Dashcam Charlie says:

You have some great videos, I just subscribed 🙂 By the look of things you live in the Kanton of Basel- my girlfriend lives pretty close to you, between Solothurn and Olten. I’m going there on Friday haha. Keep uploading please!

Reter Pabbit says:

Is this Switzerland ? I stayed in Egerkingen and explored out every day. Super clean country and beautiful

uros b says:

whats the name of accordion song at the end of a video ?It sounds like french but i dont know the name of the song ?

usman syed says:

buying one for myself. do u guys recommend masi?

Gunks Hunter says:

I love your videos. Keep them coming.

Kenz300 x says:

Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health.

Ryan Nice says:

Heeeel Ya! 85% the goodness of a road only bike on the road and 75% the goodness of a full blown mountain bike on single track, but to go anywhere’s cyclocross rules!

Joel Benford says:

Nice vid! I rode this bike and that bike… but then… I got a cyclocross bike and there’s no looking back!

Andre Jaque says:

this is it !

neil mason says:

Want one, NO need one…….Where my  Xmas List

Being KiDs says:

damn it, I knew I shouldn’t watch this… time to buy one!

SwissBiker says:

lol, starchi oberschänkel 😉

atomboy83 says:

Great video. 🙂 And I think, once I have to visit your country. 🙂

fiddler on the bike says:

schönes Video, schönes Bike!

Ich schraube mir auch gerade eins zusammen (mein erstes CX…) und bin noch unschlüssig wegen der Reifen. Wald – und Feldwege, Wiesen, Schotter, Asphalt (Sand hier eher nicht), habe Challenge Grifo oder Chicane ins Auge gefasst, aber halt auf dem Gebiet keine Erfahrung; hast Du eine Empfehlung für mich?

Saját Zsíron says:

Hmmm, I should totally get a cyclocross bike brb

qpae123 says:

Nice titatium bike ! I had a Van Nicholas Yukon, titanium too, very comfortable.

sollge says:

do you have strava by any chance? I’d be interested in seeing some of the routes you ride in your vids, would love to visit Switzerland and give them a go. cheers

Ka Ho Tam says:

I’ve just got my first road bike last year and want to switch to a CX now. Much better all rounder for “hole-ly” British roads.

James Bisque says:

i still say mtb is better… 😉

The DarKris says:

What brand fork are you using?

montrealmanu says:

I’ve just bought a cyclocross bike; just for commuting to work in winter. I’ve always been strictly road bikes but after watching you in this video I’m thinking it’s time to tackle off-road! Awesome work, fella.

jason stewart says:

Some room for rider improvement in there to get the best out of your bike 🙂 Drifting skills (or skidding) come in handy when on gravel as it helps to steer, i noticed you looked a little stiff and twitchy, might be something worth practicing. (maybe not with your fav’ set of tyres) The bike is gorgeous, and it’s great to see you’re using it like it’s meant to be used. Was a great video too 😀 keep up the good work, and ride safe.

david White says:


velo1337 says:

so as long as you dont run out of gears, you can mountainbike on a cyclocrosser?

Frissdas1207 says:

so it’s used… like a normal bike.. lol.

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