The Trek Boone: Cyclocross superbike

Boone is our fastest, smoothest, lightest Cross bike ever, with competition-crushing race geometry, and Trek’s exclusive course-smoothing IsoSpeed technology.

Mud, sweat, tears, triumph. You’ll charge through it all with bigger speed, stronger lines, and more confidence than ever before. Boone is the ultimate Cyclocross superbike.

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AH says:

Thru-axle next year?

Ty Goldsby says:

Katie the best, the bike is a butte 

Cameron Hayes says:

Now if Trek could just make a mountain bike that actually fits a 5’7″ male without vast size discrepancies.

Alexsandro Soares says:

Criação incrível.

WorldRecordvideos says:

good commuter bike

Ty Goldsby says:

more Sven 

Tuco Webster says:

charles makes very good points. having said that trek makes very good bikes. a lot of bike companies make great bikes. all my bikes are treks and the few times i ventured outside of trek world bad things happened.

to accuse trek of marketing bs please what do you want them to say. are bikes are good but the other guys bike is better.

ride what you like

ahmad awad says:

and for what used this bike…. e.g.. used for speed and champion not used in city

Lost in the Midwest says:

I like it.

Hamad Al Hussain says:

Trek bikes are ALL made in Asia (China / Taiwan) If I want an Asian bike I would get Giant. Shame on Trek. Go hire some people and get them to make your own bikes dudes. If you pay me enough I can well Man-Up your sugar candy company.

Domzaiver says:


Brad Jensen says:

Rack mounts would be a great addition too.

HermanMeyer says:

I know a guy who has one of these, it’s epic. I race with him.

C.E. SCHLINK says:

I’ll never understand why people need to “race”. What ‘s the point….I mean, you miss all the scenery around you! I prefer the Trek 520….built for long trips, and lots of enjoyment. I’m not a GERBIL on a damn treadmill!! But it’s a free country…but I just don’t understand people who have to turn everything into a stupid race.

ahmad awad says:

I wanted this bike used in city and travel from city and to different cities this bike for me is true or false and my question is this bike Is comfortable with travel from city to city and. and to university go.

Julian LePelch says:

i need that bike brah

Marawan Shehata says:

Well if he said it’s perfect and doesn’t need improvement, how is he developing it?

julgus27 says:

J aime

Charles Rush says:

This is about the biggest load of Bullshit I’ve heard in a while. Really Trek, with all the money you guys make couldn’t you come up with a better marketing pitch?

ahmad awad says:

or I Bay hybrid bike or this

Miguel Ortiz says:

wow bikes now come with so much technology 

Brad Jensen says:

If only I could buy the frame set for $1,500.

Julian LePelch says:

… so sick

SuperBlue567 says:

I thought super bikes had engines, with at least 120 hp…

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