Tom Last’s Canyon Inflite AL SLX 9.0 Cyclocross Bike

Tom Last talks you through his Canyon Inflite AL SLX 9.0 Cyclocross Bike. It’s complete with SRAM HydroR disc bakes for fantastic braking with the Reynolds Assault tubular wheels.

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Check out the complete component list here.

Frame and forks: Canyon Infinite AL SLX, Carbon Forks
Wheels: Reynolds Assault
Tyres: Challenge Grifo Tubular
Handlebars: Canyon
Stem: Canyon
Seatpost: Canyon
Saddle: Fizik Arione
Shifters: SRAM Force HydroR
Brakes: SRAM Force HydroR 160mm
Front Mech: NONE
Rear Mech: SRAM Force
Chainset: SRAM Force
Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 7
Chainring size: 42t
Cassette: SRAM 10-42

Bike weight: 8.4kg
Bar width: 42cm
Stem length: 10cm
Crank length: 172.5mm
Tyre width: 32mm

Finishing touches: Black Handlebar Tape

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Miroslav Urban says:

two thinks I don’t like about this bike:
1. post-mount callipers, especially rear one placed out-side of rear triangle. I’m big fan of disk brakes, but i really don’t like esthetics of this solution. it’s so much cleaner when calliper is mounted inside rear triangle. Not saying about flat-mount, which is super awesome looking and easy to adjust. Small minus for Canyon.

2. more important than first = no through axles !! why ? canyon just released so beautiful disc road bikes, all with through axles. Those wheels might be super stiff, but with QR overall stiffness will be limited because of them. That is main reason not to buy this otherwise nice looking bike.

richy morris says:

Being aluminium – is this a comfortable bike?

mirceaandreighinea says:

we need Wout Van Aert’s Felt world champ bike!!! 😉

Byron Garvey says:

Finally you haven’t said that you designed the paint work

James Charlesworth says:

good vid as its nice to hear someone making a case for a cx bike carrying a 10-42 on an xd freehub. Unusual to have it mated to tubs though; bit frankenstein in some ways as tubs are only any use for racers, who dont use 10-42’s…..

Stéphane Jefe Müller says:

Measurements? Strange saddle-position!

James Cairns says:

I would love to see more gcn presenter bikes.

ian malloch says:

Lasty why do you ride an aluminium frame and not carbon fibre for cyclocross?

Patrick Johnson says:

when will we see a video of Matt’s Emonda?

Kri Kri says:

i actually hate how gcn promote disc brakes in literally ever second video they bring up.

business as usual

icetruck killer says:

why is everyone afraid of using a big cassette in the back.
I got one to help me keep up and so I wouldn’t get dropped and now that I got my cadence on point I do all the dropping.

Spartacus says:

scraping the bottom of the barrel here, can use my bike next week if you want?

Vendatte Yun says:

hey gcn, how do I put a barrel adjuster into my rear mech

numbaoneg101 says:

saddle looks like its pointed down. cool build though , do you all have pedal room? would be a good feature on the weekly show.

That 70's Schwinn Vintage Bike Channel says:

Cool bike

Aaron Householder says:

Gotta love Lasty and his great bikes. As the proud owner of a new Specialized CruX E5 X1, I’ve got some similar equipment although not quite so nice. Can’t wait to develop more skill and get racing too.

Balint Molnar says:

Hi Tom! Could you tell me what size is your bike? Thanks!

Mx M says:

Can you guys do a review/unboxing of Storck Aernario bike from Germany?

Bikey McSwoosh says:

That seat angle bruh… whats up?

Markus Thalheimer says:

@Tom: Because you installed a 10-42 cassette I would like to know if you still use the force derailleur with mid Cage?
Sram says you Need a Long Cage… Or does it work with mid Cage?

Clemens s. says:

Today WC…Who will win: Van Aert, Van Der Poel or an outsider like Lars Van Der Haar? Will you watch it? I definitely! (Oh and I bet on Van Der Haar because of…feeling)

jonowee says:

Which is Lasty natural position? On the saddle or squatting in front of bikes?

Jaap says:

Is it me or is this full of mistakes? What I found:
1. The seat post is designed by Ergon, not Canyon. It just has some Canyon logo’s printed on it..
2. Those Crank Brothers Candy pedals aren’t really 4 sided with those platforms. They are effectively dual sided.
3. Challenge doesn’t make any 32mm Grifo tubulars, only 33mm.. They used to make 32mm clinchers, but even those aren’t really available any more..

Andrew Middleton says:

do you promote any other bikes?

Mike Verbunt says:


Stefan Evans says:

What music is being played in the background?

Steve Pascale-Jones says:

Might want some valve extenders on there Lasty, not much for the track pump to grab hold of 🙂

Ev Sekkides says:

Lasty, is that a zero setback seatpost?

Wayne Richter says:

It’s probably a nice bike but I have no interest in cyclo cross bikes. It’s either a proper road bike or mountain bike for me. I don’t do both disciplines together.

Conor Swan says:

Will Matt be running MTB pedals for 2017 then? 🙂

mjv1967 says:

Baby Limus is your go to all around tire now…

Jacques Chiron says:

Hey Tom, good video. We can see you like the bike. What do you think of the headset? Any issue with it?

Cameron Benes says:

@Global Cycling Network would any of you guys considering getting a Bianchi(preferably an XR4 or XR2) at any point?

Thijs van den Broek says:

alloy? why you pay around 3000 for alloy

Chris L says:

So, Lasty’s Aloominium cx bike weighs less than Boonen’s carbon disc road bike?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Florian Heigl says:

Awesome. So roadies are realizing that disc brakes make riding off-road better? I wonder when they will discover wide, stubby tyres, flat handlebars and suspension…

jeanpierre veira says:

At 3:02 lasty looks to at the camera man like : ” did i say that correct ? “

adriboff1 says:

black saddle and this bike would look amazing!

Sam Zam says:

Lastly = Legend

rich says:

did u go to a canyon bike shop or order it online?

BIG TOYS shop says:

Sick bike!

mjv1967 says:

I have white bar tape on my cross bike! 🙂

trickyname says:

Big thumbs up.

Ioan Nicolae says:

Really cool bike but those pink pedals are cold bloody killers! :)) “Candy” ??? The pedals name is “candy”???? Cute! :))

Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy says:

Love you guys

Dany AL says:

frame size??

Alex Lewis says:

Hey what’s up guys it scarce here u should of said that

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