Top 3 Adventure Gravel Bikes 2017

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Sardonyx says:

so what exactly IS an adventure bike? Its not a road bike, its not an off roadbike is it for dirt track? Or is it just a roadbike that can be be loaded up gear?

oscar jakobsson says:

Yes the sequoia is designed by a vegan, Erik norhlin he is from gothenburg Sweden. Great human!

Jpegwun says:

How about a bike for a newb looking for adventure under or around 1,000$?

Rack, fender mounts, aluminum/steel, and clearance for 40mm tires (widest ill probably ever use)
I love the Ridley x trail alloy tiagra style, but can’t find it available in the US.
Also the Giant Anyroad 2 2017 looks alright to me, not great, but not bad.
IThe Trek Crossrip 1 looks pretty good too.
I’m considering the Giant tcx slr 2, niner rlt 9 1 star tiagra or the Jamis renegade expat.

Mek Dawson says:

why would you go for a mountain bike crank set on an adventure bike? the adventure bikes are a mix between a road bike and a cyclecross. If you change to a mountain bike crank you’re going to struggle when on the road. you might as well just get a cyclocross bike.

John Black says:

cube road sl ! start at 700€

Alex McGowan says:

How does the 2017 Jamis Renegade Elite compare to these?

Sugar.Starch says:

Would you recommend a stages for $580 over a 4iiii for $450, a garmin vector 2S (one sided), or a powertap hub for $460 or so?
I feel biased to pick the stages, and feel inclined to just wait a few months to see how things go, but then I won’t be able to get the vector or powetap for that price.
What’d you do?

Fly White says:

50 /34 front. 11-42 rear is best gearing. 34 to the 42 you can climb anything As long as you sprite the fuck up

Fango Wolf says:

I’m down to five or so. Niner RLT and Jamis Renegade Exploit currently along with the Diverge and Anyroad.

barry kwaaitaal says:

the more I now myself about bicycles the more I realise how full of shit you are D.!

mindciller says:

I have a grey color cross rip and front derailleur is moveable. Bike is slow as. Needs to be a slow riding day or else don’t buy it

Banana Bros says:

Do you only rate the Sequoia Expert? Do you also rate the other Sequoias like the Elite? Less pricey with the same frame. With a 32 in the small ring and a 36 in the rear.

Willy Gates says:

Genesis Croix de fer. Great Gravel bikes.

barry kwaaitaal says:

hydrolics on an adventure bike?, don’t think so mate!

Mr Thomas says:

adventure bikes should be equipped with full size traditional mud guards, not some skinny plastic addons that wont do much.

VeganRoma says:

What you think is better the Specialized Sequoia or the Specialized AWOL ?

Oli Kite Photography says:

Have been looking at the crossrip and diverge along with the focus mares. What do you think?

Wild Outdoor Living says:

Or instead of buying the cross rip and swapping components you could buy the Trek 920 and have the bike that was designed as an adventure bike from the get go. Plus you have room for even bigger tires.

Jpegwun says:

Does the Giant TCX SLR 2 2017 have a braze on or band clamp?

The Fartstarver says:

Where the FUCK is this guy getting the cash to rock that fancy car there at the end of this video? What does he do for a living?

Girl Bike Tips says:

Can’t. Wait for Carbageddon! Or Karmageddon?

Phil Anderson says:

I think you’re quite correct on gearing. Road/Endurance gearing isn’t best for gravel grinding. It’s fine if you’re riding 90% on the road, and 10% on gravel/dirt. But that’s not what true adventure riding, is it?

I noticed in 2017 Specialized went to sub-compact on all their rings, so at least they’re getting the idea, if still not enough IMO.

BlackPaw says:

what do you think about genesis croix de fer?

Marcus Stone says:

Where are you from.  I detect an accent…Brooklyn?

Paul Sigmund says:

Trek 920?

Michael Rare Breed cycling channel says:

What about a specialized Crosstrail comp what do you think about this bike? Where would u rate this ?

frank doster says:

50 chainring. I no longer have the knees, especially going offroad. 36 hole rims are good to for durability.

ThatsSoNathan says:

The cannondale slate!

Best adventure bike out there.

Paul Sigmund says:

my thoughts were to remove the road bars and install mtn bike bars etc.

natural 9 says:


petervier says:

what about the chainline when i want to switch from a road crank set to mountainbike crank?

Jamar Chambers says:

What are you thoughts on diamonback’s Haanjo alternative line

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