Top 5 – 2016 Gravel Bikes

We take a look at the best Gravel Bikes the bike industry has to offer.


Andrew Hoffman says:

A collection to drool over unless I can win the pools.

Somatic Sweater says:

what about the raleigh tamland/willard/roker?

Pienimusta says:

“Gravel” bikes are more “sporty” versions of “hybrids”??

jlebrech says:

what about the Crux X1?

gabriel mesaric says:

thats just stupid. if you want a mountainbike get a mountain bike, if you want a road bike get a road biken

Doom Wizard says:

No Cube Cross Race?

toasty bear says:

there are gravel races in the us??

Kip Slayback says:

The Jamis Renegade Elite is an awesome gravel/adventure bike!

claymore money says:

Is that a special road lefty or just a mtb lefty on a road

kangsterizer says:

Time to trend-out the expression “piece of kit” for everything

Abdur-Rahman says:

top 5 gravels bike that i can’t buy

Andrew Hoffman says:

OP tough to get a test ride, only sells as a frame set. Slate a favorite as is the GT as I have a GT mountain bike. Never ridden a Ridley but Ive been on a You Tube factory tour so I know they’re very good & tough.

revolutionpm says:

Excellent job. TU#:616.

Jack Frost says:

I would like to have seen 5 URL’s to those five bikes in the section below the video.

JohnnyW8175 says:

Why Ultegra Road cranks on everything? Surly CX or MTB cranks will be more suitable if you’re going to be offroad?

JoeHarperr says:

No, it’s most definitely a cross bike (apart from the cannondale which is ridiculous and unnecessary)

Richard Race says:

There is no way I would ride a bike with half a fork in the front

Jukka Härkönen says:

Kona Private Jake offers pretty much the same specs as Open U.P, and I bet it’s a lot more affordable.

Hassan Alloush says:

Whoever’s speaking in this video has an amazing voice

Chlorox Bleach says:

how can anyone like the look of the lefty fork? xD

Robert McKersie says:

Thats a di2 mount for external battery not a bottle cage mount

Dirk Hoeppner says:

the Open U.P. will accommodate 700c and 650b but not 29ers

Roman Shuvalov says:

What about Kona Sutra LTD?

ian docena says:

Surprisingly no specialized diverge..

Chris says:

Hahaha! No mentioning of the frickin Specialized Awol. You suck Bikeradar.

Christoph Schalley says:

Missing definitely the Specialized Diverge

Tom Holden says:

Is a gravel bike a bike that can do it all or a bike that can do nothing very well?

Clint Golub says:

Just picked up the Salsa Warbird 2016 edition on clearance. So far, I adore this bike.

Henry Barber says:

I keep thinking that the weakest point is the gears.
Cables, shifters, dérailleurs.
If I want to do some massive Audex , that’s what will break the first time I fall off. What’s wrong with the technology in hub gears? it’s a few 100 grams heavier. And more expensive. Because no-one buys them, because they’re for weirdos

Stu says:

Or save money don’t buy the hype and buy a CX

alainlim12 says:

Love the blues rock background music 🙂

Magisteerium says:

But what’s the difference between the cx bike and the gravel bike? I would’ve been nice if you explained it in the video.

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