Top 5 – 2018 Gravel Bikes

We take a look at 5 of the hottest gravel bikes for 2018.


Joe Hardy says:

1. Cannondale Slate
2. Salsa Cutthroat
3. Specialized Diverge
4. 3T Exploro
5. Norco Search XR

Thiago da Matta says:

What gearing is this Specialied Diverge using? The chainring looks very small.

Irvin Hoover says:

Drop bars are a needless handicap off pavement. Unless you’re cat 3 or better RR, or expert CX, don’t waste your money

noreworks says:

Anyone know What are the smooth tires on the 3t exploro?

Zero Mars says:

the exploro does *NOT* accept 47mmx700c tires. 40mmx700c and 2.1x650b is max. you guys must be confusing the WTB horizon 47mmx650b as 700c. it is only 650b.

Uni Travina says:

How about the Orbea Terra? Excellent gravel and all road bike!

Aramis7 says:

I get that the industry is pushing for more variety and options (n+1) but ….really…a mountain bike will do the same or better and is 1/3 of the cost…

Jakub Hybel says:

I’m only saying that it’s actually half December 2017.

durianrider says:

What is with the road gearing on bikes designed for adventure epic rides??

Phuc Dat Bish says:

Came here to read the comments from oldies ranting about how much better a hard tail 29er is, and wasn’t disappointed. Try riding a hard tail for 100’s of k’s into a head wind. Your upright body position acting like a sail, 100% of your weight just smashing your perineum into oblivion, and your tired hands with a massive ONE position on the bars. Gravel bikes aren’t made to be better than hardtails on single track. They’re made to do a bit of everything, and do a lot of it. People use them as light touring rigs that can do a bit of everything. If I wanted the experience of proper touring on a mtb i’d get a ball point hammer and just belt my taint with it.

Christopher Rourke says:

I know it’s not new for this year but I own a Giant Revolt 1 and it’s brilliant! Second hand prices are also very decent! It manages really well as both a road bike and a mild off roader. Well worth a look if you’re looking for a do it all bike. Got like 50mm tyre clearance too!

adriboff1 says:

The 3T is beautiful!

Jason Strohbehn says:

No colorado love for Niner RLT RDO?!?! C’mon man!

J B says:

Yeah, my 1961 cyclocross bike qualifies as a 2018 ‘gravel bike’ with its 35mm tyres and relaxed geometry, with mounts for bags and guards. Steel, but only 9kg. And a new compact, 46/30, from the 70s. Great to see that it has been ‘reinvented’. And it’s still fast enough for 20mph club rides. Progress!

Ricky K says:

Good to see the Cannondale Slate starting to get the recognition it’s due.

FunkmasterFlex81 says:

Io uso la mtb per fare gravel!

Pablo Ramirez says:

No titanium bike ? …

Bike!Bike! says:

“gravel bikes” are the rv of bicycles. I guess it appeals to the same demographic.

Hpv Speedmachine says:

For the same category saying that a bike is faster is only a lot of bollocks!!!

Félix/Marc Lavoie/Veilleux says:

Why putting a Salsa bike on your list if it is to degrade them from other… btw salsa is an amazing not enough nown brand with great products

Lee Marsh says:

American John Tomac raced Yeti mountainbikes with dropped bars in the early 90s

djbutch123 says:

ha shots fired at Trek Domane Gravel eh?

russian idol says:

Sequoia best gravel bike ever!

Hpv Speedmachine says:

And the use of word “gravel” is only a marketing strategy for bike dummies

MontanaFly &Wheel says:

No titanium gravel bikes on a top 5? Lynksis? Moots?

Mortimer Laforet says:

those carbon bike are making me laught… who real adventurer would like to take such a fragile material into the forest… even on the road i’m on alloy.

Mark Skinner says:

Any with dropper posts?

Andrew Hoffman says:

Love that Slate lefty for unique attention grabbing and conversation value. Is there room for a titanium gravel bike in your top ten?

Nick Rogers says:

That norco looks sweet.

Scarcity In Abundance says:

I am sick of these worthless commercials for manufacturers.

Tony Campbell says:

Just get a mountain bike or a hybrid.

Chris Dahms says:

no Niner RLT RDO ??

Jerzy Kuciel says:


Lady Fiss says:

Eines dieser Räder in Rh 64 vorhanden?

Misieksamek says:

Where is Rondo?

Benjamin Horn says:

Slasa is a QBP brand. Not a small brand

rickjesse says:

You missed the Niner RLT RDO… what’s up?

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