Top 5 – 2019 Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are no longer classed as a fad by anyone but the very grumpiest YouTube comentors.

Investment in developing new standalone models — including a number of very affordable bikes — by the biggest manufacturers out there is testament to this.

With this in mind and a deluge of new bikes released in the wake of EuroBike, we thought it was about time to round up the top five gravel bikes of 2018 and beyond.


DCassidy42 says:

Best Gravel Bike- Any Carbon 29er XC bike.

Daz the cyclist says:

Surely if you have a mountain bike and ride gravel roads you got the wrong bike?

John Cherry says:

Still the Salsa Vaya Apex, for me the perfect bike.

Ivan Ivanonvitch Ivanovsky says:

so, which modern xc-mtb has fender and rack mounts?

jubi laru says:

i have a carbon one and, after 7k km, i might say they are too stiff for off road and waaaay too soft for road. just buy a proper road bike that could handle 32mm tires if you re doing less than 10% of off roading, or a light fullsus if you like off roading a lot. Bloody marketing…

Nathan Budd says:

Why not actually state the tire clearance, rather than skirting round it for each bike?!

Sulayr Studio says:

“Top marketing bikes” do you mean

skoromny says:

Wait for new RONDO gravel bikes

kumite1984 says:

Was looking for something like this, thanks so much!

Question: do you think these type of gravelbikes (is this the cyclocross category btw?) work well on the roads if I change the tires to road? I’m no pro, just a wannabe biker, who wants to have fun on and off road spending only for one bike. Thanks 😉

vivoslibertos says:

Back to 650b just like Tom Rithcey said.

Jiří Jezdinský says:

Canyon Grail is sexiest gravel bike.

Hardcaslte says:

OK so now we have Laufe making a front suspension gravel bike, and in last place is taking a hard tail and putting dropbars on it. But God forbid someone mention the Cannondale Slate which is all of this and has been proven a success already, and still people shit all over it for some reason. I wouldn’t give up my Slate for any of these bikes on here.

Anthony Chapa says:

Cross bike that has clearance for 43s. I’ve got a 2019 TCX and it fits GravelKing SK 43s with room. That’s my cross and gravel rig right there. Checks all my boxes.

Laura McKee says:

Right. They start with aluminum and Cannondale. And Trek. Followers in the gravel category.

B Peek says:

you cant have a list of top gravel bikes without Salsa or Niner ….

Rowan West says:

theme owe colleague explosion revolutionary current cite remaining.

Taminem ba says:

3T Exploro LTD , S-Works diverge 2019 ???

j en says:

love the no bullshit approach

Anirudh S says:

I heard directly from Trek that the Domane ALR series is being discontinued in favor of Trek Checkpoint ALR. Eagerly awaiting a review of the Checkpoint series from BikeRadar.

Jia Heng says:

Are majority of the gravel bikes out there efficient enough for road riding ? Not comparing it to race bikes but at least enough to compare with a endurance road bike ?

A Life in Lycra says:

Unfortunately Canyon have removed the mudguard/fender mounts for the 2019 model.

yohidai says:

29×2.0=700x50c tyres are most versatile.
Surly Cutthroat.

diluteduk says:

Wider tyres and comfortable geometry… They’re hybrid bikes with drop bars

Mac J says:

Topstone, is the Pinnacle Arkose. With VAT and import duty added… 2500 cad for 105, no thanks

Dale Sides says:

If you have a top gravel bike video but only include mainstream road bike manufactures you don’t understand gravel bikes

Craig Paterson says:

I thought the caad x was a cyclocross bike ? however that new cannondale gravel bike does look good

Scareface Visuals says:

I have a mtb with rigid fork, the best option

137lll says:

Could you please make a video about the top steel gravel bikes?

A K says:

All these mtb naysayers lurking around talking trash about gravel bikes sound like Trump voters. Jealous haters, why are you so threatened? I thought the mtb community was supposed to have the least snobbish cycling culture 🙁

Emdsa the Youtuber says:

GT GRADE sram red.

Irvin Hoover says:

Those gaps are hideous! The caadx has too low BB, drags constantly.
I’m THE grumpiest Grinch of all !

Land Rover Stage One says:

What you said at the end is exactly what I did last year. Trek Superfly carbon frame with drop bars and a rigid fork is my gravel bike.

Zues Shamarn says:

Thank you for having the courage to make #5 one of your picks. I’ve quietly wondered that for awhile now.

Richard Hayter says:

Number 5 makes sense: there’s a grey area overlapping ‘gravel bike’ and ‘mountain bike’. Personally, my next new bike will be running 700×40-ish tyres, have a 2x compact chainset, 11-34 cassette, disc brakes, drop bars and have mudguard eyelets. Whether that’s called a ‘cross bike, gravel bike or mountain bike is kind of immaterial. (But it won’t have Lauf forks – they’re just too ugly.)

Nathan Johnson says:

Are you saying that the Trek Checkpoint will take a 650B wheel and tire? If so, I would like to see that.

HikerToo says:

Am I the only one who likes flat bars on bikes like these? I’ve switched my carbon road bike to flat bars, wider tires and 1x Ultegra , same with my Single Speed.

Rejick Mukherjee says:

The conclusion is what I would do

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