Why a CYCLOCROSS Bike is the best BIKE you will ever own

Cyclocross or Gravelgrinder bikes are incredibly versatile, and a lot of fun. For me they make the ultimate “do-it-all bike”.


Rafal G says:

Awesome clip and your bicycle is awesome.
Because of video like this I’ve just switched from MTB to Cyclocross bike 🙂

Pim Maassen says:

Nice video! May I ask where this beautiful place is where you ride your bike?

smokay cora says:

noooooooo why did u paint it!!!!

Hersa37 says:

Technically, any of those reasons apply to any other bike

Samuel Cockram says:

CX is the most versatile bike I’ve ever owned, and I’ve been riding since I could walk! I smash out little tours – loaded up, no problem, country road rides – got a road-going tyred wheelset and a thicker set for long bumpy canal rides etc! Quick and strong around town, I fill the panniers up with weekly groceries and still fly past all the glass-cranking power-rangers muahaha!! Best feeling ever – savage! I love my hardtail MTB as well of course but my Marin CX is my babe <3

SlayerHann says:

What was your top speed that you reached with cyclocross bike? 🙂

Jun Huang says:

Great video, I’m seriously looking to trade in my road bike for a cross bike, in your experience, do you feel a big difference in terms speed and rolling resistance vs a road bike?

gixxerboy555 says:

omg…@3:36 …82km/u ?!! That’s crazy man.. 🙂

Darren Darmanin says:

What is the bike ?

Brottochstraff says:

Cool video. But im quite sure that if i would go on a forrest trail (like you are doing) on that bike…i would get my self killed.

Ssx Playman says:

Nice video, what tire width do you have and what rim size ( inner/ outside width)?, I want to give my 29er mtb more road bike tires, tkankę.

santclause1 says:

Opinions are like arseholes. everybody has one but shouldn’t be aired in public.

Elvis Baptiste says:

what bike is this and have you changed anything on it?

jasper asis says:

Wow, high octane. Great vid…!

J B says:

Great video, the one bike solution is definitely a cross bike, despite what gravel bike owners may say. I view the cross bike as a the same as a fast gravel bike anyway

gravel bikes are only different when they become endurance / touring bikes with panniers and relaxed geometry which then makes them just slower cross bikes, and less of an all round bike

The cross bike wins gravel races, which says it all. Stybar used a cross bike in the TDF and they are used in Paris Roubiax, as well as up/ down mountains (3 peaks), and some are almost the same as a fast road bike, just with wider clearance

Tony Phal says:

what size tires?

kaloryfer says:

Hello, what about back pain after 150 km on CX bike?

Gerry Rivaldy says:

Nah, an XC bike is all you need

WhatTheFlyinFudge says:

Title correction: “Why a $5,000 titanium framed bike with top of the line components is the best bike you will ever own”

Youtube User says:

I though about buying a roadbike often but even after some time using them i still hate and cant get used to drop bars.

Julio Correa Luna says:

Hi, Could you tell me the wheels specifications? Thanks

erdmax _ says:

The car stopping and complimenting was just class 🙂 Anyway, nice vid

David Erickson says:

Great video, thanks!
I agree, I love my basic Fuji cyclocross bike for rail trails, dirt roads, smooth trails, city riding, 20mi road rides, commuting. Here around Boston it is great for the dirt/gravel rail trails (Topsfield to Peabody) the Concord Reformatory trail, Battle road, and many many state and city parks. I also use it on a sailboat to do great rides on the coast of Maine. Mostly I mountain bike on a full suspension. The Fuji is my other bike.

jizzeschrist says:

did you just reached 82km/hr on a cyclocross bike

The Moons Core Studios says:

That Is Freaking Fast As F***

Youtube User says:

Same thing goes for most hardtail mountainbikes.

VeganRoma says:

going to build an RLT 9 STEEL soon!!

remo31 says:

Liked from the first seconds. Great music and footage.

Jędrek Horodenski says:

In my opinion the cx bikes are useless. On road they are slower than roadbikes and in forest slower than mtb. The idea of walking the bike on harder obstacles is really stupid. Buying cx is like making your life harder

Tactical Bike Boys says:

Not as good as a dirt jumper

Zoran Rajak says:

Graet video.

kaloryfer says:

Is CX bike suitable for distance 80-100km? Anybody knows?

Kuba Degi says:

Was für ne Rahme isch es?

Bilal Öz says:

Currently using a 28.5″ City bike but after watching this I seriously think I may switch to a cyclocross

Ross Heron says:

What is the name of the brown bike at the very end of vid?

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