Why Cyclocross and Gravel Grinder Bikes?

Why should you consider a cyclocross or gravel grinder bike? Dirt road riding, gravel grinder events and cyclocross racing have become really popular in the last few years. This video will introduce you to these bikes and help you decide if your fleet should include one.


Daft2e says:

I’ve been wondering for a while what, if any, difference there was between cross and gravel bikes. I just decided to pick up a Giant Revolt 1 over a dedicated road bike as my “first” real bike. I’d been riding fixed (yeah yeah, I know) and was feeling an upgrade coming.

Thanks for the help!

The Fartstarver says:

Alright, just listened to your video and have some questions. First of all, I’m 45, used to be into freestyle bmx back in the eighties, but fell out of the sport. I’m trying to get back into bike riding again at this point, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m WAY out of function, and every time I get onto a bike or attempt any other type of exercise, I get SO tired from the smallest workout, I eventually have to give up. I’ve had this problem going on for the longest time, and can’t figure out what to do about it. I’m now at the point I eat just about the best food available(fresh local organic produce/animal from farmer’s markets), but I’m so tired I can barely get through my stretching routine after only fifteen minutes on my mountain bike(and I only try riding every other day). I’ve been trying to get inspired to work my way up by looking at videos from people like John Joseph, and Durian Rider, but I think I need more basic instruction on how to get started again at this point in my life(they’re talking about riding in triathlons and going up Mount Baldie). I want to try to get a job at a bike store, but what’s the point if I can’t even ride one?

Sankalp Roy says:

I reside in India.Please recommend a cyclocross which will be specifically used for exploring off road riding.My budget 1200 $

Scott Wilson says:

I’m looking at buying the 2016 cannondale slate))

RBastien says:

Love the race footage. Will consider entering my first race next year, thanks for posting.

alencore says:

CX bikes the perfect bike for me since I do love to suddenly hit the off roads if I feel the urge to do so yet still fast enough and feels light enough on the road plus it handle really well on rainy ride as well…just the perfect all around bike. One time took I it out on some real mtb trails and it never failed me.

Chad Lilly says:

Thoughts on a Giant Anyroad 1 (2014)?

Instramark says:

thanks for the great and very educational vid. Might I ask where the race was that you showed at the end of the vid?

Haryder says:

What a educative video.
I’m currently saving money to buy cyclocross/ gravel bike.
Thank You

iSangreVerde says:

Thank you! Best informative video on Youtube between the differences of gravel and cyclocross bikes. I really appreciate you take the time to explain every bit and bob of the sport. Thank you so much! Sorry about grammar, English is not my first language.

Mark Gilmore says:

really good video and the reviews on the Giant tcx. I’m on the cusp of getting a gravel bike. definitely want to gravel ride and probably try a cx race. would you recommend gravel or cx? I can get the Giant TCX SLR for a really good price and possibly upgrade the wheels to stan’s at some point. other option would be the advanced pro 2 for $700 more. thx

Frissdas1207 says:

People zip by me fairly often on the road and it has never shaken me, even get the jack-a’s that pull up real close and scream super loud to try and get you to wreck. Its just apart of living with assholes.

backinthesaddle66 says:

I love CX, I’m a Noob! Thank you! That was a lot more info than I expected and i just did my first 2 CX races last month, on a MTB – hooked! and I am pretty sure I am selling the road bike to get a CX bike but the gravel grinders sound cool too, but if I can only get one bike, sounds like the CX is the way to go. I love CX for all the same reasons you just explained. I stick to the trainer on the road bike because I don’t want to die on the road (I got the road bike for triathlons, but figure I can do those off road ones! XTerra) I don’t think my Felt z95 will have room in the fork for the bigger tire….

Emanoil Dura says:

Would you still buy the GIANT TCX 3 in 2016? This is the bike i want to buy. Any advice? (I’m new to the bike world). Thanks


md rand says:

Hi, My bike is 2016 Giant defy 2 disc. It’s come with 25mm tyre. But i like to ride on gravel road with this bike. I believe i can fit 28mm tyre without any problem. Is it ok 28mm wide tyre for gravel ride. And finally thank u for all of your great videos.

Stephanie Hughes says:

What a great video. Clint knows his stuff and is so informative regarding CX and Gravel bikes. I race Cross. Thanks.

Jayne Hathaway says:

this is a lot of excellent information. Thanks for posting.

Willy the Losen says:

Thanks for the great information! Sounds like you made a great decision to try and stay off the roads. Where I live the best way I’ve found to avoid being hit on the road is to ride facing traffic. I’ve had to bail off the road countless times because of drivers not paying attention.

Jerico Garduque says:

is cx bike also good in asphalt road? or nah 🙂

Gibbo263 says:

Ive just bought the 2016 Giant TCX SLR 1, lower spec than yours but great bike

Ka Ho Tam says:

thank you! i got my first roadie last year and am thinking of switching to a cyclocross now. Very informative video. Now I think I should probably get a gravel bike.

John Lindsay says:

Clint, I’m trying to decide between buying the Norco Search A. Tiagra or the Giant TCX SLR 2. It is for general riding, not racing. Maybe 60/40 road to off-road, which I’d like to increase the off-road ratio. Not a lot of hills. The Giant has front and rear thru axle while the Norco has a front thru axle but QR in the back. How important is that considering your experience with thru axle. The Giant is triple butted where the Norco is double butted. The Giant has 105 compared to Norco’s Tiagra setup, but I prefer the gear ratio on the Norco. Last major difference the Giant has the D composite seat post where the Norco has just a standard alloy seat post. The Norco will cost $150 less. If you have the time, let me know your thoughts.

Mino Minomino says:

so a cyclocross is not comfy at all ? I am hesitating between a tcx advanced pro 2 (cyclocross) or a giant anyroad comax (more like a gravel grinder with a more upright position) I plan to use the bikes as my only bike for the 6-7 next years for commuting, long rides (4-5 hours a day) and a bit of dirt road and trail riding…so do you still recommend the tcx ?

Joe M says:

i’m looking at getting either the Giant TCX SLR 1 or Kona Jake the  Snake.  Any thoughts?

James Hooton says:

Great video, thanks for sharing. I’ve also been really close to being run over on the road. I’ve done some MTB racing but don’t have the time to commit to the training as all of the trails are at least an hour away. I’m going to give cyclocross a try.

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