Why I Wouldn’t Buy CX Bike. Merida CycloCross 400 Whole Winter Test.

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bonn1771 says:

Felt has a solid gravel bike for that price point, I also like the Jamis Renegade too

Manan Desai says:

What happens to Silex sizing since it has quite different geometry than other gravel bikes? Does it remain same as any other road bike? Even Merida doesn’t follow their usual sizing options for Silex. They have 47, 50, 53 and 56cm for Sliex.

Karolis Stanislauskas says:

As an alternative I’ve ordered Scott speedster gravel 10 disc. Haven’t found anything similar with 105 and hydraulic brakes for the price (~1270€ with a discount in a LBS in Lithuania).


Excellent Review, i”m looking at a Merida Cyclocross at the moment as i love the Merida Brand, also, after watching you Race i may be tempted to do a bit of Fun Racing.

Scottie Lambert says:

That green machine is tasty

Rick Harker says:

Merida make bikes for Specialized. Not sure how this is going to go down.

Goriaas says:

“the pros use 1x for cyclocross”

Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel the 2 strongest riders at the moment don’t…..

both had 2x this year and at this years World Champs

Cobra Kyle says:

Great review Danny! Have you tried the Focus Mares? I’ve always liked the looks of that bike. Not as common here in the U.S.

Bud The Cyborg says:

2:45 “Cable Routing”
Needs RGB.
(Sorry I couldn’t help myself, “Cable Routing” is a phrase you hear constantly on PC building guides, and RGB lighting is the biggest fad in PC builds right now. It’s basically just a meme that people say everything is better with RGB, even though RGB is functionally useless, but kids these days LOVE to have all RGB components.)

Space Cowboy says:

Hmm, I don’t think the Silex would be cutting it for me as a Gravel Bike. It’s propably very suitable as a commuter and on a bit of rough terrain but I want a Gravel Bike which would be somewhat suited for an aero position to go fast on the road as well and that geometry doesn’t look as if it would lend itself to that very well. I think there are more versatile options out there in terms of Gravel bikes.

Chasing Chinster says:

I love my gravel bike. It’s very versatile, if I put knobby tires on it I can ride off-road, I commute with it, can go touring or bikepacking. If you race cyclocross often, it makes sense to get a CX bike, but it really isn’t necessary!

Unli Ahon says:

I already am happy with the Merida CX100, if ever I would get a bike with drops that I can also use in off-roads.

Calin Opincariu says:

1500 dollars entry level? Sick, bikes are worth half of their price not even after a year from the moment of buying…
Cheers from Romania!

Lars Rehm says:

In my experience any bike in this price range will come with terrible and heavy own-brand wheels. I bought a CX bike with cantilever brakes a few years ago, simply because I had a pair of really nice spare wheels lying around and know I could stick them on the bike and make it so much nicer to ride…at least the original rear wheel does a decent job as a trainer wheel on the turbo…

Marc Sabbun says:

Thanks for the review, how about merida CX100 2018? Is it a good entry level cx bike for its price?

Andrew Hutchinson says:

Shame the head tube on the Silex is so ugly :/

Ilia Permiakov says:

What do you think about Merida Silex serie ? Will you make a review ?

Mariano Celentano says:

Suuper video!!! Great to learn from the experts. Thanks.

Irvin Hoover says:

CX bikes are being sold as a second bike for road specialists. But the geometry is so much slower than a RR bike that the rider loses cornering skill.

Patrick Katzmair says:

Look at the Canyon Inflite Al, Hydraulic Ultegra Group and DT Swiss Wheels for almost the same price!

shredfreak83 says:

got the scott speedster for 600 second hand. Loving it so far.

BRUHswegArmagh3tto says:

i have a shimano ironhorse

Brece Luu says:

Thats funny, this bike was posted on MyDealz for about 900€ three weeks ago. It’s still available for 899€. Gladly I found a better deal for a better bike. Thanks for the review! =)

Hardi Erstu says:

It’s pretty much same bike as the Merida cyclocross 500 that you reviewed about 2 or 3 years ago.. is it. Frame and it’s geometry is same.
Can you please tell us the size of your bike, and how many cm is the handlebar lower than saddle.. How much you need to rise handlebar to feel comfy.. upright.

have always thought that this bike is pretty high.. also long too. especially long. And when I look the geometry chart, then the sizes 50 and 52 have same reach and also 54 and 56 too. Isn’t that weird? Maybe the stem length is different?

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